Conservatives Launch Predictable Protest Against Day Of Silence


Every year it's the same. Gay-Straight student alliances, GLSEN and other pro-equality groups organize the Day of Silence, a day to raise awareness of and combat anti-gay bullying. And every year social conservatives work themselves up into a frenzy, claiming the event is cover for some insidious "gay agenda" hellbent on destroying Christianity. This year is no different.

A coalition of pro-family groups suggests that students stay away from school on Friday if their campus is "officially recognizing and/or compelling students to observe this event during instructional time by a silent protest," according to Linda Harvey, president of Mission America.

Harvey writes in her column that high schools and even some middle schools are now the target of this event.


Harvey believes the goal of the Day of Silence organizers is not to help end all bullying as they claim.

"The goal is to exploit the tender sympathies of kids to promote homosexuality and gender confusion. The agenda is everything; Judeo-Christian morality is the enemy; and sadly, kids are the tools," she wrote.

So, those are the options Harvey and company are offering kids: skip school or learn to accept gay people. The choice, it seems to me, should be a no-brainer.