1. Alex says

    After mediocre showings from JLo and Scissor Sisters today, THIS is amazing. Gossip records always have really great guitar parts.

  2. ric says

    my local KINK fm in portland oregon
    played this on their ‘news at 10′ show last night…
    i didn’t know the group,
    and wow, what a cool song…her vocals had a stevie nicks-ness in it…
    today , towleroad comes through again!!!

    always great to find real quality music in today’s
    over produced/vacant beat dance edm …

  3. Amanda says

    Beth Ditto has always been one of my favorite female vocalists. Really loving “perfect world” and I’m looking forward to the rest of the new album in may!

  4. kevincorcoranjr says

    gossip! the ultimate sing-along pop package right now. the video for perfect world is so intriguing, i love the ominous tone throughout the film. the quick shots of the intense drum parts get me so amped! i really can’t wait for the new cd… just about a month away!

  5. dave says

    Love the music video! Perfect World is such a great song. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album on 5/22!