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    Gay republicans don’t have the balls to stand up and demand full and total Equality. If Gay republicans don’t actually support and champion marriage equality then why does anyone think STRAIGHT ones will?

    Take GOProud’s Chris Barron, for example (take him!, PLEASE!haha) – the wuss hates “liberals”; calls the gay left the “american taliban”- he insists that LGBT issues are not a priority, he insists that he believes marriage should be done at a state and not federal level, and yet….you’d think that means that at a State level gay republicans are doing a lot for marriage equality. they’re not.
    Chris Barron, GOProud’s (crooked) mouthpiece legally married his boyfriend in DC (ugh, how sad must THAT guy be eh?) and yet the reality is Barron and his merry band of nitwits didn’t do anything to advance marriage equality in DC.
    Gay Republicans, eager to join their family and community in slandering “liberals”, are also more than eager to take advantage of the work done by liberals with no help at all from the conservatives they pledge allegiance to. i feel bad for them, really.
    stockholm syndrome. totes.

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