1. dancob says

    I like man boobs… and there ARE fetish clubs for guys into manboobs. I’ve always liked man boobs and find them very sexy on certain men. Especially men that have no hesitation about showing them!

  2. George F says

    If that had been said by a guy in incredible shape -great muscles and especially pecs- I would sort of respect his words…since he is not in top shape I dismiss those words of his….

  3. VDUFFORD says

    Maybe he should stick his Man tits in the annual Christmas windows at Barney’s and sell them as stocking stuffers…or some kind of stuffer…this is really stupid!

  4. Matt says

    Simon Doonan is not funny. He is a simpering, mincing caricature. I love effeminate and flamboyant men (Paul Lynde, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Snagglepuss were my childhood idols), but when Doonan goes on TV giggling and making an ass of himself (and the rest of us) with his insidious body fascism (see his recent “humor” book, Gay Men Don’t Get Fat), I just want to throttle him.

    With friends like Simon Doonan, who needs enemies?

  5. Tim says

    If I wear a shirt that looks like it’s made from my grandmothers table cloth and act like a shallow little twit on national tv, can I fondle Andy Richter’s chest too?

  6. David Hearn says

    But seriously. High fructose corn syrup came along in 1957. Hormones and other chemicals in processed foods, it’s a wonder anyone looks good.

    And lest anyone kid himself- yes, you can take drugs and it helps to start out thin and thin-natured, but to develop those really beautiful magazine quality bodies takes work. Work that is being done while most people piss away hours watching TV or on the internet and complaining that they simply don’t have the time for this or that.

    Throw away your TV set. A good start.

  7. Sam Armstrong says

    I don’t get it. Remember when Simon Doonan was a clever, sort of inspirational role model-y kind of guy? Barney’s windows! Humorous editorials! And now, this shallow nastiness? I need a new hero.

  8. Kyle says

    gah, I had to sit through that annoying K Mart commercial only to have the video not load….

    Okay. I have moobage. Not as much as some, but enough that it bothers me. Have had them since I was a kid. I work out and they’re not as mooby as they used to be, but I finally went to see a Dr. about it – because it IS a medical condition.

    After telling me I could lose weight, (I’m 75kg and 6 feet tall..WTF!??), for the $5,000 he wants to reduce them, I’ll keep em. I know I like some other guys with ’em and at this point, I’d rather take that 5K and have a hell of a vacation. Truth be told, with some of the photos he showed me of before and afters… the before looked better in my opinion.

    A gay man that doesn’t know there are some fetish groups for just about anything? Take that fags license away!

  9. Jeremy says

    Man, there sure are a lot of really defensive fat guys commenting here.

    I agree with Simon. But man boobs are really just a symptom of the larger problem of widespread obesity. Everyone should try to be healthy, and not content themselves with being obese by rationalizing that “some fetish guys like them!”

  10. Kyle says

    Jeremy, how do you know any of them are fat?

    Gynocomastia is a medical condition and there are a LOT of men that have it. Not just fat guys. Plenty of very fit guys have it too. Which is why I thought it laughable that the Dr. in my case told me to lose weight. I told him “look at me…the only fat left on my body is in my chest and my cheeks, and the cheeks will lose it before my moobs will”.

    It results from excess breast tissue (yup), and fat that is sometimes the result of hormones, just what you were born to have, obesity (for some), or other causes that haven’t been clearly established.

  11. yikes says

    that was painfully not funny. possibly – could be – sort of – a pinch – funny if handled by the right person but simon doonan just lacks charm…mirth…humanity???

  12. Angela Channing says

    Yes, Simon, those aging men with the manboobs are often caring for elderly relatives, volunteering, or are just plain hard working folks who don’t have time for the gym. Please go back to your pretentious store — that barely makes money, owned by a homophobic Dubai-based equity firm, and STFU.

  13. ajjones says

    He is just such an uptight bitchy queen he really makes us all look bad. So very annoying and i dont think his body is in top shape (skinny, sunken chest with no ass – ick!)

  14. Johnny says

    you know, I wasn’t really planning on sleeping with Simon Doonan anytime soon anyway.

    and really, it doesn’t matter if there aren’t any fetish groups or any men who are into man-boobs.
    I like my body, tits and all, and that should be enough.

  15. Paul Keckonen says

    What Simon doesn’t realize is that he was on the show AS the joke and not in on it, or telling the joke. But if he can justify having no dignity by cashing checks go for it girl but you get no respect from me.
    And really, saying that hyenas, red ants, mosquitoes and sharks are horrible and have no need to exist? What about puffy bouffant hair-dos on aging queens who wear pocket squares?

  16. Angela Channing says

    @Paul – The only thing that prevents me from being a puffy bouffant hair-do aging queen is that I lost my hair. LOL. May I still wear my pocket squares? :-)

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