1. RonTEX says

    Pretty good mash-up, wish they had somehow included Lana’s vocals as well. I’ll bet their voices would be terrific as a duet.

  2. Henry Holland says

    Blasphemy is right. The Smiths were about guitars guitars guitars, it wasn’t about some twunt in a studio with ProTools layering boring piano chords and fake strings over Moz’s vocals.

    They were also very anti-video until they signed with EMI and were forced to do them.

    Fail on all levels.

    /Smiths fanatic, Morrissey solo not so much

  3. NE Rich says

    Interesting attempt but they removed Johnny Marr which is NEVER a good idea. I’ll stick with the original thanks.

  4. Michael says

    Oh come on, guys. This is beautiful. I miss the guitars, but it’s breathtaking to hear Morrissey’s vocals so completely out front.

  5. MattS says

    @Michael, totally agree with you. I never realized how powerful Morrissey’s vocals were and I’m a huge Smith’s fan. His voice sounds AMAZING singled out over such a pretty song.

    I also kept waiting to hear Lana’s vocals make an appearance, but it’s good enough with just Morrissey’s. I’d buy this in a heartbeat.