1. Zlick says

    Ok, so schools can opt out of sex ed altogether, which I believe is the better of the two options offered, on the medical philosophy of First Do No Harm. But how can a law impose a ban on what STUDENTS say, as opposed to teachers?

    Federal lawsuit in 5, 4, 3 …

  2. Hollywood, CA says

    Those poor kids in this ignorant state who are not only going to be pushed deeper into the closet, but the straight kids are going to have to deal with unwanted pregnancies… well, I mean the straight girl. God forbid straight guys have an equal responsibility in it.

    The only good thing is the hard evidence people need to say “look what happens when abstinence only education is taught. Look at the increase in pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and teen suicides.

  3. DanSwon says

    it’s not as if kids take sex ed lessons seriously anyway. and what if some kid asks about homosexuality. is the teacher supposed to just stare them blankly in the face with no reply. how stupid. kids will find all they want to know about these topics on the internet anyway. how pointlessly backwards. a waste of money and time

  4. Bob says


    They are so afraid that their kids might hear that being Gay is OK, and not persue “self control” and therapy to heal themselves from the “affliction of same-sex attraction”
    You see, the entire religion is based on promise of the families being complete in the afterlife — if queer Johnny sucks a cock (even if he is legally married to the man in some States) the best he can ever do is sit in the cheap seats of heaven, humiliating his family


  5. zeddy says

    Is this legal? What does the Department of Education say about this? Now I can see why Republicans want to get rid of government so people can do whatever the hell they want to.

  6. StudioTodd says

    How does denying access to factual information benefit anyone?

    And if these kids can’t talk to their teachers and won’t talk to their parents about pre-marital sex or contraception, who do these idiots think their kids will go to for advice? Each other.

    Get ready for a huge increase in unplanned pregnancies and abortions in Utah.

    This is the most backwards-thinking anti-intellectual anti-educational fascist law I’ve ever heard of.

  7. Paul R says

    @Zlick: They certainly can ban students’ right to free speech. That was established by the Supreme Court years ago and hasn’t been overruled.

    Mormons are the worst. I wouldn’t sit next to one Mormon neighbor yesterday at a meeting because she is a pollutant. And I dated a gay Mormon years ago and he was just as bad. As someone posted recently, remove the second M from Mormon and there you have it.

  8. StudioTodd says

    And banning teachers from even answering a simple question about homosexuality is just a blatant, transparent and desperate move to be able to ingrain their prejudices and bigotry (i.e. “values”) into their offspring without any mitigation or examination.

    They are so afraid that if their kids hear the other side of an argument, they will realize what pathetic hateful idiots they have for parents.

  9. Macmantoo says

    The party of hate with the state of hate what do you expect? Flowers? The Mormons are not going to allow gays ideas in their state. I feel sorry for Gay Mormons. Hopefully when they become of age, the get the hell out of there.

  10. jim says

    Hey, way to GO there, Utah! Great strategy to prepare your young people for life in the real world. God knows parents have ALWAYS done a wonderful job of sex-edjamakating their kids!

    Welcome to 1953.

    Whew, finally something that actually makes Ohio look like a progressive state!

  11. Scoot says

    “My problem is that we’re having essentially complete strangers teaching our children, who frankly we don’t know who they are and exactly what they’re teaching, with the most sensitive issues that do belong in the home,” said one Republican Senator during Tuesday’s floor debate.

    Um, do parents in Utah not take the time out of their busy day to get to know the people teaching their children. How are the teachers “complete strangers” to these people?

  12. D.R.H. says

    What’s most disturbing about these stories is the fact that motivated, religious zealots have overrun this country while apathetic moderates and progressives have sat around oblivious to their own demise. If we think Obama has it in the bag we’re all dreaming.

  13. Swiminbuff says

    I suppose they will blame the liberal media when the rate of teen pregnancies and STDs rises. What have so many people got against having well educated and informed children? Do they not remember what they were like when they were teens or do Mormons not have sexual curiosity? Maybe the magic underwear is considered a form of birth control since it is so unsexy.

  14. StevyD says

    Strange states, biological reproductive science is to be taught in the home and religion is to be taught in the schools. Ignorance unfolds and multiplies, can we possibly wonder why?

  15. Bob says

    If students can’t talk to their teachers about pre-marital sex, does that mean students can’t go to their teachers for help if they are being sexually abused?

  16. Ellen says

    And once again, that little blur between church and state…while the Morons, er…Mormons have their harems. How about an agreed curriculum, that also coincides with the current day/reality?! States rights have always annoyed me, especially in cases like this.

  17. Dearcomrade says

    What do you expect which is +90% Mormon? Their bat dropping religious beliefs are first rate. The same thing would happen if it was a majority Catholic, or any other fairy tale religious state.

  18. Carlos says

    Reading this article makes me feel fortunate not only because I took sex ed in the 8th grade (1978-79), but that even at that young age, I was aware of the options I had.

  19. MKe says

    Well I hope all the filthy whore girls(which is what they’ll be called, and think of themselves) will enjoy all the skeevy back door, off the medical grid prairie abortions.

  20. says

    These kids are having sex already, why on earth don’t we want them to have all the information? It just baffles the mind. This will lead to more unwanted pregnancies, more STDs and, ultimately, with more STDs, more deaths and severe long term consequences from STDs. I really think politicians who vote for this stuff should be called out for the consequences of their actions.

  21. brett says

    what continues to surprise me is the people who implement these bills actually think they are helping. I don’t know about you but I learned about sex on the play ground and then through TV and then the internet, friends etc. Simply not talking about gay people or premarital sex doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Personally I think a show like ‘Jersey Shore’ is way more detrimental to young kids and society in general. Where is the bill to ban that show? Although I get frustrated daily I have to remember that one day this will be over, history has shown that every group in America who fought for freedom has won…and one day we will too!

  22. FFS says

    Right. Because this worked out so well when the Anoka-Hennepin School District tried it. The very cynical among us might consider investing heavily in Utah’s largest casket manufacturer.

  23. John Biltmore says

    Isn’t it about time in all such dark-ages states and school districts for the kids to file CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS against their districts and jurisdictional bodies for criminal negligence leading to grave mental and bodily harm for not teaching them the real facts about sexual diversity and protection against disease and unwanted premature pregnancy.

  24. sparks says

    Can we just let Utah secede and be their own little Mormon country? We don’t need any of their politicians casting votes on federal issues in Washington.

  25. says

    My parents never discussed the basics of sex with me. My friend Gregg, whose parents were Mormon and dad was a doctor, said his parents never mentioned sex to him either. So exactly where are kids supposed to get accurate information on the topic? I guess the internet is available to many kids.

  26. Gigi says

    Makes sense because they’ve had such great success with this type of legislation in the past, right? Oh wait…no. That’s not the case at all. Abstinence-only education has been an abysmal failure and states that promote it have much higher rates of teen pregnancy as well as higher rates of STDs. What a bunch of troglodytes! They’re so afraid of sex and sexuality, not to mention The Gays, that they refuse to learn from the mistakes made by others. Not a surprise perhaps but certainly a bloody shame.

  27. Dave says

    What Utah is doing is a clear violation of the separation of church and state. Abstinence only education puts in place the teaching of a state sanctioned religious cult over the reality of the true nature and diversity of human experience. Where this has been done it marginalizes anyone perceived to be different in anyway and legitimizes bigotry and abuse. Sadly the end result of this policy will be unwanted pregnancy, disease both mental and physical, violence against the children who are perceived as different and suicide.

  28. Peter M. says

    What’s next? Will they ban the internet, television, books other than the bible?
    Because you know, children could have access to ungodly impure informations.

    No, seriously, in which century do these people live?

  29. Audrey says

    This is atrocious.
    It’s funny because alot of the mormons DON’T agree with this bill. A BYU PROFESSOR testified AGAINST this bill. I don’t know where the hell they’re getting their votes.

  30. Hannah says

    It’s not as bad as the law in Alabama. The law requires sex ed teachers to say that sodomy is not only extremely dangerous, but also illegal in Alabama (struck down in 2003). That must make gay kids feel awesome.

  31. Julia says

    Luckily, this law was vetoed by the Governor after the people of Utah sent a large petition opposing it. Just so you all know, not all of us are backwards idiots in the state of Utah.

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