Log Cabin Republicans Hold Fundraiser for Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu as Campaign Contributions Dry Up


Buzzfeed has obtained an invitation for a Log Cabin D.C. Fundraiser for Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu hosted by gay former Arizona congressman Jim Kolbe this Tuesday.

Says the invite: "Simply by being who we are – unapologetically pro-gay and unapologetically conservative – Log Cabin Republicans like Sheriff Babeu are helping to secure the freedoms America stands for, and that’s something we can all be proud of."

Meanwhile, the Phoenix New Times reports that donations to Babeu's congressional campaign have collapsed since allegations broke in February that Babeu had threatened a former boyfriend with deportation if he revealed they had a romantic relationship.

Contributions to congressional hopeful Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu barely trickled in during March, with the once-popular lawman pocketing a mere $6,700 in the wake of multiple scandals that have enveloped him, his agency and his campaign. By comparison, Congressman Paul Gosar, who is also running for a seat in Arizona's Fourth Congressional District, raised $80,000 that same month.

News reports since that time also revealed that Babeu ran The DeSisto School, a Massachusetts boarding school with a history of physical and sexual abuse, such as forcing students to wear sheets, sit facing walls for hours, undergo strip searches and take group showers. Babeu's sister also claimed that she discovered Babeu dating a 17-year-old DeSisto student.

In interviews shortly after the scandal broke, Babeu indicated that he had been in contact with leadership at the Log Cabin Republicans. When asked if he might get involved with LCR by CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Babeu replied, "I'm sure".


  1. says

    Kolbe?!!? LOL! Oh, that wimp. Roy Cohn was his hero.

    “unapologetically pro-gay”?

    please. you show me a republican who doesn’t spend his every waking hour apologizing for being gay and i’ll show you a unicorn.

    the flyer might as well say “join us, and other self-hating homosexual white men, as we join together to convince our municipalities that we’re not like those awful liberal gays who actually get things done. Our goal? one more year of tolerance.”

    capers for testes. the lot of them.

  2. says

    Gee, where are all his close Tea Party Republican and CPAC friends that loved him only a short while ago? His masculine charms and anti-immigrant fervor couldn’t hold their love once he came out? Shocking!

  3. Z says

    This is dismal. I understand that Cooper, Kolbe, et. al., are hard up for actual politicians they can support, and this guy is nothing if not an extremely glib hustler, but seriously, this is going to end in tears. The guy’s just poison. Sometimes you’ve got to say ‘no.’

  4. says

    remind me again what “freedoms” America stands for that republicans and gay republicans are championing? the freedom to have a bigoted majority put limitations on your life? the freedom to wait decide what choices other people can make in life, that are in no way choices that affect you? the freedom pass “anti-bullying” laws that explicitly excuse any bullying if it’s “justified by religion”?

    Look, gay republicans, we know you have no dignity, but this is now just officially pathetic.

  5. ratbastard says

    $250 young professional……LOL. I think there’s a lot more young baristas and bike messengers today than ‘professionals’.

  6. says

    does anyone else find it gaspingly hilarious that all these sad-sacks were LITERALLY dragged kicking and screaming from the closet?!?!?

    “hey! we’re proud to be who you are! after ….you know…getting exposed and Outed for lying about who we were for decades in the first place….”

    mary, PLEASE.

  7. Keepin' It Straight says

    Is this from the Studs With Guns annex of the Log Cabin? “I’ll show you mine, and make you beg for it” sub-category? Look at all the penis symbols in the background. Not even subliminal, just right out there. Ha

  8. jim says

    First thought is how odd that there’s a fundraiser for a candidate for a state seat (AZ) being held in DC? Dude obviously can’t get support from those who would conceivably elect him…there should be campaign finance laws against this. I can’t imagine Dennis Kucinich or Marcy Kaptur having a fundraiser, for a local seat race, in a state all the way across the friggin country.

    Um, thought there was a big bump in the money coming in after his scandal broke…aw, gosh, what happened? Hopefully Arizonians are smart enough to realize that a huge scandal BEFORE the campaign gets going ain’t a good sign, as far as the man’s character.

    @Ratbastard: you silly goose, you must be thinking about OUT gays! Kolbe and the Log Cabinites are going after the conservative CLOSETED corporate types in their “young professionals” group…like those guys would ever want their names publicly filed on a contribution to a hommerseksul!

    Thinkin this is just gonna be a big bomb all the way around. It’s just damned hard for anyone with self-respect to support this guy.

  9. Kyle L. says

    I’m as liberal as they come and I too am against illegal immigration. Most of my democrat friends are as well. Simple as that.

  10. Real Talk says

    While I don’t think the sherriff is innocent, his ex was clearly in it for an agenda. In California, illegals will use an opportunity to hire an immigration attorney and sue based on discrimination (toward laws that don’t even APPLY to them) so I have a very, very hard time believing his ex’s side of the story when the ex was so clearly in it for a pro illegal immigrant agenda of his own.

  11. USC Trojan Fan says

    You don’t have to be a tea party member to be against illegals. I’m passionately against all forms of illegal immigration, and free hand outs to them, based on seeing the consequences first hand. If the scandal here was that he is against illegal immigration with an illegal immigrant boyfriend who’s status he didn’t know? then I see no scandal at all. I’m also a democrat and strictly try to vote for politicians who put the rights of Americans and those here legally first.

  12. says

    I’m still bewildered what this man did wrong? Log Cabin republicans make me vomit, and anyone associated to them is bad news to me, but from what I gathered of this controversy, the ex boyfriend seemed just as shady, if not far more shady than this man. The ex came out looking like the creep for me.

  13. Annonny says

    Ugh disappointing the LCR would throw away the good will they generated by getting DADT repealed and associate with this sleaze.

  14. L.C says

    Meh. I don’t find this guy that offensive. He’s never publically stated anything against gay rights and has actually been supportive of the community. He has been against illegal immigration, which is a huge problem facing bordering states and having family there, I’m for any elected official that can address the problem and control it. I wish this man the best.

  15. says

    Well, the voters of AZ will be the ones to decide whether he did anything “wrong,” or not. Clearly, many support his hardline stand on immigration. That’s not really the issue.

    The point here was not so much his behavior, which is old news by now, but how the right wingers from the Tea Party and the anti-gay crowd from CPAC (with whom he was so cozy and who held him up as a hero a few short months ago) appear to have deserted him now that he’s an openly gay candidate with a whiff of scandal. It’s not surprising that the LCR’s are still supporting him, but to win he’ll need a base that has largely evaporated. The reaction of his non-gay political pals to his “gay lifestyle” doesn’t bode well for his success.

  16. says

    He’s free to march in lockstep with the right, as he was doing cozily a few months ago, before his gay dalliances came to light; the problem for him is since the gay hit the fan, the right–his base–apparently no longer wants to march in lockstep with him. A handful of LCR fundraisers aren’t going to win him the election if his base doesn’t dig gay politicians.

  17. sylina says

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  18. jack says

    At this time in our history being a Gay Republican is nearly the same as being an African American Klansman or a Jewish Nazi. Why would anyone want to belong to an organization that seeks to continue historic discriminations against them? The GOP was not always the sorry crowd of narrow minded bigots that it has gradually become in the last few decades. Today it is clearly the enemy of human equality and progress.

  19. J Ascher says

    @RealTalk: anyone in the United States or one of one of its territories is subject to American law and can use the country’s legal system. This is not to say that such persons should be here, merely that they can avail themselves of our laws. It simply doesn’t make sense that a foreign national wouldn’t be subject to our laws outside of diplomatic roles.

  20. says

    i don’t think being a closeted wimp who supports anti-gay legislations as part of your “i’m totally not gay!” disguise is considered being “in lockstep with the Left..”

    unless you’re saying that living Out, Open, Honest lives and having a spine is a “leftist” thing…which, let’s be honest, it appears is the reality.

    shame on you stupid leftists with all your stupid standing up for yourselves and not trying to pretend you’re straight until you get caught!

    HA 😉

  21. raleighrob says

    The guy threatened to kick a guy out of the country if he let anyone know they were doing it. Obviously the kinda man the Log Cabinners admire.

  22. David Hearn says

    Some issues are more important than the remaining ones of gay rights. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? Marriage equality is an eventuality, but unlike illegal immigration, marriage inequality is not a growing menace which threatens the very fabric of this nation, a social, economic, and environmental disaster in the making.

    12 million illegal aliens in this county who are militant and resistant to assimilation. Soon, they could be 80 million by reproducing. We already have militant and treasonous people with US citizenship by virtue of their parents illegal entry to the US. The US flag is treated disrespectfully, dragged through the streets by these people.

    Gay Americans have a right and a duty to oppose illegal and mass immigration. The US is being Green Marched both illegally and legally. Neither party is famous for doing anything about it at the moment, but it was Eisenhower who deported nearly the entire population of illegal aliens during his administration. It can be done. The ones who say that it can’t are people who are working against the interests of the US.

  23. says

    well, kudos to the GOP for convincing y’all that the problem in America is “illegal immigrants”, and not the REALITY that Big Business owners have taken jobs away from you all, farmed ’em out to broke-ass nations where they pay the workers in pennies, and then convinced you to vote for them based on some jingoistic nonsense about “liberty” and “american patriotism” or some other b.s.

    the militant treasonous people are the white-skinned moneyed conservatives who are doing all they can to convince fools that the enemy is a poor brown person.

    don’t be a f***ing idiot. fight the real enemy.

  24. David Hearn says

    Kiwi – Thank you for sharing. If you want our illegals, then you are welcome to them. Presumably we could ship them to you on rails.

  25. says

    The GOP wants your illegals. The more you listen to the GOP talk about them the more you’ll let the GOP rape your holes without the decency to give you a courtesy-lick first.

    The GOP makes sure the rich pay less in taxes, and have the ‘right’ to make money off of poor workers in the third world. And you worry about illegals. Keep it up, you’re doing their job for them.

  26. David Hearn says

    Illegal aliens cost the US taxpayer $113 Billion per year. About 5% of that is recouped in taxes collected. In other words, illegal aliens pay sales tax.

    18.6% of federal prisoners are Mexicans.

  27. David Hearn says

    “The GOP wants your illegals”

    However, it’s the Democrats resisting deportation of the illegals and trying to bog down the courts with what ought to be administrative deportations.

    ” Babble deleted….”

    “The GOP makes sure the rich pay less in taxes, and have the ‘right’ to make money off of poor workers in the third world. ”

    More babble.

    “And you worry about illegals. ”

    I worry about more than illegals. I worry about the legals who want to destroy this country as well. Would you like a list?

  28. says

    not really. your willful ignorance and focusing on the wrong issues is about as impressive as a mississippi grandmother talking about america’s “negro problem.”

    sorry. keep spouting your nonsense. won’t save your country.

  29. Paul Keckonen says

    @CJS, according to BlogCabin.net yes Trevor Potter who was part of McCain’s campaign is a Log Cabin Republican and openly gay. I too was surprised.

  30. David Hearn says

    kiwi – Drop 12 million illegals and their children onto your nhs and school system and see how well that math works out.

  31. David Hearn says

    Kiwi – “as a mississippi grandmother talking about america’s “negro problem.

    Another testament to your genius. “Illegal alien” is not a race, and the Negroes in Mississippi are Americans.

    But we’re all still fascinated with the wit and knowledge you bring to this board. Yes we are.

  32. mmike1969 says

    The word sell-out comes to mind 😀 Of course, the LCR never were in tune with real and decent Americans on GLBT issues.