Gay Dolphins Of Australia

Bottlenose-dolphin-pictureAn "unprecedented study" of bottlenose dolphins conducted by the University of Massachusetts has discovered that dolphins — or at least this particular group of dolphins — swings both ways. They are bisexual, sometimes gay, and fiercely polyamorist.

From Discovery News:

Male bottlenose dolphins also were found to engage in extensive bisexuality, combined with periods of exclusive homosexuality. Male pairs, or even trios, cooperate to sequester and herd individual females during the mating season. Most males are also members of second order alliances consisting of 4 to 14 males. Such relationships appear to be long lasting, with one known 7-member group still intact after 17 years.

The study, conducted with a community of 120 adult dolphins in Shark Bay, off the western Australian coast, wasn't specifically looking for homosexual behavior in dolphins. Rather, it meant to study social patterns among smart, aquatic mammals who live without clearly defined borders to their territory. In addition to a lot of interesting info on the animals' mating habits, the study also learned that gayphins loathe physical confrontations, though they are rather snippy, and their social lives full of "constant drama."


  1. says

    ex-gay dolphins are quick to point out that they were able to change back to straight dolphins by realizing that they were only gay because they had absentee fathers, overbearing mothers, and some were molested by porpoises.
    also, prayer to the Great Whale has been known to cure many a gay dolphin of his gayness, while some others insist that dolphins are in fact just gay sharks.

  2. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    Dear Christianists:

    Dolphins can’t spit, but if they could, they would spit on your King James Bible.

  3. Alan says

    Until I got to “gayphins loathe physical confrontations, though they are rather snippy, and their social lives full of ‘constant drama'” I thought it was real. Happy April Fools day.

  4. Steve says

    That’s just commentary. The original article is from March 27th. This isn’t exactly news either. Similar things have been reported before

  5. TJ says

    KIWI – I assume you meant the Great WHITE Whale, cuz, you know, everyone knows he has blue eyes. We’ve seen the paintings after all.

  6. says

    Yes, TJ> The Great WHITE Whale has blue eyes, and aryan-pleasing features.

    oh, and these gay dolphins (gayphins) have great class divides. those who give unsatisfactory oral sex are deemed more manly and those who are able to give, and personally achieve, orgasms, are considered weaker and more girly. they don’t mind, though. because they’re having orgasms.

  7. castaway says

    Dolphins are very sexual animals and are perhaps the only other species beside humans who have sex for pleasure, not just for reproduction. Having worked with them directly for many years, they would rub their genitals on anything and everything, both males and females. It would be kind of embarassing for the person narrating the show when things don’t exactly go to script. The running joke was always ‘now you know why they’re always smiling.’

    These “swim with the dolphins” attractions have this problem with the paying tourists who get more than they bargain for as the dolphins basically try to rub themselves on the people.

    So there’s that, and the apparent fact that a certain percentage of the animal population are actracted to the same sex –go figure.

  8. Steve says

    You need to look into the sexual habits of Bonobos. They do all kinds of stuff like masturbation, oral sex and kissing. They have sex for pleasure and they also use it to relieve social tensions

  9. mark says

    Q. for the science types:

    Are the hairless monkeys the only species that gets majorly weirded out by man sex?

  10. jack says

    You know that these dolphins like those penguins we keep reading about are deliberately choosing to go against god’s law and live a homosexual or bisexual life. Pat Robertson, please pray away there gay!!!