Chris Evans: ‘We’ll Be Ashamed’ Gay Marriage Was an Issue


Chris Evans is asked by Playboy about his gay brother Scott and whether he supports same-sex marriage:

"Are you kidding me? It’s insane that civil rights are being denied people in this day and age. It’s embarrassing, and it’s heartbreaking. It goes without saying that I’m completely in support of gay marriage. In 10 years we’ll be ashamed that this was an issue."

(image via Details)


  1. says

    the south will not rise again, the christian right will not reclaim america from the awful people who are (apparently) trying to take it away from the people who themselves stole it from the people who were here in the first place, and everyone alive today who thinks otherwise is in for a horrible, miserable future.

    everyone else? the future’s so bright, you’re gonna need shades :)

  2. jim says

    And that is one of the most strong, direct and sincere responses in support of marriage equality, from a str8 ally, I’ve ever read. Love that he doesn’t cage it in beat-around-the-bush correctness, he just calls it what it is: an embarrassment.

    Thank you, Chris Evans!

  3. TJ says

    BRI – I like the spirit, but if KEVIN THOR is to be properly punished, I don’t think watching those actors perform would be fitting – I mean, those movies could be enjoyable. Perhaps we force him to watch a GIF of Steve Buscemi sneezing – now there’s an image!

  4. Keepin' it real says

    Most celebs/athletes/public figures you see vocally speaking for gay rights: white or hispanic.

    Most celebs/athletes/public figures you see spewing homophobia:….take a guess what race.

  5. says

    Aww, the anti gay trolls are out today and they don’t like the massive amount of support we’re receiving. Sorry boo boo..gays own this sht. We take names, we’re winning the culture war and we have fire in our eyes. Sit back and see how it’s done, because LGBT always comes out as winners.

  6. USC Trojan Fan says

    Great man, great actor, great career, and now that he supports us..I will support him.

    I only support the careers of those who have outwardly expressed a pro gay stance. I don’t have neither the time nor wasting my money on those who are indifferent or silent toward gay rights. Period.

  7. Steve-ATL says

    Good for him! The fact that we don’t have full equal rights in this day and age, and CNN can have a recent segment on “the rights of illegal immigrants” and how the rights granted to illegals can shape the presidential election is a complete, utter J-O-K-E. You’ve got millions of tax paying AMERICAN citizens you are denying rights to based on who they love, and you want to bring up how to benefit the rights of illegal immigrants? That’s where this country is flawed and where every gay American should be up in arms.

  8. Dynex says


    I agree 100% everytime I turn on a news segment and hear a story about how ou Presidential candidates need to pander to illegals for votes, I shake my head and think ‘how about gay AMERICANS?’ it’s such a fascinating narrative that we’re put below illegals in our plight toward equality. It’s enough for me to roll up my sleeves and demand change.

  9. NullNaught says

    Embarrassing is exactly the right word. It is like miscegenation laws. Total disgrace to the country.
    More and more str8s on the right side of history. It is inspiring. I no longer H8Str8s.

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  11. jason says

    Oh, please, you’re falling for the fake gay advocacy again. Anything from Playboy is fake gay advocacy. It’s a magazine that has exploited women through the years and which promotes the notion that only female bisexuality is hot. Don’t fall for it.

    As for Evans, note how it’s always the brother or the friend who is gay, but not the actual person being interviewed. Typical liberal fake advocacy. This is why I won’t vote for any liberal.

    Truth is, liberals are afraid. They are especially afraid of the concept of male bisexuality. That’s why they want male-male sexuality to be divided away from the mainsream. They truly fear it.

  12. NullNaught says

    What has exploiting women have to do with sincere gay advocacy? What is wrong with a magazine aimed at straight men recognizing that for whatever reasons a lot of them think bisexual women are hot? Doesn’t this make the article the more extraordinary? (thanks for pointing out to me where the article was from, I hadn’t noticed. Extra nice.)
    It is actually better if the person saying these things is straight because they are the ones who’s opinions we must change. If enough straight males are saying it, we’ve won. How does the fact it is a straight person alone make it fake advocacy? That is called arguing from position. It is a logical fallacy, even though everyone does it including myself. You should try to guard egainst that.
    Explain to me how the concept of male bisexuality is frightening to liberals please. I am not being sarcastic. I would really like to follow your reasoning on this.

  13. Bill Perdue says

    In 10 years Obama well want to erase his well deserved title of Bigot in Chief and he’ll pull a In 10 years Obama well want to erase his well deserved title of Bigot in Chief and he’ll pull a Clinton, telling us that ‘maybe’ he was just a teensy, eensy bit wrong.

    It didn’t work for Bill Clinton who gave us DOMA. It didn’t work for Laura Bush, who doesn’t want to be associated with Georges Bush’s piggery. And it won’t work for Obama.

  14. Gabe R L says

    Chris knows the right things to say to keep the gay male fan base he developed back when he was a more struggling actor, and to get in good with the brother he casually outed. In a way I wish he was still that struggling actor; he was a lot more interesting in interviews then, a real actor. Now he seems too much like a typical uptight straight guy rather than an actor when he is interviewed, gay rights advocacy aside

  15. Jack says

    @Steve ATL

    What a joke your comment is. You almost play into the right wing stereotype that gays believe they should have a more privileged position than everyone else, that they’re somehow asking for not equality but superiority. How dare you think you’re somehow above illegal immigrants. They may be here illegally, but they’re just as human as you are, and they deserve to be treated as such. Don’t try and further your cause by attacking other minorities, it’s disgusting.

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