1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    An aside: I know Towleroad has no control over the ads that pop up on this site, but I’m accessing it from Mexico, and an ad for the Presidential candidate from the most anti-gay Mexican political party is a regular fixture on this wonderful gay site. It’s pretty bizarre and unsettling.

  2. says

    Even if Spitzer had not retracted his study the word “some” is enough to rubbish the anti-gay arguement. Even if “some” gay men and lesbians can change, Spitzer never concluded that all gay men and lesbians could change.

  3. stevenelliot says

    I fear that with the Supreme Court as it is now……Lawrence v texas would not have been won. and as a result. Today, prop 8 will now be upheld.
    the court is much more conservative than it was just those few years ago.

  4. kpo5 says

    The court is more conservative, Steve, but I don’t think Kennedy will wind up on the wrong side of history.

    It’s still sad to say we’re going to have four people become Constitutional contortionists to attempt to keep the discrimination on the books, but I’m confident we’ll have five justices on our side.