Ohio Senator Rob Portman the GOP Fave for Romney’s VP Nominee?

Buzzfeed seems to think so:

PortmanIn an informal survey of more than half of the Republican State Chairmen and national committee people at this weekend’s State Chairman meeting at a resort here, two-thirds said they believe Portman is the most-likely and best-qualified running-mate for Mitt Romney. The committee members spoke to BuzzFeed only on the condition of anonymity.

“He’s from Ohio, and we need to win Ohio, it’s that simple,” said one state chair.

Portman, a former Congressman from the Cincinnati area who was director of the Office of Management and Budget during the George W. Bush administration, was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010. And the warmth Republican elites express for him stems much from a desire to avoid another risky, flamboyant pick like Sarah Palin as it does for his ability to help carry an important swing state.

“Romney needs to make a safe pick, and keep talking about the economy — and that’s Rob Portman,” said one committeewoman from the West.

Portman last appeared here when he spoke at the University of Michigan's commencement, and more than 100 grads walked out over his anti-gay views.


  1. Gus says

    Sen Portman will not automatically give Ohio to the “R’s” An overwhelming majority of Buckeyes do not know who the heck he is. His name recognition in the twenties! Go for it Mitt! LOL

  2. says

    yeah. keep “talking” about the economy while only using political clout to give tax cuts to the wealthy, while appeasing the poor and stupid GOP base with “Praise Jeebus” social legislations.

  3. Paul R says

    He’s a walking corpse. Only Romney could seem charismatic next to Portman. This would be a terrible move, so I strongly hope that he’s Mitt’s choice.

  4. says

    Love this quote from the article: “Portman’s seeming inability to overshadow the vanilla Romney gives him a rare qualification — and potentially a leg up over the rest of the field.”

    Rare indeed. Someone who has even less charisma and is even more white-bread than Romney. Perfect choice, Mitt, go for it!

    (Still think Rubio is a more likely choice.)

  5. Jacques says

    How is it even possible that a person “who was director of the Office of Management and Budget during the George W. Bush administration” is considered best-qualified for anything? The man helped preside over the devastation of the global economy. For that he is highly respected? We are well and truly f***ed.

  6. says

    because, Jacques, there are still millions who love Bush jingoistically, despite the fact that they can’t actually point to how he did anything other than f*** up the country they claim to love.

  7. jack says

    Please Mitt, give Sarah another chance, or pick Rick. What about Newt? They are all “good” republicans and this democrat is pleading with you to pick one of them.

  8. doug105 says

    Haveing given $10,000 to NOM and another $10,000 per yr to Massachusetts Family Institute I don’t care if he runs with Neil Patrick Harris as VP. Still voting for the other side.

  9. AG says

    So, I clicked on the Towleroad link about the walkout at the University of Michigan, and then on the link inside that post. And I still don’t have the slightest idea why U of Michigan graduates walked out when Portman gave a speech. What was his anti-gay crime? Something more damning than opposing gay marriage and being a Republican?

  10. says

    because UofM students have the intellectual integrity to stand up for what is right, and aren’t doormats who “accept” anti-gay prejudice in hopes that it’ll impress their conservative families and communities.

  11. LincolnLounger says

    Boring technocrats who are competent will likely look very sexy compared to Mr. Obama’s long string of broken promises, excuses, blame, and class warfare. So much for the Great Uniter. And don’t give me a bunch of crap about the Republican obstructionists in Congress. He had Dem supermajorities and complete control for two years and twiddled his thumbs.

  12. AG says

    I understand nobody knows anything anti-gay related to Portman. UofM students would be much more convincing if they had something specific to protest against. It was the law school commencement not a meeting of the Dem Party standing committee.

  13. says

    LincolnLounger, just once in my life I’d love one of you gay republicans to prove me wrong. Alas, y’all keep proving me right.

    The only reason you guys remain willfully ignorant of all that President Obama has done is because you can’t point to a single positive thing your chosen-allies have done for the greater LGBT Community or the real hard-working American People.

    Stockholm Syndrome. We get it – you were raised to hate blacks and liberals, but that doesn’t change the fact that your own white conservative family hasn’t done a thing to make things better for you as a gay person in America.

    Sorry. Truth hurts.

  14. says

    how come you gay republicans can’t actually show us the specific work your apparently-supportive republican families are doing to promote LGBT Equality?

    perhaps if you made a youtube video, the kind those horrid lefty-liberals are always making, wherein you and your family shared their message of love and acceptance, then people would not associate the GOP with anti-gay bigotry.

    but as long as you’re just commenting here anonymously, you’re sorta proving every gay liberal right – you can’t put a face to it because you’re still ashamed of it.

    put up or shut up.

  15. says

    “What was his anti-gay crime?”

    He voted to write marriage discrimination into the constitution. And for DOMA. And against allowing same-sex couples to adopt. Not crimes, obviously, but students have every right to speak out against hearing an advocate of discrimination give their commencement speech. Gay issues aside, he was probably criminally boring as well. If he’s being considered as someone who won’t upstate Mitt on the charisma front, he probably put the whole commencement into a coma.

  16. jim says

    Aren’t the VP candidates supposed to be the attack dogs during the campaign? Does Portman have any attack energy whatsoever? Looks like a stiff wind would blow him over. I don’t know much about him: he’s a Repug, and from the southern part of the state…I don’t care much about him.

    I don’t think choosing Portman is going to help Mittens chances here in Ohio. Those who aren’t voting Obama have already decided. I don’t think there are that many Ohio undecideds/independents who will be swayed by having Portman on the ticket.

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