1. Xavi says

    Venezuela is obviously not a regional leader for LGBT and human rights. The regime this ‘minister’ represents is constantly touting the social advances of the ‘Bolivarian revolution’. They have done nothing to advance human rights in Venezuela, quite the opposite. The man is a clown.

    For real advances in LGBT rights and honest, open discussions on meaningful social issues, look to other nations in the region.

  2. Stuart says

    “For real advances in LGBT rights and honest, open discussions on meaningful social issues, look to other nations in the region.”

    Stop with these incessant “look elsewhere” arguments (that also plague every single post on Africa). Every single country is equally worthy of discussion and your ethnocentrism is not going to change this.

  3. ratbastard says

    This doesn’t compute. The narrative is effed up. Chavez is a great progressive socialist. His minister would never make homophobic comments. Impossible.

    What does Sean Penn have to say about this?

  4. ratbastard says

    Castro and brother are frauds, just like the communist party leadership of Cuba. They’re all filthy rich [Castro is a billionaire], and their Cuba exist for the same reasons Cuba existed under Batista? To make money for it’s ruling elites, in the case of Castro Bros. Cuba is a trans-shipment point for narcotics entering North America from South America. The whole family, including daughter, are corrupt as they come. The fact she’s an out lesbian was played up probably to attract the attention of western leftists and liberals. It appeals to them. Gives Castro Bros some modern day liberal/leftist street cred.

  5. David Hearn says

    Oh dear, I am called upon to defend Castro.

    “Castro is a billionaire”. This is based on nothing more than a magazine article. In response to this, Castro made a public challenge to anyone to prove he has substantial assets in any bank in the world, and if they can show that then he would resign as President of Cuba.

    From 2006 ; “”All this makes me sick,” Castro responded Monday on the communist government’s daily public affairs program Mesa Redonda, or “Round Table.” “Why should I defend myself against this rubbish?”

    Later on the program, Castro pounded the table, saying, “If they can prove I have an account abroad … containing even one dollar I will resign my post.”

  6. Xavi says

    @STUART, what, exactly are you talking about?

    “Every single country is equally worthy of discussion and your ethnocentrism is not going to change this.”

    No one is talking about ethnocentrism here. Several other countries in the region, including Uruguay, Brasil, Argentina, Chile, and even Venezuela’s neighbor, Colombia, have made enormous strides in LGBT rights.

    Latin America is actively advancing the human rights agenda and Venezuela is getting left behind…

  7. ratbastard says


    Do you seriously deny Castro Bros are rich men? Seriously? Do you know their lifestyle? Their possessions, many of which the average Cuban is denied? Castro bros have complete access to the outside world, latest movies, uncensored internet, big screen plasma TV, the best and latest medicines and medical procedures, etc., that again the average Cuban is denied in the name of the ‘Revolution’. Do you deny Cuba is a major transshipment point for narcotics going from South to North America? That drug traffickers pay the Castro Bros and Cuban military elite very well for this privilege?

    Give me a break.

  8. jaragon says

    The Castro brother have gotten filthy rich from exploiting the Cuban people for the past 50 years. He also persecuted many Cuban homosexuals in the 1960’s ( I wish someone would release “Improper Conduct” on DVD- an important documentary on gays in Cuba under the Castro dictatorship )

  9. Stuart says

    XAVI: This article NEVER used the words “advances in South America for LGBT equality are negligible as shown in this video”, no. The article was about a Venezuelan politician and his vitriolic comment on LGBT people. That was it.

    Chiming in and saying how “this country is not a good example for LGBT equality so you should look at others” is dismissive, disgusting, and yes, ethnocentric towards its LGBT citizens.

    Like it or not, LGBT news from across the world are going to be reported, even if they are not “good” news. That doesn’t give you the right to attack them and treat them with disdain (just like you did here), however.

  10. David Hearn says

    ratbastard – I think that if Castro promised to resign if anyone prove his wealth and the Cuban exiles hadn’t proven it by the time he retired, then it couldn’t be proven.

    The Forbes article did indeed take into account the exclusive use or enjoyment of state owned assets. This would be like saying that President Obama is a tax cheat because his compensation package includes living in the White House, so he has undeclared income of $1,634,611 a month.

  11. jamal49 says

    Hugo Chavez and his “Bolivarian” revolution dishonours and corrupts the memory of the great liberator Simon Bolivar (who, by the way, was gay).

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