Meet GLAAD’s New President

Graddick_6_HRHe's Herndon Graddick, and he's been GLAAD's Vice President of Programs and Communication since 2010. From GLAAD:

Sheri Fults, National Co-Chair of the Board of Directors, said: "Herndon is already a well-respected leader within the LGBT movement, and we believe will be a visionary and strategic leader for GLAAD's culture-changing work."

Herndon said: "Right now GLAAD and our partners in the LGBT movement are making a significant difference at a time when a difference needs to be made. I look forward to working with our dedicated staff to create a culture where there is a welcoming and respected space for LGBT Americans. GLAAD's work with the media to inspire Americans to speak out against anti-LGBT actions and support equality is needed today more than ever."

Graddick's been the leader of such GLAAD initiatives as "Stand Up For Ellen," which went toe-to-toe with homophobes trying to shame JC Penny into sacking spokesperson Ellen DeGeneres, and the "Commentator Accountability Project," which calls to task media outlets who offer airtime to virulently anti-gay pundits (especially the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, who's been ubiquitous on MSNBC for years).

Graddick replaces acting president Mike Thompson, who replaced Jarrett T. Barios last year.


  1. Rix says

    Herndon Graddick is handsome, and this former CNN producer also has a very impressive resumé. Some people are born to have it all in life.

  2. Bob says

    Someone is going to come along and complain that this is a White Male, I suppose.
    May I preempt that a bit by pointing out that the sons of privilege are more likely, on average, to go into altrustic professions, and have the connections and knowledge to carry them out. (Kennedys, Rockefellers, on down) Unfortunatly, most of the privileged folks are White, but that eventually changes.
    Graddick is the son of a longtime judge in Mobile Alabama, so he may have faced some hurdles in feeling free to be Gay.

  3. uffda says

    Nice comment Bob. F**k the New Racists which is all they are. THIS guy is husband material!

  4. Martin C. says

    Herndon is a truly kind and thoughtful man. Have known him for years. He has it all because he gives his all. It’s really that simple!

  5. QJ201 says

    typical national gay org BS “Herndon is already a well-respected leader within the LGBT movement”

    Really? I read this blog and others, still subscribe to gay magazines and have attended the Creating Change Conference in the last few years and I have NEVER heard of this guy.

    they must mean he is well known about the people leading other LGBT organizations.

  6. M. Scott Hernandez says

    He is not eye candy. Hopefully, his voice will be heard from the IGMOs of this country.

  7. uffda says

    Oh gosh QU201 maybe you don’t know everything. I’ve never heard of him either but he looks and sounds like a good person. Now we know.

  8. Rick S. says

    “He is not eye candy”. To each his own, but as far as I am concerned, Mr. Graddick’s boyfriend must be one happy man.

  9. jack says

    I wish him well, but I don’t contribute to Glaad or any other national gay organizations anymore. The leaders of many of these organizations earn $200-300 thousand a year. I don’t think they should be on food stamps and welfare, but anyone can live comfortably on $100,000.00 a year. I earn about $40,000.00 a year and so I stopped contributing to these rich guys lifestyle. I think they should view their job as a vocation and work far below the going rates for CEO’s.

  10. David Hearn says

    The GLAAD president salary is around $250,000. I don’t approve of the formula for pricing activist officers at allegedly “comparable worth” especially when you consider that this means that Chad is going to be earning 30% more than the Skipper of the USS Enterprise; billion dollar vessel, 5000 crewmen, and oh yes, nuclear capabilities.