1. ratbastard says

    Labs and mixed labs are usually great dogs. Intelligent, generally calm, good with kids and adults, protective, and loyal. And they tend to be healthy and live long. I had one for many years, he was never trained, but naturally would calmly sit by the door and bark a few times when wanted to go out, and do likewise sitting outside the door when he wanted to come back in. He was very clean, and kids could poke at him and pull his tail and he remained good natured and calm. He lived to be 16 and died one nice day outside lying under a big shady tree.

  2. DrMikey says

    Any owner of multiple dogs will attest to their inherent love & loyalty to their pack members. We have had more than one for over 20 years, now we have 4. No matter how many squabbles they may get into amongst each other, each one would lay down her life for another of them of for either of us. Dogs are pack animals, genetically almost identical to wolves and are happiest with at least one other dog in addition to their human(s). If you have one, adopt or rescue another. Two is easy!

  3. fern says

    Its horrendous the way people just leave animals that have been run over on the road to die or be run over again and again. This dog is a better “person” than most of the people I know.

  4. milobloom says

    I just hope that some of the hundreds of people who come forward offering to adopt this “famous” dog will consider another rescue animal who doesn’t have such good PR when they learn this one has found a home. Every animal in a rescue shelter has a heartbreaking story of why they ended up there, but it seems like any time a story makes the mainstream media people want to adopt that one specific dog they read about and when they find someone already has, they just forget about the adopting-an-animal thing.

    My landlords made my building a no-dog building after I’d already gotten one, so my existing dog is grandfathered in (though I had to fight them on that – they thought I’d just give the dog away because they changed their mind) but I do wish I could get a full-time companion for him.

  5. Justin says

    I am almost ashamed to say – I empathize more when this happens to animals than to people I don’t know. Should I be? Am I bad?

  6. FancyPants says

    Justin – it’s because dogs aren’t usually assholes. The same can’t be said for most people.

    I echo the sentiments of milobloom. I hope all those who want this dog will still consider adopting another if they don’t get Grace.

    It’s amazing how many amazing, lovable dogs show up needing a home every day. And how many are put down because no one took them.

  7. FancyPants says

    Also, if I had hit that dog, they probably would have had to pull me out of the road b/c I’d be laying on the ground beside it balling my eyes out.