1. Rick says

    If you can play and you can score and you can FIGHT….then you are welcome among us, regardless of sexual orientation.

    If not, then no deal.

    Exactly what the message to gay men should be: Be a man and we will respect you as a man; fail to do so……and you know what the consequences will be.

  2. says

    Brian Burke is an amazing man and his continued advocacy for the entire LGBT Community is inspiring.

    He marches with us at Pride in Toronto every year, representing fathers who love, support and champion their LGBT children.

    He’s a real man – he stands up for, and in solidarity with, ALL lgbt people – regardless of their image, aesthetic, sociological “subgroup” or anything else.

    He does not distance himself from the community in any way. That’s what a real man does.

  3. Rick says

    Awww, TJ, I would let you be my little cheerleader, any day. You can even use pink pom-poms if you want to. And be sure to bring along the purple roses that Kiwi “tossed” you the other day.


  4. Paul says

    Rick, your comment is senseless. There’s no mention of ‘consequences’ if one fails to act like a man… stop looking for bullies and threats in this commendable PSA. You sound like a professional victim.

  5. FernLaPlante says

    Rick, do you honestly believe what you type or do you just troll this site? They are saying “if you can play the sport [regardless of sexual orientation] then you can be an professional athlete. Nothing matters except skill.” Don’t try to corrupt the message with your hate-baiting ignorance.

  6. Jack says

    Rick…with no due respect, you are an idiot. The message is that if you’ve got the talent, you are welcome to play in the NHL just like anyone else.

    If only blogs weren’t so willing to allow just anyone to post comments….

  7. Rick says

    @Paul Not consequences as in being bullied or threatened in any way. Just not being respected, which is the bottom line for most straight men when it comes to gay men.

    The real issue most straight men have with gay men is their lack of masculinity…..and this commercial clearly gets the message across that, IF you embrace the same standards of masculine behavior that we do–including a willingness to fight when necessary, then you will be accepted.

    The “if” clearly implies an “if not,”…..without being explicit about it, in line with the positive tone of the message to young gay men.

    Superbly done and I hope it helps young gay men to see the light and helps steer them away from the culture of effeminacy and the self-destructive behavior that usually results from embracing it….and towards an embrace of masculine values that will result in them being fully accepted by other men and by society in general.

  8. says

    guys, Rick is of course a troll. He doesn’t believe any of the things he types – if he did he’d be adamant about being seen as a Strong, Masculine Empowered Man.

    Rick is to “effeminate gay men” what Anti-Gay Conservative Christian Republicans are to “homosexuals” – they screech loudly about what they hate to distract from the truth that it’s what they actually are.

    If Rick believed his tripe, he’d be showing himself as a Strong Masculine Role Model. He’s not one. Therefore the continued nonsensical ramblings from a place of cowardly anonymity.


    Brian Burke is a real man. A man who cares about promoting Equality and understanding for all LGBT people.

    People who complain about “how we’re represented” who refuse to represent themselves negate their supposed stance. truth again.

  9. Rick says

    @FERNPLANTE and JACK Unfortunately for you, they also said “If you can FIGHT, then you can FIGHT”…..which is not strictly about “playing skill”

    Look, you cannot play hockey without embracing masculine values, including the willingness to fight, so it is 6 of one and half-a-dozen of the other.

    Regardless of the context, the message any straight men would send to gay men wanting to be accepted and respected by them would be more or less the same……

  10. says

    and you can’t claim to “fight” and “embrace masculine values” if you don’t have the balls to live, each day, as an Openly Gay Man.

    Brian Burke’s message is not “act like this and I’ll respect you”

    it’s “I accept and support you”

    I feel terrible for those gay men out there who were only able to be tolerated by Straights by doing what they said. What a cowardly way to live.

    The type who then anonymously vent their anger at “those other gays” from a place of cowardice, because they’re not actually man enough to Live Out Loud.

  11. Dan E says

    Hate to break it to you, Rick, but effeminate men can fight. So can women (I know this will be a shock to your system, but it’s true). Fight != be traditionally masculine except in the bizarre, twisted little world you’ve constructed.

  12. Rick says

    “Hate to break it to you, Rick, but effeminate men can fight”

    Then they have no excuse for letting themselves be bullied, do they?…..and therefore don’t deserve any sympathy when they are, unless it is a group-on-one situation or a case of a huge size discrepancy…..(and it usually is not either one)

  13. says

    everyone needs to click on the “News: Marco Rubio, Rest Stops, Ryan Budget, Military Pride” news item.

    Rick makes it clear that the definition of a masculine gay man is what he is – apparently a gay man who gives mediocre oral sex.

  14. RONTEX says

    @LITTLE KIWI, “they’re not the ones running away and trying to “pass for white”. Brilliant as usual, I raise my jock in your honor (and no Rick, you can’t have it, even though it’s completely masculine from doing manly things)

  15. Dan E says

    Actually, in almost every case you see reported, it *is* groups of these purportedly “real” men you so abjectly worship teaming up to bully or beat one individual (and often much smaller) gay man. I’m certain, of course, you’ll be able to dig up an exception or two, because they’re out there.

    By the way: you’re speaking to someone who, when I was young and stupid, was charged with assault (and plead out to “drunk and disorderly conduct”) for doing exactly what you claim we should do: fighting back against the drunk, homophobic assholes. I don’t regret what I did, but it was stupid, pointless, and didn’t accomplish a damn thing. The people who will only listen to fists aren’t really worth talking to, anyway.

  16. Rick says

    “The people who will only listen to fists aren’t really worth talking to, anyway”

    Missing the point, as gay men often do. You see, most straight men don’t really want a fist-fight….and usually when fist-fights do break out, people standing by will intervene and stop it before it gets very far. And if there is a mismatch in size, they intervene almost immediately.

    It is really just about having enough self-respect to stand up for yourself. Even in a verbal exchange–which is what these situations usually amount to. It is a test of that self-respect and the willingness to defend yourself if necessary (which is a critical value for men in any society, since they have to be called on to fight wars on occasion).

    I have passed that test many, many times whithout any violence taking place (although I was prepared for it if it did)….and on the couple of occasions when it did, I stood my ground. Most gay men, however, fail it. The vast majority, I have learned over the years, will back down from a confrontation with a straight man, under just about any circumstances, especially if there is the potential for violence. Straight guys know this and that is why gay men become targets of bullying in the first place….and are often taken advantage of in other contexts

    The tragedy is that having grown up with women rather than men as role models is what has caused this phenomenon in so many gay men….and the culture of effeminacy in general.

    As I said, I hope ads like this will be part of a larger societal change that steers gay men away from that culture of effeminacy and low self-esteem and towards the same culture of masculinity that straight men embrace. Then and only then will we be truly respected and find our rightful place in society.

  17. says

    …and yet Rick runs away from any “confrontation” with gay men who call his bluff and ask him to show himself.

    when a closeted man whose balls are so small they he can’t even put a name to his comments on a GAY website claims that he’s able to hold his own as a gay man to straight men in the “real world” i have to howl with laughter.

    if you wanna see who the real wimps, wusses and sissies in our community are, look no further than the cowards who denigrate “effeminate men” on websites, all from a place of anonymity.

    they’re such “real strong men” yet don’t have the balls to show themselves. yeah. real tough guys 😉

  18. Danny says

    Rick’s remarks are a throwback to the very ugly homophobia of a very ugly time in the history of the place of gay people in society. If he really “thinks” the way his postings indicate then he’s just as much a narrow-minded, bigoted homophobe as any closeted preacher to be caught in a park late at night after making a career of preaching against himself.

  19. says

    well, Danny, it’s like the wimps of GOProud.

    they’re not accepted as gay men. they’re tolerated as long as they apologize for being gay, constantly, and hate “liberals.”

    These boys are born into conservative anti-gay families – they need to tow the line and “hate liberals” in order to be tolerated as gay. not accepted. tolerated.

    same thing goes for wimps like “Rick”
    born into a family that hated gay men, so Rick had to hate gay men to get his father off his back.

    Not accepted. Not understood. Not loved. Tolerated, conditionally.

    You see it all the time online, and always from the same people who can only make their statements anonymously. They were brought to hate “_______” and are absolutely furious at the reality that those _________ guys live Out, Open and Free lives while they themselves cannot.

    seeing someone succeed and enjoy life while embracing or embodying something that someone else had to “not be” in order to be tolerated is a massively painful reality for these sad boys.

  20. Dan E says

    I just can’t get past the fact that Rick believes there’s a heterosexual monoculture, and that all straight men respect the sort of aggression he seems to think of as some kind of social ideal. Perhaps he lives in a college frat house?

    I won’t even get into the misogyny of his worldview.

  21. says

    I dunno. I suppose my father raised me wrong – he raised my be myself, stand up for myself, and always stands in solidarity with our entire community.

    i should call him up and say “Dad, apparently you were supposed to tell me to act a certain way.”

    although I’m not sure why I’d have to. He’s always accepted me as I am, and continues to stand strong with me.

  22. Tarc says

    @Rick – Without getting too far into it, you obviously know NOTHING about gay men. gay men are tougher than striaght men by about a billion times. They meet your ludicrous test a hundred times a day – just to get through it. And to be prefectly blunt, it’s not straight guys or butch guys of any orientation that are the toughest – it’s the guys (of either orientation) that constantly get read the butt of every crappy thing people hand out: the more feminine guys, the transvestites, the grag queens, and the transsexuals. THEY are the toughest guys in the universe. Marines and boxers are wimps in comparison with walking in those shoes.

  23. says

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  24. john says

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  25. Rick says

    I can summarize all the rhetorical word games and negative responses with one word: FEAR.

    Gay men in general have internalized the idea that they are of inferior masculinity to such an extent that they really and truly believe that they cannot live up to the same standards of masculinity that straight men do….which is why those that resist the application of those standards resist it.

    It is just fear–and it is understandable, given the psychological trauma that a homophobic culture inflicts.

    But it is a fear that can be overcome, perhaps not by those who are beyond a certain age and in whom low self-esteem is just too entrenched to be undone…..the youth who are targeted by ads such as this one, however, are another matter. If we can get to them early enough in life and assure them that they are as capable of measuring up as straight men are, then they can grow up with a confident masculinity that will serve them well.

    Let’s hope so.

  26. Tom Cardellino says

    There is a certain subset of humankind who are incapable of distinguishing between caged animals incapable of righteous revenge when being poked by a sharp stick from a safe distance by the cowardly abuser and their fellow human beings who refrain for civilization’s sake from punching out the lights, either figuratively or literally, of those trivially minded simpletons who are represented on this blog by the infantile, lonely, sexually indeterminate, loser who adds merely annoying heat but no substantial warmth to any issue, a cowardly anonymous fictive moniker named “Rick.” The only way this virtual entity could gain respect in any imaginable category of worth is if “Prick” were the impostor’s handle. There always occurs to me whenever this supposed “Rick” posts any of its loathsomely meek rants, a picture of that solo figure on the edge of a crowd of friends who are decidedly not its friends at a favorite neighborhood sports bar where gay and straight enthused fans all share human comity, except for “Rick.” Why don’t we all just react to these posts as radio static. Ignore “it.” Perhaps it will then move on to another website more worthy of its abuse, like say, Tea Party Christians for Papal Rule of the USA by Christian Dominionists of the Seven Mountains. Really, “Rick,” they’ll give you more of the disdain you seem to crave, and then some!

  27. jack says

    Thats a good solid messaage from professional athletes to young gay men interested in sports careers.
    If you have the talent, your sexual orientation doesn’t matter.

  28. jack says

    Why is it that so many people who post comments on internet sites seem more interested in savaging those with whom they disagree than in trying to win them over by reasoned arguments? Check out how often the language is mean spirited and down right nasty.It is also often arragant and condescending. Is anybody’s mind ever changed by these confrontational rants. If you want a good example of the kind of mean spirited language to which I am refering, check out the many comments made by someone who calls himself: Littlekiwi.

  29. says

    Jack your obsession with me may provide you with your daily dose of masturbation material, but it won’t help attain LGBT Equality.

    And if you take issue more with my language than with the outright promotion of bigotry and discrimination against gay people who don’t subscribe to societal gender-norms (ie, the continued and pathetically cowardly hate ramblings of “Rick” under any of his aliases) then you can go f**k yourself 😀

    You’re a coward, Jack, with capers for testes. I won’t apologize for having the spine you never grew.

    *elegant curtsy*

  30. says

    Oh, and Jack, rather than continue to obsess about me, take your own advice.

    “Why is it that so many people who post comments on internet sites seem more interested in savaging those with whom they disagree than in trying to win them over by reasoned arguments?”

    Any time you’d like to attempt doing that, I’m sure people will care.

  31. TJ says

    And maybe there are many JACKs that post here, so I won’t presume, but some of the postings under that name have seemed more interested in belittling rather than understanding. So there’s that. And sometimes, one may be unaware of the attempts to understand and explain only to be met with negative reactions, from deafness to dismissal to derision, that ultimately lead to the vitriol.

    As for posting on the intertubes, yeah, sadly, most of the time, it is less an opportunity to learn than it is to confirm. Something of which we can all be guilty. I often try to inform. And sometimes, just give up.

  32. jack says

    Littlekiwi you always confuse talking tough with being tough. FYI: courage is not located in the testicles. you are constantly telling people to grow a pair or some other comment about the lack of balls. You do know that women don’t have testicles and are often far more courageous than us men. If you would tone down your language and stick to reasoned debate, you might be able to win some folks over to LGBT positions.

  33. Tom Cardellino says

    Ever so belatedly, thank you TJ for your adulation, as well as your well-warranted admonition to sever some of my run-on sentences. Stream of consciousness has to be greater regulated by those of us who spew when provoked! Thanks, and kudos to the prescient comments you’ve made that have caught my attention.

  34. TJ says

    And just in case you see this, TOM, thank you, I try; and, you are so deservedly welcome. I love reading what you write, period-impoverished or not.

  35. jape says

    I thought it was a great psa. Obviously you have to be tough to play hockey, it is a tough sport, straight or gay, feminine or masculine. People just need to accept themselves whether straight or gay, feminine or masculine, and gay men should not try to think they are better than one another cause one is more masculine than the other. It is a bit self loathing to deny a feminine side one may have, or a masculine side. People also have to remember you learn these things with age. When I was younger I completely thought I was superior to effeminate gay men, and now I know that was stupid and im in my 40’s. People are naive when they are young, you hope to get smarter with age and more open not the opposite, well at least I do. I do not want to be the grumpy old gy

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