NEWS: Sarkozy Down But Not Quite Out; A New, Tougher iPhone; What Killed Andrew Breitbart, Pastoral Guitar (VIDEO)



  1. sylina says

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  2. IonMovies says

    I wonder why Andy hasn’t done a story about the very homophobic twitter rants of Minnesotta Twins baseball player…Reggie Williams? Are we trying to be PC here? and not tackle the elephant in the room.

  3. USC Trojan Fan says

    @IononMovies. I too logged on here wondering where the coverage of the Reggie Williams homophobic tweets were and was completely dismayed there’s no coverage at all. It’s been front page on many sites, including being showcased on MSN and Yahoo. Wondering why Towleroad chose not to cover it.

  4. Brett J. says

    To USC Trojan Fan and IonMovies-

    I think Andy’s a great guy who tries to be a peace maker and not come off as though he’s targetting any specific demographic with stories, even if a particular demographic displays more visible homophobia, he may choose to not cover their homophobia for fear of (wrongfully) being called racist. We’re sadly reached a place where we’re told if we so much dicuss black homophobia, we’ll be called a racist. Which that word in itself, racist, has lost all power from being so over used. But the most outspoken form of homophobia we see displayed by public figures are often black. I for one don’t bite my tongue about what many of us know to be true from personal experience.