1. MarkUs says

    Graduate employment at “about 50%”? What percentage of the 50% who DO find work are working at what they see themselves doing 10 years from now? Probably well under 50% of the 50%.

    Jim Cramer: “The business community won’t hire until he’s gone.”
    Chris Matthews: “Why!!” Why do they hate him? Is it because they think he’s a SOCIALIST!?”
    Jim Cramer: “Yes.”
    Chris Matthews: “Wow.”

    Deja-Vu: It’s 1980 all over again. I was there.

  2. Cris says

    I just keep wondering if they ever think who put us in this position in the first place? OR if they actually look at the stats and see how much improvement has happened in the last three years since the bottom dropped out?

    I like having a rock star president. Better than a drunk cowboy.

  3. Zell says

    Obama just approved a proposal by General Petraeus authorizing the targeted assassination, via drone strikes, of people in Yemen who we don’t even know their names, based upon nothing but “patterns of behavior” which lead us to believe they deserve death. Thousands of Pakistani citizens have already been killed, Obama has specifically targeted people so we can then bomb their funerals, he has targeted rescue workers who rush to help those wounded by initial drone strikes (which is a war crime) and thousands more have been maimed. Bradley Manning languishes, tortured (according to the UN) in a cell and more whistleblowers have been prosecuted under Obama than all previous presidents combined, while Hillary Clinton and Obama pay lip service to “transparency.”

    So while I’m no republican, and I am loathe to agree with a monster and fellow war criminal like Karl Rove, yes, the “Celebrity Obama” persona is inappropriate. Obama cracks jokes about sending drone strikes against his daughters’ boyfriends while thousands lie dead at his hands.

  4. says

    All good points, Zell.

    On the other hand, we can elect someone who will work with Congress to devolve the nation into a state of facism, as everyone’s rights are slowly stripped away.

  5. Paul says

    This is so rich it must be fattening. Is this the best Rove and his PAC can do!? LOL!

    POS Rove is just jealous because there is not one fiber of cool in his doughy body, evidenced by the video link below, check it out.

  6. Joey says

    Zell – find a different line than -I am no Republican. It is a little to obvious you are a troll.

    Romney is some sort of saint with a vision of world peace? Didn’t he harshly criticize the withdrawal from Iraq? Doesn’t he say that the President should listen to the Generals about Afgan? The American defense industry doesn’t own congress? The Republicans want cut everything but defense. Give me a break Obama is probably the only thing that stands between us and a war with Iran.

  7. Zell says

    It’s a little “to” obvious, Joey? Lovely, I’m glad the educational system did well by you.

    When did I ever say anything about Romney? I will vote for Obama in November as the lesser of two evils but after the election I hope true liberals wake up and call him out on his policy of assassination and secrecy. Unfortunately, I really think most self-professed “liberals” genuinely have no problem with the way he’s running things. If Bush had done anything similar–the mistreatment of Manning, the systematic slaughter of thousands, codifying indefinite detention of American citizens into law–liberals would have no problem criticizing him, but when Obama does it, it becomes necessary for American security, or worse, political fodder for showing how “tough” Obama is with regard to foreign policy.

    And incidentally, if you think I’m a Republican, you are not reading what I’m writing. Obama isn’t liberal ENOUGH for me. So take your accusations elsewhere.

  8. D.R.H. says

    Zell, please come back. Why is there no true liberal party in America? Why is this country so intent on continuing its two-party system? It does not work. America needs real democracy and real liberals with the intelligence, charisma and backbone to represent the millions who are desperate for representation.

  9. jack says

    I think Karl Rove and his ILK have it all wrong. Most Americans really like Obama and the way he lives his life. No doubt about it, he is COOL! I love the guy. I will enthusiastically vote for him again. They can quote John McCain all they want. You see how far it got him. As Letterman said one night, McCain is that old guy yelling at kids to get off his lawn. Obama is in the Oval Office.