1. Abel says

    Talk about “sex-obsessed,” that would be Miss Bryan Fischer herself. What a strange old repressed creature she is, and how very sad. And EVIL.

  2. says

    to play off of Fischer’s attempt at logic, let’s address the “gay men have numerous random sex partners” thing.

    A parent that take’s Fisher’s advice on “how to deal with a gay family member”….a gay person who grows up surrounded by people who believe what Fischer believes….these are people for whom “unconditional love” becomes a meaningless buzz-term. a fischer-fan does not love their child, nor listen to their child, nor does the bond of family mean ANYTHING to such a person.

    thus, the gay family member comes away with….what, exactly? a belief and a feeling that love, even the bond of family love, is impermanent? that it can be thrown away, tossed aside like worthless garbage?

    if Fischer believes that frequent anonymous sexual encounters are a gay male thing, and a harmful one at that, he should logically also understand that it’s because of people like him and his plebeian followers that the people he’s attempting to demonize feel themselves unworthy of a long term loving and unconditional commitment and affection.

    just sayin

    not that any of what i said has any relevance, as it was in response to what Fischer said, which is clearly a heap of guano.

  3. Chadd says

    “most gay men have hundreds, if not thousands, of “random, frequent, and anonymous sexual encounters”. Hmmm. He seems to be pretty confident in this remark. Maybe it comes from experience.

  4. Keepin' It Straight says

    “thousands of…. random, frequent, and anonymous sexual encounters!” The mind reels under the task of imagining all of them!

    I hadn’t thought of Romney that way before.

  5. John Equality says

    Most Christians spend part of every day talking to an invisible sky-man whom they believe judges everyone based on closely they follow the contradictory dictates of a 2000-year-old anthology of iron-age Middle Eastern folklore, and that becomes a significant issue when we’re talking about appointing somebody to a post as sensitive as a spokesman for national security and foreign policy.

  6. Tom Cardellino says

    These less-respectable-than-Elmer-Gantry hate group paid personnel are a worrisome component of humanity, I agree. All scorn that they call upon themselves by their lies and any person in respect of unmitigated truth should hurl clarifications of their blatant distortions with great fervor. For instance, this Bryan Fischer acts as if, from his Christian Fundamentalist indoctrination, that the Republican nominee for POTUS practices a religion based upon morality and not Fundamental Christian Apostasy as Fischer’s religion truly professes. Fine, because the enemy of my enemies is my friend, politically speaking. That’s an abjectly “amoral” standard, but there you have it, as it is often disingenuously professed by the hateful homophobes of mass self-delusion and paranoia. The question still is circling the scummy drain, however, as to why a Mitt Romney could be so desperate as to feel forced to call upon the Judas Iscariot of a conniving, gifted and politically savvy Richard Grenell just as did “The Shrub” call upon (and pay millions of dollars to, too) Ken Mehlman who now conducts his A-list 1% queer circuit parties for “Gay Rights” after waging blitzkrieg upon them for many profitable years. It reminds me of why Pope John Paul II when he was the lowly prelate of Communist Poland as merely Cardinal Karol Józef Wojtyła, more often than not cooperated with the Communist Polish government. Under oppression, Polish Catholic Churches were full to overflowing! Maybe Richard Grenell like Ken Mehlman plans to one day reap the whirlwind harvest of cocktail parties to stand as the Grand Dispenser of much needed cash from ill-gotten gains to try and rectify the years of regressive sexual politics both Mehlman and Grenell have brought upon this democracy. Pretty shrewd when you think of it. Soon Grenell can join Mehlman in selling desalinization plans to we, the gay landowners whose lands were salted by Republicans to prevent bountiful harvests! Good paying work if you can rig it!

  7. Rick says

    I’m in my late twenties, in a committed relationship, and have had a grand total of TWO sexual partners in my entire life. I better get busy in order to meet my lifetime quota. Puh-lease. Bryan Fischer doesn’t know jack.

  8. Macmantoo says

    Face it, if he wasn’t complaining about something then the organization he works for wouldn’t feel they were getting their money. I love the part where he “demands” that Romney explains this. I guess he feels he’s in the position to “demand” answers from the Republican Presidential Nominee. What is he going to do if Romney doesn’t answer his demand? Is he going to support Obama? I think this guy is just blowing smoke up everyone’s ass.

  9. jim says

    “…most gay men have hundreds, if not thousands, of ‘random, frequent, and anonymous sexual encounters…'”

    god dammmmm, somewhere along the line I missed the bus. And I feel cheated and bitter about it!

    This is really hilarious. I read another report about this, earlier today, and it inferred that Fischer was angry about Mitten choosing an “out, proud & loud” hommerseksul. Now he’s a SEX-OBSESSED hommerseksul! What a difference a few hours makes….

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  11. Mic says

    1,000,s???? Damn! I thought being in a monogamous, 15 year relationship (now marriage) was the high point of my life. Now this ass-wipe tells me I have to go out there and f*^k 999 more guys?

    How come HE knows more about my Gayness than I do?

  12. says

    nice fail, AG.

    we’re not in agreement, actually. Fischer hates Grenell simply for being gay. We take issue with Grenell being a cowardly suck-up wimp who earns his tolerance by catering to the prejudices of the GOP; a willing slave with no integrity.

    there’s a difference. you, of course, can’t see it because you’re in the same boat as him. keep sucking that teat, wimp 😀

  13. mary says

    “1,000,s???? Damn! I thought being in a monogamous, 15 year relationship (now marriage) was the high point of my life. Now this ass-wipe tells me I have to go out there and f*^k 999 more guys?”

    There’s nothing funnier than Towleroad in the morning! Mic, that was a good one!

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