1. ggreen says

    If he should ever change sides that man would have the most worshiped phallus since St Pariapus.

  2. Bobbyy says

    “You have to understand what you’re doing, and it has to be done tastefully.”

    Ben looks tastier than anyone I’ve ever seen.

  3. alex says

    Once he sat one row to the left in front of me during a flight from London to NY. Had a hard time not looking…

  4. Dback says

    Met him at a meet-and-greet/anti-bullying panel in Portland (he called ME “big guy”!!)–he is so nice, polite, and sincere, as well as being insanely good looking and HUGE. He should indeed be on Mt. Olympus.

  5. says

    On a completely unrelated side note… Andy, would you PLEASE find a captcha that doesn’t force bitter old drag queens to dive for their spectacles and Swahili-to-English translator? At 5:45 a.m it’s a bit much… Thanks, Boo!


  6. beaubrummell says

    BEN is an exceptional guy.
    He makes up for all the bullying
    in high school.GOD BLESS YOU