Air Force Staff Sergeant Anthony Loverde, Fired Under ‘DADT’, to Return to Active Duty

Staff Sergeant Anthony Loverde, discharged in 2008 under 'DADT', will be the second service member reinstated to active duty following the repeal of DADT in September 2011, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network reports:

Anthony-LoverdeServicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN) and the law firm, Morrison & Foerster today announced that their client, Staff Sergeant Anthony Loverde, discharged in 2008 under the discriminatory "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" DADT law, will be reinstated in the U.S. Air Force and will return to active duty. He will take the oath in Sacramento in May 2012 and be assigned to the 19th Operations Squadron at Little Rock AFB in Arkansas.

"I am honored and humbled to return to the service of my country and the job I love. I am grateful to my legal team and all of those in the armed forces who helped to facilitate this reinstatement. I am eager to take the oath and get to work," said Loverde.

Loverde's reinstatement is the result of a resolution on his behalf in the historic case, Almy v. U.S., filed in 2010, which challenges the constitutionality of the three plaintiffs' discharges under DADT and seeks their reinstatement to active duty.

Towleroad featured Loverde's story in May 2010 as part of SLDN's 'Stories from the Frontline' campaign. You can revisit it HERE.


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    Congratulations to SSGT. Loverde on his reinstatement, but that only a SMALL HANDFUL of discharged gays have been allowed back in is an OUTRAGE! That two of them, including Loverde, have had to SUE is an OUTRAGE! The Administration should have a committee with offices in the Pentagon working five days a week to reinstate anyone still interested, and otherwise eligible in terms of age, etc. I’m SURE they could get qualified volunteers to work that office without compensation. And WHERE is the apology from Mr. Obama for the some EIGHT HUNDRED needlessly discharged on HIS watch including DAN CHOI? Or are his minions too busy still hounding him and others to repay “unearned” monies?

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