Maine Anti-Gay Activists: Give Us Money and Go to the Polls to Fight ‘Sodomy Based Marriage’ and ‘Evil Homosexual Doctrine’


Zack Ford at Think Progress LGBT obtained an obscene and ridiculous "Truth Pledge" being handed out at the University of Maine yesterday by conservatives Paul Madore and Mike Heath, who are leading the group opposing a marriage equality ballot measure.

MEHere are the tenets that the group's flyer demands you pledge:

I pledge that I will:

1. Go to the polls and vote NO on Sodomy Based Marriage in November.

3. Use the term “Sodomy Based Marriage” and avoid the deceptive terms “same sex or gay marriage.”

4. Inform my friends and neighbors that the term “same sex marriage” contains two contradictory terms, and is therefore, illogical, false, and absurd.

5. Marriage is a Covenant that is entered into between two people and is based on a  difference in gender; and there can be no moral or legal right to a practice which defies logic, common sense, and the Natural Law itself.

9. Reaffirm the Christian Church’s teaching that a child must never be denied the right to have both a mother and a father.

10. Oppose the hellish doctrine that parents of the same sex make better parents than parents of the opposite sex, an evil doctrine which is now being advanced by the homosexual rights movement.

11. Pray that God will deliver our State and Country from this attack by demonic force, and that marriage between man and woman will be restored to its rightful place of honor, to the glory of Almighty God.

Adds Ford: "Madore and Heath’s rhetoric is unabashedly anti-gay, but it’s important to note that all of the rhetoric fits the models offered by groups that use tamer language, like the National Organization for Marriage and Catholic Church."


  1. AJ says

    Ha! Once again it’s all about yucky, yucky butt seks. So this means that lesbians are free to get married, right? Just like here in MN where the author of our Marriage Amendment bill whined about “The anal sex lifestyle”. These bigots are FAR more obsessed w that particular activity than any gay man I know.

  2. Cris says

    Whatever. I’m straight and I have every intention of having a “sodomy based marriage”. Feel kinda bad for people who don’t.

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Why do we continue to allow them to get away with characterizing gay rights as “special rights”? That should be used against them, because it is exactly what they are pushing for – special rights for heterosexuals in marriage, adoption, serving in the military, etc.

  4. TJ says

    Another religion-bashing post on Towleroad! Stop it! You should be nice to religious people, or they won’t give us our special rights.

    And religious people deserve the special right to demonize others and deny rights because forcing religious beliefs on others is guaranteed by the Constitution.

    Wait, what?

  5. Matt says

    Two more deeply closeted, right-wing religious nut-bags! Yippie!

    Apparently they didn’t see the recent study about the connection between homophobes and closeted gay men. Like we needed that study anyway!
    These types are getting really old (in more ways than one), but it’s kind of amusing watching them embarrass themselves.

  6. says

    biblically speaking, a “Sodomy Based Marriage” is a marriage between people that hoard wealth and don’t distribute their money to the poor.

    therefore the majority of republicans are involved in Sodomy-based Marriages.

    sucks to be them, i guess.

  7. says

    its’ true – though – that they’re obsessed with talking about man on man sex.

    wanna see THE reason they never talk about two women when discussion “the gays”? here:

  8. jamal49 says

    By the way, we can thank some of the right-wing “think tanks” and advocacy groups (The Heritage Foundation and The Eagle Forum are at the top of the list) for the change in tack with anti-gay rhetoric. Several “position papers” have suggested that “pro-family”, “pro-life” activists and commentators should start mentioning just what “homosexuality is”, i.e. “sodomy”, and stop conceding any terminology that will present LGBT people as simply human beings whose sexuality does not define the meaning of their existence.

    The idea is that Americans will move away from supporting “gay rights” if they believe that ANY rights for LGBT people is all about dirty, filthy, disgusting anal sex. Expect “sodomy-based marriage” to become a staple of commentary on FOX and other right-wing information sources.

    Also, beware the term “Natural Law”. It is an insidious and devious conservative Trojan Horse that may very well be the single most dangerous threat to civil equality as exists in American jurisprudence.

  9. SReid says

    I just emailed them the article about how homophobia is linked to same sex desire. I thought they needed to read it.

  10. says

    Sodomy-based marriage?

    Remind me again how being anti-gay marriage has something to do with ‘family values’ and nothing at all to do with closeted homophobes having their masculinity threatened by two men actually expressing themselves to one another.