1. jack says

    I think we can all sleep a little sounder tonight while dreaming of “condom guy”. Who knew that condom production was regulated by the government? Just imagine a republican president having ultimate responsibility for the safety of our condoms. LOL

  2. B-rod says

    Cute presenter, but did he say couple “actually want to use condoms”? Uh, no they don’t. No one WANTS to use condoms. They do it because they HAVE to.

  3. scott says

    @ GREGO- totally agree lol!!

    My thing is- my bf has to use Magnums- and after paying like a $1 apiece for them- and supposedly having all that testing done- why do they tear so much lol?

    Not every time- but a lot!!! or maybe its just us lol

  4. NVAgBoi says

    Yes, ditto on the personal demostration from narrator….most specifically of “these condoms are vigurously worked by strong hands in what’s called the roll and knead process”. He’s so the Trojan Man of dreams…

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