Ann Coulter: Liberals Use ‘Judicial Activism’ to ‘Invent Rights’ Like Gay Marriage and Abortion — VIDEO


In a discussion about Obama's remarks on the Supreme Court and judicial activism, Ann Coulter told FOX News' Sean Hannity that liberals use it to invent rights.

Said Coulter:

"Most of us learn how a bill becomes law and what the supreme court does in grade school. Liberals are often trying to push this idea that judicial review means overturning any act of Congress. Or rather judicial activism. Judicial activism is anything when the Supreme Court doesn’t obey what the constitution says — like when they invent rights to gay marriage or rights to abortion or rights to go free if a specific Miranda warning wasn’t read to them. Normally you get the opposite from liberals, because whatever they can’t get through the process of democracy by having people vote on it, they get five justices on the Supreme Court to announce it’s a constitutional right. You only have judicial activism on the left, never from the conservative justices or they would be fantasizing a constitutional right to a flat tax, to bear nuclear arms."