Liberian President Backs Off Statements About Gays, Said She Would Block ‘Extremist Legislation’

Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf released a statement on Tuesday clarifying remarks she made in late March in aconverstaion with The Guardian, which the U.S. State Dept. had expressed concern about, Africa Review reports:

SirleafIn a statement on Tuesday, President Sirleaf asserted that there were no anti-homosexuality laws in Liberia, even though religious and cultural beliefs condemned "certain sexual practices". But she insisted that she would not condone discrimination against any group, or impose her personal beliefs on the population.

The Liberian President said henceforth, she would allow the democratic process to take its course and let Liberians discuss issues in an atmosphere of freedom.

“I will never condone discrimination against any group,’’ she said, adding that she reserved her constitutional right to block what she called “extremist legislation” intended to marginalise a particular group on account of their sexual orientation or practices.

Johnson-Sirleaf had told The Guardian when asked if she would sign a law decriminalizing homosexuality:

"We like ourselves just the way we are…We've got certain traditional values in our society we'd like to preserve."


  1. jack says

    The african continent is one vast wasteland, with few exceptions, when it comes to human rights. It is at least a century behind the West. It is also the only continent where conservative Catholicism is flurishing.

  2. Leroy Laflamme says

    She made her position perfectly clear when she sat po-faced through that interview, so I’m guessing some generous Western donor must have threatened to withhold her pocket money. Hilz, was that you?

  3. redball says

    honey, there is o much wrong w/ your comment & i ain’t paid to educate your racist ass. i got my phd so that i could actually make the world a better place. maybe my actions in the real world (you know, the one *not* on random web-article comment pages) will one day filter down to you and your blighted mind. smooches.

    a proud, gay, 2nd-generation nigerian-american

    PS: you can also see my response to david hearne at this URL. i hope it will start you on your path to enlightenment and salvation.

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