1. NotAFan says

    I find gay men’s fascination with making fun of the poor and the uneducated rather sad… (or for that matter the rich, troubled and untalented Housewives). Too bad we can’t lift people up in more constructive way rather than put people down and glorify their missteps for a ‘kiki’. It’s oddly like bullying but played off as ‘just for a laugh’…

  2. xael says

    you know i think this is a real fun beat !!! and i hope they play this at the clubs and maybe they can give sweet sugar some of the money they make … no mean spirit she was so funny, i dont think i’m a bully just cus i think is funny how she said no shoes or nothin ain nobody got time for that …i ran!!!! i would have done the same thing !!! maybe said the same thing too …I RAN FOR MY LIFE AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT

  3. Drew says

    @NotAFan: Humor and you do not go together, I see. Yes, some of us white folk are subconsciously seeing a stereotypical black woman from the 1800s in Sweet Brown’s (love that name, BTW) unique presentation of facts, but we’re not making fun OF her.

    In fact, I thought the entire joke was how she says “I don’t have time for that!” (re: bronchitis). So, chill and enjoy people for their uniqueness.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    NOTAFAN, How DARE you suggest that woman is uneducated. You are one Pompous ass. I’ll bet you the empty space in your head that you DO NOT know that woman, yet have the asshatery to suggest she is uneducated. Behold the voice of a racist, all black woman according to NOTAFAN are uneducated.

  5. Hugh says

    @notafan – This isn’t really symptomatic of gay culture, just American, internet culture in general. But I do understand what you’re trying to get at; “vapid” can pretty much sum up LOGO’s tv lineup.

  6. TJ says

    I call foul on posting this! What if it were a stereotypical gay guy instead of the woman in the video. Andy…I call foul on you! This can be viewed as a form of promoting negative stereotypes! Bastard!!!

  7. Jon says

    Oh jeeze, I’m laughing at my laptop now. This has the potential to become another one of those ’till I took an arrow to the knee’ memes. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

  8. scott says

    agreed @DREW and @XAEL-

    I’m sure there are pple who found this funny because they have a prejudiced view of the world-but I, and most others- didn’t.

    I’d agree with XAEL- we’d all have said the same thing as Sweet Brown- maybe in different dialects or accents. I understand the concern over making humor out of a supposedly “low-class, poorly educated” person of color- but that’s just it- it’s supposition. She could be a nurse or a teacher- or something else- one’s accent or dialect does NOT speak to one’s intelligence. Additionally- saying that pple are laughing at Sweet Brown (which, considering her personality is quite apropos) because she “sounds low-class” or whatever is in its own way, racist and prejudiced- because that presumes her to be so- when there is no evidence for that.

    Anyway- It’s a cool remix- and I hope she gets some luck from this and works it!! :-)

  9. says

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  10. mike128 says

    @ Woody: I somehow doubt that Sweet Brown is making money off this track.

    And I also doubt the sincerity of those of you who say that the humor has nothing to do with this woman being poor and uneducated. (Or that you can’t tell that she’s poor and uneducated from the way she talks.) Give me a f-ing break!

  11. Gerard says

    NOTAFAN, you’re awesome! Thanks for expressing my thoughts better than I could. I like a good laugh too, but it seems our society finds far too much pleasure in mocking the poor and those we consider “other.” What power would our community have if our natural inclination was to affirm instead of belittle? Love to all!

  12. cameoutinthe80s says

    A classic from the 80s brought even more current. Thanks for making my Friday night! Such a clever grab on using the “ain’t nobody” from her statement to the news. I’m glad she’s safe, and I’m glad I have a new favorite remix of this song.

  13. Mhmm says

    Racism alive and well, masked as ever. Let’s remix it! Let’s give it to her charity! Let’s help the sweet browns! Antoine Pt. 2. Modern minstrel for our remixing entertainment. Racism inherent in our minds.

  14. Mousie says

    Hey people claiming this is about laughing at poor black people… don’t you know they make a remix out of ANYTHING even remotely amusing online? This is like saying the remixes of David After Dentist are about bullying children, or that Autotune The News is horrible exploitation of the media’s talking heads. Struttin’ That Ass videos are obviously denigrating Southerners and alcoholics, and Double Rainbow remixes are entirely about slagging off overweight hippie burnouts, using your logic. Sometimes people are just FUNNY. Then it gets remixed.

    I totally agree that the real racism here is assuming that the woman is either poor OR uneducated.

  15. MarkUs says

    If you watch the original news report, and see an interview with her later – in the original news report that is her son who walks back and forth and back again behind her when she is being interviewed – getting himself on camera. If you notice his little grin….

  16. alguien says

    i don’t know about notafan but i think that people want to make her a pop culture icon because sweet brown is very charismatic. i look on this more as a tribute to her rather than as making fun of her.

  17. zeddy says

    Yeah, I don’t think the video was funny or even viral worthy. She seemed a sweet lady dealing with a crisis. Though the song was actually pretty good.

  18. MarkinDC says

    All this manufactured outrage is so tired and so unnecessary. Sweet Brown is a women happy to be alive and engaging in a little light-hearted storytelling. BTW, she’s a gifted storyteller — the “I don’t got time for that” line is intended to be funny, and it is. Putting her story to a beat is no more making fun of her than was the decision to air the original TV report.

    We should all be happy that Sweet Brown is experiencing her 15 minutes of fame. Don’t assume that the mash-up is anything other than people enjoying her uplifting story and the way she tells it.

  19. Jazzy J says

    Rather than mocking, is it possible that some of us just genuinely enjoy Sweet Brown’s energy? I think so. For me, I just really really like her, she’s a natural in front of a camera and has presence mixed with a great level of vocal variety. I get the feeling that if I met up with her for some coffee she’d have me laughing with some insanely funny life stories. It’s not a racial thing, it’s a human thing. The song really rocks.

  20. ratbastard says

    With all due respect, classism is a far bigger and more real issue and problem in our society and others than racism. If you have the ‘correct’ accent, the ‘correct’ look [doesn’t matter the race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc. just the look], went to the ‘correct’ schools, have the ‘correct’ background, etc., you have a considerable advantage over others who don’t, no matter if those others are just as intelligent and ‘smart’ as you are.

  21. DJC2 says

    Hello Y’all! Thank you for all the positive comments. I am glad you are doing what was intended…. ENJOYING THE MUSICAL MEME! I am a black Nuclear Oncology pharmacist (Turned DJ/Producer) living in NYC. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City and Sweet Brown just reminded me of home. I created this mash up as a tongue in cheek tribute to her (And Chaka). As for all this Oscar worthy outrage and caste buffonery….I just checked my watch and nope…. GOT NO TIME FOR DAT! #FartAndRelaxAlready

  22. Clint says

    Sweet Brown was thoroughly enjoying herself the whole time, and gives off an energy and charisma that only someone of her life story can. Why is it a bad thing to get this on camera and enjoy it? Her perspective on the apartment fire is priceless. There is a quality about this that white folks, esp. middle class sadiddy white folks, could never ever replicate and thanks be to God for it. She reminds of a line from Fr. Faber’s excellent hymn, “There is no place where earth’s failings are such kindly judgment given…”

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