1. George says

    What a media whore. The Today Show feels like it can stand loosing some of its integrity. When these types go on the air the show/station should be boycotted. Ratings talk in this busness even if people hate her and watch and you happen to be a Nielsen family she wins. The insanity with the fasination of that woman has to stop.

  2. says

    This ‘know-nothing’ is now commenting on politics or anything ?

    She just blathers cliches and run-off platitudes !
    It is really disgraceful that any TV station gives this low life a platform. She’s stupid ,incompetent, ignorant and unable to hold down a simple job.
    And then she says she stands on her record !
    Go back to obscurity and go fish, hag.

  3. MarkUs says

    “The insanity with the fasination of that woman has to stop.”

    Gee, now which side would that be. I’m off to HuffPo. Bet I find her!

  4. Brian says

    This just goes to show the GOP doesn’t have a chance against Obama. And NBC…really? Why give this airhead any more screen time.

  5. Continuum says

    I stopped watching NBC’s “Today” a few years back after the continual softball interviews done by Matt Lauer with right wing fascists etc.

  6. Gigi says

    Who’s Lauer’s sidekick? When he was welcoming Palin she had her “chagrin” on. As one would. I don’t which what’s more nauseating – seeing Palin join the “lamestream” media or the fact that they felt to need to invite her onto their show. What are they hoping to accomplish? She still speaks as though she failed her grade 7 civics class. She’s just a mess.
    She’s using GOP talking points, that’s it.
    NEWSFLASH: the price of gas has nothing to do with President Obama! When asked if she was the right person to tapped for McCain’s VP she said that her “record as the CEO of a city and a state” qualified her. Really? She left her elected position of Governor of Alaska halfway through her term. Had McCain – God forbid – won in 2008, would she have quit a few months in?

    I don’t watch Today. This isn’t going to make me start.

  7. VERN DUFFORD says

    She just appeared like a screaming Hyena let out of her cage…JUST AWFUL!

    Flipped the channel to “CBS This Morning” where the team interviewing the CEO of Starbucks on his plan for creating real jobs!

    Punish the Today show for subjecting us to Palin watch CBS “This Morning” far better morning new program any how!

  8. ryan says

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  9. says

    It’s a shame that so many people don’t realize that anti-woman women like Palin are the exact opposite of the strong empowered female role models that should be inspiring the younger generations of women in America.

    Putting her on this program was a cheap and desperate plot for ratings. Boourns.

  10. Tarc says

    And so begins a year ban on Today in the household. No show that promomotes that hideous, evil woman gets boycotted.

  11. Terry says

    Awww, the “Today” show did a tribute to the late, much missed J. Fred Muggs. That’s so special.

  12. Leroy Laflamme says

    What? This creature still walks among us? I won’t watch that clip on principle, never mind the show. I can’t undestand how anyone still pays her any attention. But wait, this is America, where all dreams come true.

  13. aj says

    after seeing “Game Change” why would anyone give this woman any credibility or stage to promote herself…..

  14. NwYrkr says

    wait, is she now a regular anchor on the Today Show ? I don’t watch it and never listen to her, but has NBC stooped this low ? Time to get the letters out if that is the case.

  15. Katie says

    Did anyone catch that Palin had something written on her left hand? What intelligent adult writes notes on their hand! What an idiot!!!

  16. TJ says

    I watched GMA this AM. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed watching Katie on Today, back in the day.

    I briefly switched to Today and caught a few moments of Palin as one of the talking head panel segment that they do (Jones, Duetch, and Snyderman). I heard just enough from her (e.g., Oprah can save her network if she puts more conservatives on it, and a few other choice bon mots) to nearly lose my breakfast. I’ve watched the Today show for ages; watch it currently out of habit, but feel that they officially jumped the shark today. Time to form a new habit.

  17. Marc C says

    NBC News & Entertainment has really gone down hill with this program. I think Ann Curry’s lack of grounding (she comes across as a complete space case) and Matt’s lack of engagemement are evident to most viewers who use to love the program. I’m actually cheering on ABC’s rating grab.

    As for Sasha Palin, well, enough said.

  18. Mike says

    Today has been gradually going downhill anyway, in my opinion. Lousy stupid interviews, and a seeming fascination with any story involving the tragic death of a child or germs found on public surfaces. The tabloid-ization of morning TV. Their attempts at being “hard hitting” journalists consist of Ann Curry asking every grieving parent, “How are you holding up” or “How did you feel when they pulled little Jane’s body out of the culvert?” or Lauer rather rudely interrupting every answer an obviously crocodile-teared Cristie Brinkley was trying to give. Please, and now this Palin thing. Say it with me —- NEVER. WATCHING. TODAY SHOW. AGAIN!!!

  19. jim says

    Kudos, Andy, ANOTHER great tongue screenshot! Gonna blow it up and frame it next to your Maggie Gallagher.

  20. Gry says

    They should’ve just asked Julianne Moore in Palin drag to do it since she’s exponentially more attractive, sympathetic, and human than the “real” deal. And it must just kill La Palin that Moore and Tina Fey do her better than she ever could.

    And the Palin Family motto:

    “Get that check!…and then pretend you’re just so above it all.”