1. Marlee says

    sorry, but the model is trying waaay to hard to be “cool”. Why is he talking like a surfer chick? and momma bear….no comment

  2. bill says

    Did anyone watch this clip before posting it???! Vapidity like this is absolutely unsexy. Like listening to a couple of pre-teen girls at the mall.

  3. pablo says

    No nudity and inane banter from people nobody cares about. I hope I just saved you 10 minutes of your life.

  4. endo says

    What is an Accidental Bear? Like, he lost his razor and stumbled into a vat of doughnut batter?

  5. Jeff Epperly says

    I like hot hairy men as much as other guys into that sort of thing, and think either one of these guys is physically nice in his own way, but WTF is the point of this again? If you have to strip and jump in a tub for an online conversation, I think you’ve asked and answered your own question as to whether you have anything interesting to say. Cheesy and gimmicky.

  6. Oliver says

    What was the point of this (other than to serve as an advertisement for the two wannabes in the video)?

  7. Christian Canterbury says

    I’m sorry, baths are gross. Sitting in your own floating filth AND someone else’s? Ugh. I don’t care how cute the guy is. Showers & jacuzzi’s yes. Hot bath water that eventually gets lukewarm and turns into a puddle of floating bacteria…NO.

  8. Fenrox says

    Also, This site was AWESOME when you guys were switching comment engines and nobody could comment.

  9. silvra says

    Wow, these comments totally illustrate the problem in our community. Say you what you want about the interview but attacking the guy for his looks and the fact that he doesn’t fit the “beautiful gay male” stereotype and you wonder how you can expect others to be accepting.

  10. hugh says

    Jesus Christ, people are unhappy today. Go outside and take a f*cking walk. It’s a pointless/harmless internet video meant solely for entertainment – like a million other pointless/harmless internet videos.

    If you don’t like it, why do you have to take time out of your miserable life to comment? Why not just click another link and move on with your life??? Why do you feel the need to spread your misery around???
    Is your life so terrible that your only form of catharsis is bitchy, anonymous internet comments?

    The only upside I see, is that this really isn’t endemic to gays. If you go on yahoo! and click on a random article, the comments section somehow always degenerates into how Obama is the anti-Christ.

    Take a f*cking walk; get some endorphins in your system; drop your unrealistically high standards, and go get laid!!! At least take up a hobby or something that isn’t such a downer to other people.

  11. Donny says

    I find Benjamin Godfre absolutely gorgeous. Everything about him is sexy. His face, his body, his cock… YUM! For that reason, I refuse to hear him speak. There was recently an “interview” video on another site as well. I can’t do it. I know it will completely ruin his appeal.

  12. jaragon says

    This could all be better with out sound and some cool sexy music-Mr Godfre is gorgeous and obviously the accidental bear can barely control himself.

  13. Gordon says

    All I can say is beards are big in the uk, it’s like I woke up & uncle’s everywhere… Even camp is goin hairy, tho a few wisps on anorexic frame is cartoonish.