Dishonestly Edits Video; Congresswoman Receives Threats


In death, as in life, Andrew Breitbart inspires terrible journalism.

On April 19th, U.S. Rep. Yvette Clarke, a Democrat of New York City, spoke to a gathering of Democrats in the neighborhood of Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. She spoke about the importance of civil society; about the public institutions that shaped and influenced her early life. The Brooklyn Academy of Music. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The Brooklyn Museum. Prospect Park. She spoke about a lot of other things as well: obstructionism in the federal government, the Paul Ryan budget, the importance of entrepreneurship.

Rep. Clarke also spoke passingly about the Tea Party.

The hacks at did what they so often do, and edited Rep. Clarke's remarks so they appeared to be about something other than what they're about -- so that they appeared to be a shrill diatribe against "crazy" Tea Party supporters. Rep. Clarke's edited speech was picked up last week by Glenn Beck's The Blaze, and now Rep. Clarke's receiving threats of violence from Tea Party folk. She felt compelled to alert the police on Thursday.

Watch Rep. Clarke's edited remarks AFTER THE JUMP, followed by her actual address, delivered in three parts.

The edited version …



And the original: