Catholic Priest Accidentally Screens Gay Pornographic Images at School’s Holy Communion Presentation

A Catholic priest "shocked" parents and one child at a presentation at St Mary’s School in Northern Ireland after indecent images of men appeared on screen at the beginning of his  presentation, the Belfast Telegraph reports:

McveighFather Martin McVeigh was about to host an advisory Powerpoint presentation for parents on the subject of their children’s imminent Holy Communion event last week but instead displayed shocking gay porn scenes.

It is believed among the 26 parents present, there was also an eight-year-old child at the meeting which came to a halt after the shocking images were shown. School Principal, Sean Devlin is said to have contacted the Armagh Archdiocese to inform them of the unpleasant event while the PSNI are investigating the incident but say on the basis of the evidence available, no crime had been committed.

The BBC adds:

"He was visibly shaken and flustered," said the parents. "He gave no explanation or apology to the group and bolted out of the room. The co-ordinator and the teachers then continued with the presentation. The meeting continued in his absence, however, the parents who viewed the pictures were horrified and distracted. Twenty minutes later he returned, he continued with the meeting and wrapped up by saying that the children get lots of money for their Holy Communion and should consider giving some of it to the church."


  1. Rob says

    :) Oh sure, those kids should give lots of their Communion money to the church – they need it to buy more gay porn. Sorry, I can’t help but laughing at this one.

  2. Joel says

    “Twenty minutes later he returned, he continued with the meeting and wrapped up by saying that the children get lots of money for their Holy Communion and should consider giving some of it to the church.”

    Well, that is the bottom line, after all.

  3. Steve says

    >”Twenty minutes later he returned, he continued with the meeting and wrapped up”

    He probably went to confessions so the previous incident never happened

  4. redball says



    *immediately sends this link to his gay friends*

    was only a matter of time, hunny.

    i wager that the catholic church has always been the BEST cover for a closeted, self-hating gay man…not only are u not expected to marry a woman–you’re prohibited from it!

    back when i was a scared questioning teen, i briefly toyed w/ the idea of joining the clergy. but, god, they are so sanctimonious. and there was no way i was going to “teach” their myths called the bible for a living. BLECH!

  5. Marcito says

    RCC Hierachy = 2012 ‘Day of Reckoning’ is Coming . . .

    How much longer can the “old boys club”
    continue to swindle their devout followers?!?

  6. Dan Cobb says

    And then to ask the kids to give their money to the church… so the dear Father McVeigh can purchase a discounted year’s access to SEANCODY.COM so that he can relax at home in the rectumry after he’s said mass. And jerk off to some very fine looking young men doing unspeakable things to one another (though they seem to really enjoy it).

  7. Jack M says

    Another example of the hypocritical Catholic Church and their stand on homosexuality. Don’t worry, they’ll just transfer this guy to someplace where they’ve never heard of him.

  8. Sam says

    Don’t be so quick to judge. I once borrowed a thumb drive, from a co-worker, to do a presentation only to discover that it was loaded with porn. This situation could EASILY have happened to me.

  9. Clay says

    There are many gay priests, we all know that. In fairness they’re not all closeted or self-loathing. For example, the Father Mychal Judge, killed on 9-11 while ministering to wounded FDNY, etc, was an Out progressive.

  10. Matt26 says

    Oh dear. I have to say I feel sorry for him. This may be his big secret and now it is out there for everyone to judge. For a while it may feel really awful, but I believe the truth will set him free. Perhaps he will be able to live the way he truly is.
    It is very difficult to accept it as an accident, but if it was, again, he has nothing to fear, just to be very honest and again, the truth will set him free.
    My advice, be honest.

  11. Tim says

    I suspect he had just come in from another lecture on the Evils of Gay Porn. They have those in dark movie houses and a bunch of gay dudes judge if porn is bad or good! Maybe? or Maybe not?

  12. Mike says

    Once took my work laptop to sys admin to get it fixed. He clicks a few options and it pops up “Resume download of UK naked men …”. I just said “Click NO, thats not necessary now” and we carried on with the fix.

    Oops, mortified. But I work in software, not in the RCC, so no biggie.

  13. vanndean says

    A friend took his laptop into work for the IT guy to fix. He had downloaded newsgroup porn files that were found and turned over to the police. Out of 10,000 plus images there were three child porn pics. It became a federal crime. He lost his job, lost the right to see his children unsupervised for 10 years, can not be where there are children such as a restaurant which allows children, has to attend sexual offenders class weekly for 10 years and meet with a probation officer monthly for 10 years` and had to pay a 50,000 dollar fine, but he CAN attend church as long as he is not alone with any children. Perhaps it is not a really good idea to mix porn and work computers or borrow data sticks.

  14. says

    I bet some disgruntled volunteer who knows more about computers and Powerpoint sabotaged him, and I bet it’s about money. Just listen to the priest’s words towards the end – he’s asking for money. He probably felt that work done for God ought to be free, and when said volunteer said my labor yes but the expenses I incurred putting together the presentation have to be reimbursed and the priest said I’m sorry the church is broke, that’s why we need this presentation in the first place, to raise money. And that’s when the volunteer flipped and inserted something damaging to the presentation. That or the priest is so poor he can’t even afford USB sticks to store his porn separately from legit stuff in the hard disk of the only computer the church owns. And his folder/filing system is a bit fuzzy. Like, in his distaste for explicit porn terminologies, he resorted to religious terms to cover porn content which, in the end, eventually conflated. For example, Body of Christ as folder name for a presentation about the history of communion gets confused with a folder of stud muffins named Christ What A Body. It’s a tragi-comedy that severely limited the amount of money raised. Some guy in the audience asked “Where’s Brent Corrigan?”

  15. jamal49 says

    @CLAY Thanks for pointing this out. I know several priests who are gay. They are not the stereotypes that unfortunately even some in our community believe them to be. They are hard-working men and believe in the Gospel of Christ and in the good works they can do. In spite of the tremendous odds against them, they continue fight for change in the Church from within, regardless of the forces of reaction that are weighed against them. I admire them for what they do to help the sick, the lonely, the downtrodden, the poor, the shut-ins, those who wouldn’t even make it into the 99%. I hope some of the more fair-minded people here might consider that not all priests are bad or evil or child-molesters. There are many straight priests who are just as disgusted by the very conservative take-over of the Church and are supportive of their gay brothers (and Sisters). When I was taking Catechism for Communion and Baptism, Father Mychal Judge would occasionally would attend and give us his perspective on the Gospel of Christ and what it meant to him. He was very inspiring and just the most wonderful priest you could ever hope to know. There are hundreds of Mychal Judges still working within the Church. God bless them.

  16. redball says

    Jamal49, if there are so many of these queer and allied priests, i wish they would make their presence known. do they have organizations? are they political at all? where are they? all i know is that my childhood priest (i hate his f’ing sanctimonious guts) told me–when my confused & scared parents brought me in counseling after i came out–that affection b/w men was fine but once it became physical and sexual is when it is sinful and wrong. i was already down and out and being subjected to extreme rejection and later, temporarily, disownment from my family. in other words, when i was down, he kicked me in the back of my head. i have no sympathy for people like him, using their power to further abuse the oppressed.

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