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The Facts About North Carolina's Amendment One: VIDEO


I fyou don't already understand the importance of defeating Amendment One in North Carolina, here's a helpful video about the horrible effects it will have should it pass.


According to the Protect All NC Families campaign, over 700 donors have given $66,000 since the matching campaign from Diana and Todd Stiefel began. In related news, the first television ads are coming soon, and Howard Dean and Democracy for America are now trying to help defeat it.

If you would like to help them reach that goal, do so HERE.

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  1. Sadly, all these salient points will fall on deaf ears (blind eyes?).

    The response of the conservative bigots who support this legislation will WANT those harms to happen to gay couples (and their children, or anyone associated with them...though they'd never admit it).

    I will support the fight against Amendment 1 (and other like legislation), but I really find no other option but to believe that when all this equal marriage sh!t finally hits the Supreme Court's fan (soon, it can't be helped), all this sturm and drang will evaporate.

    We should start thinking about how to protect ourselves and our youth from the underground backlash we'll have to endure over the next 20-30 years. The "battle" is already one, we need to prepare for the fallout.

    Posted by: CHRISTOPHER | Apr 18, 2012 3:17:28 PM

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