Bruno Mars Did Not Come Out of the Closet


A CNN iReport claiming “The famous pop-star Bruno Mars admits his homosexuality" caused the singer's name to trend on Twitter yesterday.

Gossip Cop reports that Mars' representative denies any closet door has been opened:

A second outlet played up the rumor, claiming that Mars “admitted to a small Chicago radio station” that he was gay, first supposedly under the guise of April Fools’ Day to test reaction, and then for real. It’s 100% false.

The singer’s rep tells Gossip Cop the reports that Mars has come out of the closet are “completely fabricated” and “false.”


  1. kujhawker says

    So the singer’s rep is saying he hasnt come out, and is still in the closet?

  2. Paul R says

    Let me think of something I couldn’t care about any less.

    Nope. Nothing comes to mind.

  3. Michael says

    The guy is beyond gay. It cracks me up when I hear pop music and the guy singing, who is obviously 100% gay, singing about some chick. It would be a nice world if a gay man could actually sing about another man or if a gay actor could have a gay love story. One has to wonder if people were forced to ‘portray’ their true orientation then how many gay story lines and gay love songs there would be. As of now, gay people practically don’t exist in television especially on commercials.

  4. jack says

    I don’t care if he is gay or straight or somewhere in between. He is one of the giants of the musical scene today. BRUNO, YOU ROCK!!!!!!

  5. TonyT says

    Nobody says “admitted being gay” anymore. It’s acknowledge, thank you. That should have been a tipoff. Sarah Palin is right about one thing, it is a lamestream media.

  6. Jessiexx says

    I actually heard the radio interview live, i still dont understand why people are denying the truth? The website gossipcop are so attention seeking they always stir up controvosy. #supportbruno

  7. Adam Mathias says

    He is a very, very talented young man whether you like his music or not. He still will be – gay or not.

  8. Mohammed says

    What evidence does anyone have that he is not heterosexual, besides a purported acknowledgement he disavows?

  9. ryan says

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  10. Francis says

    What’s funny is how coming-out is still a controversy. At least when you have questions surrounding you like Bruno does. Whether or not he’s gay, we’ll never know since he’ll never come out if he is gay.

  11. RED_5 says

    All the rumors are completely false. There was no interview, and Bruno Mars didn’t even do an interview in the past week. The rumors were started by 4chan which is an internet trolling site, and they have planned this whole thing out. Here is a snapshot of their message board describing their ‘operation':

    There are about 450 members and they are all trying to spread the rumors around (and they’ve been quite successful in doing so!). Bruno is not gay. He actually has a long term girlfriend Jessica Caban. He didn’t call up any radio station. His rep has even confirmed that the whole story is completely fabricated and false. It’s funny how people believe everything they hear! -__-

  12. Rick says

    If a celebrity is gay and stays in the closet, the Gay Mafia criticizes him for being in the closet. If he comes out, they criticize him for recording songs with lyrics that are not “gay”, for being rich and “privileged” when they are not……and criticize–usually viciously–his music (because he committed the sin of being male)…..and go on supporting straight female “divas” instead.

    Gee, I wonder why almost all gay male performers remain in the closet, with such a supportive peer group?

  13. says

    Or when a gay man comes out and then insecure closeted homosexuals complain, from a place of anonymity, that they’re “too gay” or “the wrong kind of gay.” that’s rich.

    There are no reasons for grown-adults in America, in 2012, to be Closeted. Only excuses. Excuses are for boys, not men.

    It’s the same old tired cycle – guy comes out, closeted homosexuals complain about how they’re the “Wrong Kind of Gay”, and complain from a place of anonymity. Continuing to complain that “they’re” not being represented, when they have no intention of representing themselves.

    On that note, I tip my hat to the men and women who came out in the decades before me. And not just the ‘famous names’, but the everyday people who saw their adult responsibility to open the doors for the next generations.

  14. Fan gurl says

    I have a silly & totally irrational crush on him. And…it kinda would fizzle if I knew he were gay. Ofcourse it would win him new fans who would replace me so I guess it doesnt matter. And yes I know its totally crazy & illogical but I cant sexually crush on a gay man

  15. Rick says

    “I have a silly & totally irrational crush on him. And…it kinda would fizzle if I knew he were gay. Ofcourse it would win him new fans who would replace me so I guess it doesnt matter. And yes I know its totally crazy & illogical but I cant sexually crush on a gay man”

    Yep. That comment speaks volumes, more than a thousand other comments on this site combined. And trust me, your feelings are the norm, which explains the phenomenon I referred to in my first comment.

    And that would hold whether you are a gay man or a straight woman.

    The truth is that being an “out” gay man is not sexy to anybody….as the few gay performers who have come out will tell you….and that is as much a reflection on how gay men feel about themselves and each other as it is about anything else….feelings that remain largely negative….and so coming out as a performer can only hurt you.

    And the real reason most activists want to force some of these guys out of the closet is to enhance their ability to tear them down and damage them in some way, not because they think that (or care whether) their coming out will help eradicate homophobia.

    No group in society is nearly as nasty to its own kind as gay men are–none even comes close.

  16. says

    Really, Nikko? A child could write the lyrics to his songs.

    “Today I don’t feel like doing anything
    I just wanna lay in my bed
    Don’t feel like picking up my phone
    So leave a message at the tone
    ‘Cause today I swear I’m not doing anything.”

    Wow. So original and moving.

  17. jamal49 says

    My heart skipped a beat when I heard this. Big Bruno Mars fan here who should pay more attention to rumours and less to the man’s incredible talent. I guess there’ll be a lot of “spin” around this. Too bad. Bruno, don’t be afraid to come out. Meanwhile, I’ll catch “The Lazy Song” over on YouTube again because when Bruno shakes his hips in his boxers, I go ecstatic!

  18. TampaZekex says

    Who cares if it’s true or not. What pisses me off is that in 2012 CNN would refer to a coming out as “admitting” being gay, as if it’s a crime or something dirty. People don’t “admit” to doing things that aren’t considered bad. It’s like saying a person was “accused” of being gay.

    Words are POWERFUL and need to be used correctly, particularly by journalists.

  19. jim says

    Never heard of this guy & could care less.

    Rick, you need to get out more, man. Three out gay men, who huge numbers of other gay men, and women, find sexy as hell come to mind: George Michael, Ricky Martin, Matt Bomer. Where do you come UP with this stuff?

  20. #ParisGoesWell says

    Actually, her love life does not concern us but if he was gay it would mean that Chanel Malvar and Jessica Caban are … MEN!!
    OH MY GOD! ^ ^
    of course this info is a fake, and I think he likes women too much to be gay XD

  21. lovebruno says

    Hey ‘EO’ just so u know he is not gay and even if he was, it wouldn’t change the fact that his music AND his personality is awesome so can u please stop being a jerk

  22. bruno4evs says

    dude i don’t care if he is gay or not whether he is or he is not, it wouldn’t affect the fact that he is awesome and the people who posted those comments, can u please shut up for a sec and just listen to how he sings, i call that true talent