1. Alan says

    A stroke turned him gay, hay!

    What? Not sure I’m buying this. I think he has probably been gay and the stroke just gave him the balls to say so.

  2. john says

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  3. woodroad34d says

    Rick, I agree. However, it feels more like pointing out the Right’s hypocrisy…they don’t practice what they preach. And they preach a lot!

  4. says

    oh lord, not the Stroke Guy again….*sigh*

    you know when you hear someone saying a variation of a lie you told earlier in your life/ yeah. that all over again.

    the health scare gave him a reason to re-prioritize. this is no different from the “oh, yeah i’m gay and i’m just as surprised as you all are” thing. you remember it, you may have heard some other brother pass it off at some point. “i never thought about guys, ever, until one day SUDDENLY…”
    no. sorry.
    i’m glad youve found yourself, i’m glad you’re accepting it in some way, but stop pretending that this is something that just magically came out of nowhere to you in the form of a stroke. i mean, puhLEEZE

  5. anon says

    They don’t go into the details about the stroke, what caused it, what effects it had on him other than the claimed change in orientation, etc. This makes the entire thing seem farcical. He’s young, he looks outwardly healthy and it’s a claim only he can verify (or not). Skepticism abounds.

  6. lookyloo says

    Ha. Not only did the stroke turn him gay – It turned him into a stereotypical gay from so many movies and tv shows.
    He no longer liked sports, suddenly wanted to be a hairdresser, and turned into a twink.

    From an article about him/the documentary:
    “Chris Birch was a straight, 266-pound Welsh bank worker who liked sports, girls and booze and was engaged to his girlfriend before the life-style-changing event.
    Now, he’s a 154-pound hairdresser who bleaches his tresses and lives with his 19-year-old boyfriend above his salon.”