1. FunMe says

    Oh gosh, mess indeed!

    The male version of “Burlesque”? At least that one had “camp” with Cher. And no, closet queen Tom Cruise is not going to draw me into the theater.

  2. Tarc says

    The very though of Zeni spooge just makes me want to throw up as well. I loathe Cruise and hate that he’s in this movie (that I would otherise go see). Sorry, no Rokh of Ages for me – ever.

  3. Leroy Laflamme says

    Oh dear God! My salad days just flashed before me – and now I’ve gone & thrown up salad all over my shoes. So, let me see if I’ve got this straight – Alec Baldwin reprises the Cher role? If nothing else, that man’s a trouper.

  4. Jack M says

    What the phrase “epic fail” was made for. Baldwin and Cruise will want to crawl under a rock after this one.

  5. Matt26 says

    It looks weird, slow, boring and miscasted. Aren’t AB and TC little too old for their roles? Hard to see it as a hit after the clip.

  6. Kevin_BGFH says

    Is this intended as a comedy? It looks like an extended dream sequence on “30 Rock.” It seems like something going on in Jack Donaghy’s feverish head.

  7. tim says

    remember that dreadful 80s phenom of movies that promoted a big pop soundtrack to get people in the theater. sure the innovations in soundtrack go back to figures like scorcese but i guess i’m thinking about a whole pop john hughes soundtrack to articulate the time …remember repo man. and now Rock of Ages – set in the 80s – is a movie (musical…whatever) that is all about the soundtrack driving some tired old script.

    thought this might be fun with Alex Baldwin and Paul Giamatti but looks like we’ve seen all the good parts and the movie is gonna be one protracted labor.

    glad the actors got all paid. bet the movie bombs post tepid first weekend receipts

  8. tim says

    whoops – didn’t mean to be critical of john hughes or repo man -they were the good model…it was all the crap that followed

  9. Christian Peper says

    A lot of people are turned off of Tom Cruise because he is part of that Scientology Cult. Perhaps the sound track will pull the movie through but I drought it. Tom is still in the closet and the Scientology cult is helping him stay there. It would be funny if the cult released his auditing record.

  10. Will says

    Looks like a mix of Burlesque and Velvet Goldmine, in the Mamma Mia genre. With Alec Baldwin as Cher and Stanley Tucci.

    Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin seem terribly miscast.

  11. dc20008 says

    What happened to Tommygirl’s face? He trying to look like Miss Taylor Lauter?

    Only reason I’d see this hot mess is Catherine Zeta Jones.

  12. jim says

    As usual, from the trailer I can’t for the life of me figure out what the hell the movie is supposed to be about. Cruise comes off as more of a supporting role, is he one of the leads?

    Dunno, I LOVED the 80s, but this didn’t seem to bring’em back for me in any way. Didn’t notice a distinct 80s look or vibe, just the music. Doesn’t look like it’s even going to work as a nostalgia piece–at least Grease had that, and a sense of humor, going for it.

  13. terry says

    This is great! I just gained 90 minutes of life by deciding to avoid this like the freakin plague. I just may not see it twice and to save 180 minutes.