NOM Site Suddenly Down After Suspected Hacking


The National Organization for Marriage's site is now down after uncharacteristic messages of apology, etc began issuing from its blog and its Twitter and Facebook feeds this morning, leading to speculation that the site had been hacked.

It now appears that may have been the case.

For the background evidence, check here and here.

UPDATE: And now this:



  1. kpo5 says

    Funny? Yes. Brian Brown going to play the victim card x 1,000,000? Absolutely.

    A sample from what’s to come:

    “Radical homosexual hackers pushing their agenda onto people who want nothing more than a forum to openly express their views about traditional marriage without fear verbally abused.”

    Brian’s e-mails to his followers (and a few people who wish to exercise their gag reflex on a daily basis) have been getting increasingly desperate. I wouldn’t put it past him to tack this onto his little FBI investigation. He’ll probably attempt to call this a threat of some sort, perhaps saying the hacker could have accessed private information and now NOM members are no longer safe in their own homes.

  2. David in Houston says

    Couldn’t have happened to nicer bigoted assholes. I hope the hacker does this to them every day from here on out. Wouldn’t that be sweet.

  3. says

    Andy – NOM is a tiny fringe organization with no power. I don’t think you really need to bother blogging about them. Even most conservatives think they’re idiots. By picking them as “the enemy”, you’re only selling yourself short.

  4. AggieCowboy says

    Adam: I totally disagree. NOM has enough money to influence voters. They also continue to flaunt transparency laws by refusing to reveal their donor lists and by “failing” to register as a PAC. NOM, like the WBC (and AFA, AFTAH, Liberty Counsel, NARTH, etc) need to be kept in the news so that their bigotry and idiocy are continually exposed and, as a result, they are pushed further and further to the fringe until they drop off the edge.

    Allowing them to continue working “behind the scenes” would allow them to stay alive longer, keeps money flowing into their pockets, and delays Equal Civil Rights for all.

  5. Cherry says

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  6. Caliban says

    Adam is, IMO, both right and wrong. NOM is a fringe organization funded by just 10 donors who supply 90% of their budget. They’ve had to resort to dishonestly using photos from a 2008 Obama election rally to imply that crowds gather under NOM’s banner, that they are capable of drawing crowds with their divisive, hateful message.

    However, they are far from “powerless.” Maggie Gallagher is a frequent guest on news programs, which gives her a platform to spread NOM’s message. NOM produces TV ads in states where Marriage Equality is on the ballot, ads that spread disinformation about and fear and hate of the gay community. These ads imply that gays are a danger to children, family, marriage, etc. etc. And there’s reason to believe their disinformation campaign works.

    It’s still odd to me that more hasn’t been written (here or elsewhere) about the donors revealed by the “whistleblower” leak of NOM’s 2008 tax return, other than Mitt Romney. The Caster family in California and the Catholic Knights Of Columbus organization were revealed to be major donors, as were many other people in CA and other states. Who are these people? Do they have businesses that gay people might inadvertently be patronizing?

    A .pdf file of the tax return:

  7. bobbyjoe says

    I’m picturing Maggie with make-up streaming down her face, pulling out her hair and shrieking “Brian, there’s HUMAN DECENCY on our website! Kill it! Kill it! This will NEVER happen again!”

    And then she stress eats an entire Dunkin Donuts.

  8. PDX Guy says

    Site is back up and what is the first thing showing: a video by Target’s pet candidate Tom Emmer spewing about how he is being discriminated against for his beliefs. Why doesn’t he just ask Target to put him on the payroll?

  9. BrokebackBob says

    Liar Liar pants on fire (I can hope can’t I)
    Oh no nelly! All our big corporate sponsors
    are leaving when they out the real truth!
    Kraft, Coca-Cola and Bill and Melinda Gates
    Foundation just to start! We’re so screwed!
    And now we’re being hacked but we deserve to
    be. Take down our site permanently. I need
    a big Brian boy super triple patty lots of
    extra sauce with bacon and bleu cheese and
    cheedar cheese and swiss cheese burger. I’m
    so nervous but I’m evil, I’m all powerful,
    what happened??? I’m so over (sniff)…
    I’m just a lying a-hole d-bag RepubliThug(tm)

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