1. barilla says

    Exactly, Rascal. I am shocked by the continual negativity of the posters on this site – I’m sure it must make Andy and the other admins insane. This blog is of such a high quality (minus the Glee posts, ha) and all these people – Rick, Beaverhausen, whoever – chime in just to hear themselves complain. I wish Towleroad would adopt Reddits upvote/downvote feature, so we could flush the whiners straight to obscurity.

  2. Opinionated says

    Wow you all are some bitter queens, sheesh. This was a great morning treat and a very hot kiss. I love how British boys have softened their idea of masculinity. Hell I even hear that straight guys kissing in bars and the like for fun/get, girls, whatever haha is quite common. Thank you for this Andy!

  3. says

    @Barilla: So you have nothing to say except to complain about those who have some life experience and perspective to meaningfully contribute here? Do you find safety in your vapid irrelevance, so you seek a thought-free homophile comfort zone?

    Please explain yourself.

    (I despise Glee, too, because it’s another gay zoo. And the music is terrible.)

  4. Markus T says

    The bitter queens on here make it impossible to enjoy the comments. I love Towleroad but can’t stand the comments. What is up with all the negativity? That’s not a very healthy way to live.

  5. says

    well…. i’ll say this – the “gross-out” response that many straight men have to male-male affection is a societal one; an elective response that one has because they think it’s the response they’re “supposed to have”, if they are indeed straight.

    that is, of course, complete bollocks. as any of us who engaged in opposite-sex relationships before we Came Out will attest to, kissing a member of the sex you’re not naturally attracted to is not the vomit-inducing experience in terror that far too many films and tv shows have made it seem it would be; as per the “omg, i can’t believe i just kissed another guy!” moments in a few billion “comedies”.

    i hear what you’re saying, anastasia, about the Zoo thing – but i can frankly see an upside to what you’re saying. when i was at college many moons ago i was the only “already Out” guy in the program; there is an element off “Zoo” when you’re the first, or the first Visible Member of a heretofore unknown “group”, to many people.
    i kissed a straight boy or three in college. why? to satisfy THEIR curiosity. there’s a world of men who’ve been conditioned to not only feel as if they have to act repulsed at the idea of male-male affection, but the idea that it’s impossible to possibly enjoy, to any degree, participation in such affection.
    the reality is that despite our orientations, there’s more to “enjoying a kiss” or “moment” than mere biology; it’s one-on-one chemistry. you can be straight, 100% oriented to the opposite-sex, and yet still be able to enjoy a kiss with someone of the same sex.
    just sayin’.

  6. Brod says

    Yeah for turning another “straight”-boy gay. He’s about 2 years away from stepping fully out of the closet.

    Besides, that was hot. My nips are hard.

    And for the negative folks on here, get a life.

  7. yuninv says

    Dear Ms. Beaverhausen,

    Thank you. What self-respecting gay man would allow himself to be utilized as novelty entertainment for a bunch of drunk assholes is beyond me. But then to have those same assholes defended by saying that this degenerative and condescending display was “sweet” and “nice” is, as you so accurately described, vapid.

    Of course, pointing out the completely offensive nature of this ignorant display leads to the ever simplistic whine fests of “I wish we didn’t have to see posts that had an opinion different than mine! Gay men should be marginalized and how dare you criticize it!”

    So, thank you, Ms. Beaverhausen. I look forward to being added to the long list of “hateful, bitter queens” who have the audacity to point out when something is demeaning and inappropriate.


  8. Smartypants says

    This is partly generational. My younger friends (under 30 and especially under 25) are for the most part much more comfortable with same-sex expressions of affection and intimacy. Their view of sexuality tends to be much more fluid than than my generation’s bipolar gay/straight attitude toward orientation.

  9. Fenrox says

    well. crazy turn of comments. Andy isn’t responsible for the world as a whole accepting gays as normal people. If anything, he should be whatever he calls “himself”. Apparently he likes straight guys kissing dudes. I also think he likes that mormon american idol kid. This is a better blog than most because it caters to many people.

    If you want problems with this blog:
    -Comment filtering/poor comment policy.
    -Horrible racism in comments.
    -Terrible, misleading headlines, huffpo bad.
    -Touchy guest contributors.
    -No real voice or presence by Andy, just aggregation.

  10. jim says

    Liked it, too. That wasn’t just “a kiss,” that was prolonged face-sucking! Just wish they would have left the cam running for another 10 seconds or so at the end–I have a hunch that str8 boy had a woody in those jeans when he stood up.

  11. Kenny says

    Hmm they didnt seem to be mocking gays or making fun of them.The guy who kissed the other guy and the guy who was kissed actually seemed like they enjoyed it.Thats how it is though confident comfortable straight men dont care if a guy kisses them insecure angry intolerant ones though who feel threatened do mind. As many said here cute and sweet video nothing I see wrong with it.

  12. Alex says

    Agree that comments on this blog should be disabled. I have never seen a useful comment on the internet ever. They only consist of either hateful or at best useless rambling.

  13. gomez says

    brings back memories of drunken stoned foolishness in a bar with my friend’s str8 boyfriend who kissed me on a dare. i graded him poorly so he came back at me with something like this.

    it’s the small pleasures that make a full life

  14. ajthedj says

    Umm…a guy who kisses another guy is not straight. Reminds me of those M4M ads of “straight” guys whose girlfriends are out of town and they seek male company for just one night!!

  15. BWR says

    To those who don’t like this video as they feel it demeans gay men, what about the straight boy who kissed the guy? Isn’t it demeaning to straight guys for us to be drooling over and making lude comments about him. Or do you not care about that because he is straight? Straight guys get treated like pieces of meat in a zoo too.

    What is with the hypocrisy so many gay men have about always being the victim, but being willing to look past the same treatment of a straight guy, why not defend them too.

    My opinion, just a bunch of young people having fun, who cares. Who is to say most of the guys there weren’t gay and the only straight boy was the one on camera? Now who is in the zoo?

  16. Perkin Warbeck says

    Go us Aussie boys!!! (And, nah, we don’t drink eggnog at Xmas time. That straightboy would have been doing Jaegerbombs!) Hot lil’ straighty that will sure as hell be wanting some more some time…

  17. Jimcracky says

    I though this was a very good portrayal of male on male rape and it’s consequences. It starts out sweet and sexy, a young man unsure of his sexuality – or at least unsure of expressing it, who is trying to explore it. While he consents to the encounter, he clearly does not consent to the particular act itself which the aggressor/rapist also clearly ignores. This happens to women all of the time by straight men. No means no. Stop means stop. The rapist clearly had no respect for or intention of doing anything but getting his rocks off and tossing the kid away. He should have been arrested and I hope he was.

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