Bogota, Colombia Mayor Creates LGBT Affairs Department

Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro has created a special group to fight sexual orientation and gender based discrimination in Colombia's capital, according to Colombia reports:

PetroThe group, a subcommittee of the city's Social Integration Secretariat, is aimed at raising awareness of important issues in the minority community. The LGBTI Affairs Branch plans to construct a district center that will house educational materials and host events promoting LGBTI culture.

98% of Colombian homosexuals have reported being discriminated against, according to a LGBTI Public Policy poll, as have 96% of bisexuals and just under 100% of transgendered people.


  1. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    Argentina is a beacon of enlightenment in the Western Hemisphere. Along with Canada, Argentina has full equality in marriage, employment, adoption… everything. Mexico isn’t too far behind: although only certain Mexican states have marriage equality (like the U.S.), Mexico DOESN’T HAVE DOMA. That means married same-sex couples in Mexico get any federal benefit straight couples get (medical, government pensions, etc.) Here’s to hoping that Colombia will soon be that enlightened.

  2. George F says

    Gustavo Petro when running for president in Colombia years ago was very openly in favor of LGBT rights when most of the other candidates would not even dare to touch the subject…
    And several cities in Colombia are already gay friendly places… I see a brighter future for Colombia in all this…

  3. Darrell says


    Don’t forget the over 100 gay people who are murdered every year in Mexico. Mexico City is certainly a place of acceptance, but beyond that, I’d be wary.

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