1. Gigi says

    I saw the one the other day with the two women in the bridal shop who were denied service because they were LESBIANS. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of acceptance by the other women in the shop, but I did wonder what would have happened to two grooms, like my parnter and myself, in a tuxedo shop. I guess this answers that. Well done!

  2. Tarc says

    Because it’s fascinating, interesting, and often heartening. It’s nice to see that there is at least a small segment of people that are decent human beings and won’t tolerate people being evil to other people. I see so-called Christians being truly horrible to gay folks all the time, and it’s nice to see examples where someone is decent.

  3. says

    While “What Would You Do?” has nothing but the best intentions. It really furthers a queer-victim narrative. I’m really tired of this show.

  4. says

    know what else “furthers a queer-victim narrative”? The United States of America having discriminatory anti-gay policies and laws in effect in the majority of its states.

    know what’s helping to change that? programs like this that are finally waking up your country’s idiots to the realities of life.

    so simmer

    this is a real issue – when i was in the 5th grade a classmate’s mother came out, and there was indeed a lot of crap directed at she and her brother by other students. it took friends and allies sticking up for her to make a difference. same thing here.

    you guys need to stop seeing “queer victims” and start seeing that this show is highlighting non-queen Allies. which, in case you’ve forgotten how the civil rights movement advanced, is what we need to win.

  5. Dan Cobb says

    STEVE, sounds like you’re just tired of life. Jaded. The show furthers the “queer-victim narrative”? Really? I guess gays just aren’t ‘victims’ any more, here in the US or anywhere else. Wow, you must live ins some hermetically sealed gay ghetto or something because out in the real world gay men are on the absolute bottom rung of the social heirarchy ladder. Period.

  6. says

    The actors on this show make utter spectacles of themselves in public places no matter what the “situation” or “narrative.” Some of the bystanders who don’t intervene are probably doing so out of mortified embarrassment.

  7. Michael says

    I too wondered about the bridal episode if it had taken place in a tuxedo shop. The American public’s acceptance of lesbians is far beyond that of gay men.

  8. says

    you show me someone who hates this show, and i’ll show you someone who is bitterly angry that this show features people sticking up for complete strangers. why are they so bitterly angry? simple – because people in their own lives wouldn’t do the same for them. family members and community members who wouldn’t stand up for you as an LGBT person – of course you hate seeing complete strangers standing up for others.


    of course some people hate this program.

  9. Robert says

    TARC, while you’re right that many “so-called Christians” are horrible toward gays, please remember that they do not represent all Christians. Many straight Christians are just as uncomfortable with the stuff they see from the Christian right as you are. And yes, many of them do speak up about it. For instance, I’m sometimes (pleasantly) shocked to see straight people at my church more out front on gay marriage and gay rights in general than many of my gay friends.

  10. JPinSF says

    I’m glad that Towleroad posts these clips. It’s interesting to see how people react and over time how much more common it is that people are supportive – and quite publicly.

  11. says

    to Robert’s point, I was lucky enough to be brought up in the United Church of Canada – when I came out in my teens i was utterly embraced by my entire church community, we made the move to become an Affirming Congregation, and all the little old white-haired ladies are always telling me, when i go home for visits, that they want me to get married soon so they can dance at my wedding.

    i am, however, aware that my experience is indeed the minority. but hopefully that tide will turn. the united church of canada is canada’s second-largest religious denomination – one more reason the country is on the forefront of LGBT Equality.

  12. Hollywood, CA says

    Andy Towle, when and if you ever add any additions to this site, please include a TROLL button so these slimy anti-gay comments can be skipped…


  13. SpunkyBunks says

    This show needs to stop before somebody gets hurt. If they filmed this garbage in my state, New Mexico, those racist/homophobic a-holes would definitely get an ass beating or worse from the bystanders. Even the ladies around here like to whoop ass. We don’t tolerate assholism around here. That’s why we are a rural blue state surrounded by a-hole red states!

  14. MarkUs says

    Coming up on ABC’s What Would You Do?! : we put these people lying down in the center of this highway to see which cars swerve to avoid hitting them. Oh, and they’re LESBIANS.

    I won’t explain my point to those too thick to pick it up.

  15. says

    Markus, just because nobody in your own life will stand up for you as a gay man doesn’t mean that your anger toward strangers who will do it for LGBT people that they don’t even know makes any sense.

  16. RHR IN TN says

    My partner and I held our ceremony this past September. When we went to rent our tuxes (from a well-known national chain) we were greeted by the manager at a level of enthusiasm to be expected. Upon learning we were a couple and were renting for our own ceremony, her eyes lit up with genuine happiness! From that point on, she treated us like VIP’s, even throwing in some freebies! I don’t know how it would have played out in other places, but my experience here was wonderful!

  17. gb says

    What would you do is based on getting a emotional response from unsuspecting bystanders, but my question is what will the producers do if they get a physical response before anyone has time to react?…As in this clip what if the guy didn’t say “get out” but instead just leisurely walked up to the two boys and started beating the crap out of them?…Not all of society is emotionally stable and these scenarios can revisit many horrible times for some…. just a thought…

  18. MarkUs says

    “What would you do is based on getting a emotional response from unsuspecting bystanders”

    Exactly, and you could put two Chinese kids there with 2 brats making fun of their “slanty eyes” and that man would have told them to hit the road. These segments are ridiculous. For the hundredth time: most decent people don’t like rudeness or abuse.

  19. says

    except, Markus, in many cases there are people who do nothing. for example, “fiscal conservatives” who have a gay son and nonetheless vote for vehemently anti-gay political candidates.

    it makes sense why people with parents like that would dismiss this program.

  20. MarkUs says

    ? You have parents like that Kiwi? Mine live in the UK. Let me guess, there’s more than one “Marc” “Markus” or “Marcus” online here.

  21. David Hearne says

    Tarc – I think the problem with this kind of show is that it feeds the intellectual deficiency in the US which is that America is your personal experience and what you see through your window rather than a more clinical approach. Yes, if you set up and extreme situation, be the victim gay, black, or whatever- then you can probably find someone stupid enough to play into it. But what does it prove? Not much. I remember a segment in which a saleswoman treats a black woman very badly. In 50 years, 45 of which were spent in the evil old South, the only person I have ever seen treated that badly was a white male hobo by a white female clerk in San Francisco.

  22. David Hearne says

    KIWI –

    Our political system doesn’t work this way, but if I had a choice between Single Payer Healthcare and Gay Marriage, and could only choose one, it would be Single Payer Healthcare. That’s not anti-gay, it’s smart. Single Payer will benefit more gay people than marriage. Single Payer will enable more gay people to be self employed and independent than marriage. As I have said from the beginning, back when we were still fighting for the basics, “First you get a job and a place to live, then you start thinking about marriage.”

  23. Papa says

    Thanks for posting and covering such a vital thing in Canada. We WILL eventually prove what mettle our steeltown strength gave us in the Hammer.
    We know what family values, morals and truths are and some of us are dumb fierce enough to fight for our Equality as Humans not merely lgbtq people or parents. We are ALL Family, like it or not. FACT