1. RyanInSacto says

    Dishonestly edited videos are the trademark product of Breitbart’s cult. This is what the brand name “Breitbart” means. Why in the heck they get taken seriously by anyone at this point, Republican or Democrat, is beyond me.

  2. ratbastard says

    No one has ever been able to prove with independent witnesses, audio and/or video, that any TP members shouted racist slurs at the 2 congressmen. And there was a big crowd of people and many media onsite. So it ‘s amusing this alleged incident is still brought up. A black TP member in another real incident was indeed assaulted and called racial slurs by some men who didn’t like the fact he was a black and not a hardcore ‘progressive’. And this incident was indeed caught on audio and video and witnessed by independent witnesses.

    That many media outlets ‘edit’ material and have a slanted bias in their reporting is hardly news. The far left and far right are particularly prone to this, but even so-called mainstream media engage in this disreputable behavior. Look at the Tryvon Martin case and NBC and CNN [and others] who repeated the outright lie Zimmerman called Martin a c**n. They knew from the very beginning this wasn’t true, but wanted to stir up sh*t for rating and advertising revenue.

  3. Brian B. says

    @ ratbastard

    are you serious? do you not remember barney frank being spat at on the steps of capitol hill? do you not remember the signs with president obama as some sort of tribal witch doctor?

  4. Contrarian says

    Hackers and computer nerds can invade secure Pentagon and bank computers, but the NYPD and/or the FBI can’t track down e-mailed threats? They can’t trace telephone calls? Really? Could it be that if the victim Congress member were a white male Republican we’d see action? Ms. Clarke, get counsel and sue the bastards as that other black government official has done when Breitbart was still vertical and defaming people. I’m one who shies away from yelling “racisim” at every turn but the Tea Party crowd are cranky old white bigots with beer guts and battalion strength arms caches.

  5. Alan says

    I like Andrew. I don’t understand why so many of you gay guys hate him more than you hate yourselves.

    My boyfriend and I admire him very much for standing up against hateful liberals like HoeMyGod. Shame on you people who spit on a dead man’s grave. Long live Breitbart’s legacy for being a real man with big balls. I don’t go for little weak twinks. Grow up.

  6. Dearcomrade says

    Brietbart’s death was the best news I’ve heard since the death of Bin Laden. To quote Mark Twain, “I’ve never wished a man dead, but have read some obituaries with great pleasure.”

  7. Steven says

    @ALAN: Don’t even try to understand. Just seek therapy. It’s too late for you. Your train left the station a looong time ago. And no…those aren’t voices in the back of your mind. People REALLY ARE talking about you behind your back.

  8. Max says

    ABC edited Zimmerman’s 911 call to make him sound racist, and then he got death threats. Let’s not pretend that these kinds of dishonest smears only come from the right.

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