1. Dback says

    I’ve always thought someone should go to one of those rallies with a boom box or secretly set up some speakers, and when the hate really gets flowing, start playing “The Mob Song” from “Beauty and the Beast.” (“We’re not safe until he’s dead/he’ll come stalking us at night/set to sacrifice our children to his monstrous appetite/he’ll wreak havoc on our village/if we let him wander free/so it’s time to take some action boys/it’s time to follow me…”) I wonder how many of the crowd would even recognize themselves in the lyrics.

  2. gregory brown says

    Lest anybody suspect that Andy chooses only unflattering photos of Bobbi VanderPlop–the man actually LOOKS that way. I think a PhotoShop genius would be challenged to make him look halfway good. The outer shell reflects the inner self.

  3. says

    honestly, it’ll serve these people right when a certain “other religious group” that they continually talk about decides to mass together and impose THEIR “religious beliefs” on the people of the nation.

  4. Becki Raffay says

    I was there with a few other friends to counter protest Vander Plaats. Was disheartened when OneIowa turned us away because they were only having a press conference, and apparently we didn’t fit in. We were handy enough when they wanted us to set up their little rain tent, though.

    So we went inside and held our signs high. As the Bob told the crowd to treat people that disagreed with them with love, we were physically pushed back by the rally’s security. And then threatened with arrest.

    I know that most think this issue is done and over with, but he succeeded in getting the justices ousted. If he can get it to the point of an amendment vote, will we have enough people who care enough to vote for equality?

  5. jack says

    Littlekiwi: You do know that the “other religious group” is the most serious threat to human freedom and progress on the planet, at this time in history? The pope which you attack is largely a Roman tourist attraction, like that other queen Elizabeth is in England. But those Mullahs in Iran, the Taliban in Afghanistan and Islamists throughout North Africa and the Middle East are for real. Your life and mine and all the other “Queers” in the world are in danger wherever they gain control or influence.

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