1. Mitchell J says

    Thank you so much for making my video a part of your blog. To make it on Towleroad within 48 hours of posting is a true honor. Please encourage all your visitors, whether they live in Minnesota or just want people to contribute, to volunteer or vote NO on the Minnesota marriage amendment this fall.

    Mitchell Thompson

  2. Gus says

    The Minnesota ad is too soft. We need to have ads that ask why the state should punish us, why the state wants us to be alone, why the state should be allowed to keep us second class. The folks in the vid look like they don’t need anything else…see they are happy…so why mess with anything.

  3. Mitchell J says

    Gus, I’m sorry you missed the point of the video. The message, as it clearly states at the end, is “love is love”…the ideology is that we are no different from anyone else. The couples in this video are no better off than our straight counterparts. Yes, they’re happy…because they have each other. They don’t have better jobs, they don’t have better homes, they don’t enjoy any other “rights” than any other MN citizen…however, we should be able to. No one is forcing them to be together or apart. To your point, the state is not forcing anyone to be “alone”. Militancy lost its charm in the 90’s. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

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