1. Macmantoo says

    If gays die at the age of 42 then why am I still alive at 65? Just another group of haters with nothing better to do with their lives except interfer with other people’s lives.

  2. David in Houston says

    Ignorant morons that don’t know the difference between sexual orientation and behavior (actions). — I love how they question the students about believing the media. Yet they want these same kids to believe everything they’re saying without question. Hypocrites. They also disabled comments on YouTube. So that means they don’t believe in open dialog, and are afraid to have their ideas challenged. Again, they’re nothing but hypocrites.

  3. Sarm says

    Such is the standard for Christianity, David. How are they not regarded as terrorists and dealt with accordingly? They’ve traumatised those youth.

  4. Jim in Salem says

    It makes me sad that none of the students in attendance stood up and spoke out against this. Young people need to be heard. Say something when you disagree.

  5. GregV says

    “…they question the students about believing the media. Yet they want these same kids to believe everything they’re saying without question. Hypocrites.”

    Exactly. I wish a smart and brave student or staff member had put him in his place. Someone could have said:

    “Your ‘lifespan of 42′ figure comes from Paul Cameron, who resigned from the APA in disgrace when it was proved that he had falsified that number in a fake study. So it looks like you should be the first person to take your own advice not to believe every random thing you see or read.”

    What I wonder is, why did a staff member not walk up to the microphone two minutes into this and tell students that a mistake had obviously been made and the presentation has been cancelled?
    If these junkyard idiots had started their presentation by telling the kids to stay away from Jews or that black people all die at 42 because they’re irresponsible and dangerous, would the presentation have been allowed to continue?

  6. Alex Parrish says

    I want to know why the school administration was allowing ANY group to do a presentation to the students without knowing in advance the contents. I think administrators should be disciplined — not even so much for the Xtianist content, but because they were negligent in allowing a presentation they had not screened in any way. Either the didn’t know what this groups was going to do which makes them negligent and incompetent, or the DID know what this presentation was which is disgusting and probably actionable should any brave parents decide to take action.

  7. Michael Bedwell says

    WHAT are our well-paid Gay, Inc., “leaders” going to do about this sufficient to make any school in the country fear making the same mistake of inviting these lying hatemongers in to preach to impressionable kids?

  8. Sam says

    Heads should roll here. A religious assembly for the student body of a public school is not OK, period, even if it didn’t happen to also have outrageously offensive content.

    Thank you, Junkyard Prophet, for posting this video, which is convenient for future litigation.

    Has this story hit mainstream national news yet?

  9. jim says

    Previous post on this said that the band split everyone in 3 groups: boys, girls and faculty. So it sounds like no other adults were available to stop the BS here (assuming they’d have wanted to…).

    Man, this guy makes NO SENSE–he doesn’t complete a single thought, jumps from one thing to another, like a quick-cut video. Guess the idea was to just confuse the kids into fear? Couldn’t tell at times whether he was talking about Elton, Gaga, Gays or Parents. Aside from everything else, the guy has ZERO talent as a lecturer.

    Here’s what I don’t get. NO ONE at the school googled Junkyard Prophet prior to this? I mean, come ON, it’s not 1977, where all ya had was a press release. I find it really odd that this was approved and booked, and no one on an administrative level had even the smallest amount of curiosity about who and what Junkyard Prophet is, and bothered to check the ‘net. WTF?

  10. Dearcomrade says

    Thanks for posting this Andy. It is pretty bad indeed. It should be very interesting to see how this plays out. I can see quite a for organizations jumping on this. I look forward to future posts.

  11. paul says

    Sex education, factual based science about evolution and teaching kids about equality are considered ‘indoctrination’ but this idiots hateful lies are fully supported by the school ??? What do this classify this as ? And I’m sorry but what a bunch of dumb lazy kids that not one of them asked ANY questions. Please prove me I am wrong and that happens later in the tape…not one of them had an issue with what was being said ? I would love to see if there was a question and answer session at the end. I cannot imagine that teenagers really just swallow this idiocy when they are the generation that grew up with more access to information and learning tools than any other generation.

  12. TJ says

    PAUL – just because there are resources doesn’t mean they get used. And not all resources are created equal.

    It is ironic that the speaker asks the students to be skeptical of the media and popular culture yet he clearly isn’t questioning his resources or culture. That he is giving this presentation in a public school is beyond reprehensible. Yet I remember a similar presentation by a religious rock group during an assembly back in the dark ages when I was in HS. Not this obscenely bigoted but definitely Christian. It was wrong then, and wrong now. ALEX PARRISH makes a great point. Whether or not the administration knew what the presentation would be like, they are guilty of negligence.

  13. enough already says

    A word I’ve used a lot this week – and it’s only Monday.
    I wonder whether the First Amendment covers this sort of thing in a school, with attendance compulsory?
    Be worth finding out.
    We need to hit this, and we need to hit it hard. Thanks for posting!

  14. Rin says

    I went to a private Catholic high school and we never had an assembly like this. In fact we barely had assemblies. I’m surprised this happened a public school.

  15. djcchicago says

    They didn’t know who they were before they let them come in and conduct an assembly? Is that supposed to make everyone feel better? This whole thing sounds like a Simpson episode. I can just her Mrs. Crabapple saying that they are just letting the kids have a little fun in school before they face a lifetime as manual laborers. But my guess is that someone did know and told a little white lie to others to get this group into the school…

  16. No kidding says

    Maybe all the students were high. Maybe the teachers were high. Maybe everybody got high. It is a “high” school, right?

    The audience sounds pretty apathetic.

  17. Hannah says

    I should have not watched that. I’m so mad and I hope if any of thing like that happened in front of me I would stand up and say something however I’m not sure I would. I need to work on that and this has shown me why.

  18. Tom in long beach says

    Wow, I would be all for someone talking about safe sex and birth control.
    But when they just lie about us to make their point it gets me very hot under the collar. Very sad. It is possible to be pro science and history and still have faith. Just not the arrogant “I have all the answers” kind of faith this garage band has.
    However this should never have been an assembly at a public school.

  19. ophu says

    I’ve got news for this guy in relation to our “deviancy”: We’ve always done it, we always will do it, and we and it are just as much facts of nature as bananas and beavers and f—— gay penguins, and we’re not going to stop, ever. Religion will just have to find some way to cope. 😐

  20. Peter M. says

    If this group had claimed that black people died at age 42 due to their immoral lifestyle there would be a national outrage. But never mind, it’s just the dirty homos.
    How is it possible that this puppet of Superintendent Jim Stanton can get away with this like that???
    Where is the contact information (adress/telephone/e-mail/fax) of this High School to let the people there know how we feel about their promotion of hate speech to vulnerable teenagers???

  21. Dback says

    What’s surprising–and kind of disturbing–is I thought that he was a really good speaker as far as being engaging, having a nice voice, etc. He wasn’t haranguing the kids, which would’ve been an obvious turn-off; he made his points sound scarily reasonable. He’s also fairly young, good-looking, and somewhat hip, which means that his message might unfortunately plant some seeds in ways that obvious bile from out-of-touch old guys like Tony Perkins or Pat Robertson wouldn’t.

  22. Brim says

    @Joseph Good catch on the age thing.

    I checked out the guy’s Youtube channel. He’s a real piece of work – very duplicitous. For example, he shows a crowd of kids at an assembly a dead fetus but doesn’t give them any real information (like how many of their moms probably would have died, statistically, without DNC’s being available). He just asks “you don’t want to be a kid killer, do you? There are multiple videos he has about gay people too. But he always adds that they shouldn’t be killed. Ya, thanks a$$h01e.

    His duplicity is an easy way for him to excuse himself of any negative consequences or impact his words have.

  23. Reason says

    Can I ask what exactly was wrong with this message? I saw nothing that made the speaker a ‘bigot’. Perhaps the strong reaction by many of you is due to the defensive nature of people who have their beliefs proven wrong.

  24. Gregv says

    “Can I ask what was wrong with this message?”

    Sure you can ask, though asking the question seems to suggest you’ve neither read through the comments here nor ever really studied the issues surrounding sexual orientation.

    Take, for example, his wild-sounding claim that the average gay male dies at age 42.
    It’s simply not true. It comes from a paper written by a disgraced crackpot named Paul Cameron who was proven (easily, and nearly 3 decades ago) to have pretty much just made up his “findings.”. I could easily use the method that Cameron used to demonstrate that the average Christian in America has 12 children, or that the average blond person dies as age 12, or anything else that you could possibly make up out of thin air. That’s why he was condemned by the American (and Canadian) Psychological Association, the American Sociological Association, and all mainstream professional associations in the social sciences.
    For Bradlee Dean to repeat this kind of nonsense, he would have to have gathered the false number from anti-gay hate groups (who are the only ones repeating it 30 years later), and it is obvious that he has no interest in learning or repeating truth. His obvious goal is to instill fear and loathing of gay people, no matter how false the statements he uses to do so.

  25. GeorgeM says

    At least when his crew of dirt bags came back to town the town and it’s people blocked them from using town property. Good job to the protesters and all who stood up to them inside. I hope Every town remembers them and their hate

  26. Jevon says

    Shut you haters. If pro-gay stuff can and is taught in school then so should so called “anti-gay” stuff. Quit the poor me and grow some balls! If you can’t take it then please, move out of the country. If religious groups have to tolerate you guys stuffing your dicks down their throats then you should be able to tolerate them sticking a religious symbol up your a$$! You guys are such hypocrites and children! Grow up. You act like being homosexual isn’t a choice. FYI, it is. I have a lot of them in my family. I’ve experienced it myself. All it is that you want to have an excuse for you to do sexually abnormal stuff. Be grown up enough to admit. God has given us the ablity to control our actions, feelings, and attractions! You guys just don’t want to exercise that ability. Don’t hate others because they are calling you out on your mess!

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