1. RyanInSacto says

    O’Reilly seems to get a pass in these quarters and elsewhere as the guy on Fox that is “not so bad.” This clip is proof that this claim is on thin ice. Why the hysteria with “experimenting” with being gay or transgender? If you’re not gay or transgender, then “experimenting” with it will have no effect. In fact, it’s hard to imagine someone “experimenting” with being gay or transgender if they don’t already have a sense that they might be these things. Oh, Fox News… the place where reality and logic have never visited.

  2. QJ201 says

    These morons think being gay or transgender is something that is spread like the flu.

    AND…straight men have no problem with girls experimenting with homosexuality…as long as they get to watch.

  3. says

    I’d be worried about young children watching Fox News and experimenting with an abandonment of cognitive skills and the capacity to think critically and empathize.

    This is not news, and *this* – Faux News Bobbleheads regurgitating baseless bigoted right-wing nonsense – aint news either. It’s sadly and pathetically typical.

    Now, there will be insecure people with no faces or spines on this very site who will agree with O’Reilly – they’re wrong, too.

    Y’know, I got a call from my mum yesterday talking about how wonderful school kids have been – she does workshops with GSAs, students and teachers, across Ontario about how to make for a safe school environment. She said this, “you know, those kids in the GSAs…they’re the best kids.”

    And she’s right.

    Every day it seem more and more likely that if someone gave the Fox News Headquarters the Hiroshima treatment then the USA and the rest of the world would be a better place. I’m not saying I want it to happen, because I don’t, but it sure would put an end to this culture of B.S. where people take bigoted opinions and sell them as News.

    Paddy Chayefsky must be rolling in his grave.

  4. says

    Screw Bill. He’s a nut job. If it really worked that way, wouldn’t all NON LGBT focused programming be pressuring LGBT kids to experiment with being straight? OOH the TV makes being straight look cool and glamorous so I want to try it! They tried that for decades. It doesn’t work.

    Uniq was fabulous… and how would that number have worked without the dress and heels? Boogie Shoes was infinitely improved the way it went down.

  5. Chad says

    Uh, please don’t hate me, but I totally agree with him… but I think that’s a GOOD thing.

    I think when you’re at that age, you do experiment. Hell, Sherilyn Fenn in TWIN PEAKS made me experiment with heterosexuality in high school.

    And I think GLEE (and other shows we have on television) show that lifestyles other than heterosexuality, it begins to normalize and take the stigma out. (I firmly believe it is the next generation growing up and the generation after that will help bring about full equality).

    Bill says GLEE “makes it glamorous” and “encourage experimenting.” I… yeah. I agree with that. GLEE makes it look glamorous and fabulous. It’s the reason GLAAD and other organizations have showered it with awards for acceptance.

    Gretchen Carlson in this interview isn’t event worth discussing.

    I don’t disagree with what he says, however I think we call all disagree with the tone in which he says it and the implications behind it.

  6. says

    I was upset because she decided to come out in a hick town, and everything was rosey. It sends the wrong message to kids and may cause more suffering when people come out in hostile places.
    I think the heartless gay community are using kids as pawns in the fight for equality, and they don’t care how many might be hurt.
    It’s disgraceful but nothing new. They still haven’t stopped the spread of hiv after 30 years. Why? Because they could care less about each other, just as they don’t care about school kids.

  7. Steve says


    1) You shouldn’t be letting YOUR 8 year old watch Glee. Not the target demographic.

    2) Alex’s performance was easily the best of the episode.

    3) They come up with those stories because there are few other places where they are displayed to the masses.

    4) Bill O’Reilly and that blonde woman make me sick to my stomach.

    5) Fox silenced the person that was right as usual. Judge Jeannie owned their asses.

  8. says

    Watching Bill O’Reilly risks encouraging young people to experiment sexually with idiocy and loofah (or as brainiac Bill likes to call them, falafel).

  9. candideinncc says

    It is a shame O’Liely isn’t smart enough to be embarrassed by what he says.

  10. H8Str8s says

    This is performance art. They are a satire of themselves. This is more funny than hurtful to us. This makes them into fools in the eyes of everyone not already confirmed in these opinions.

  11. says

    funny thing is – the only side-effect of “experimentation” that Glee will have on non-LGBT kids is that they might very well experiment with the love and acceptance of diversity that they’re not being taught in the home…..

  12. endo says

    He’s right, you guys. Slushie hurling has become epidemic in high school hallways since this show premiered.

  13. Rick says

    Well, for once I agree with you, RyaninSacto and Chad.

    I am all for experimentation–everybody should be free to try every kind of sexual activity to find just the right “blend” for themselves, free of stigmatization.

    If someone tries something and really doesn’t like it, then they just are not going to do it any more. Or they might like it just a little and want to do it occasionally, but not often. Or they might like it only with certain individuals to whom they feel a special attachment, but not with anyone else.

    Of course, you realize that granting people such freedom is eventually going to result in the de-construction of the “gay”/”straight” paradigm that some of you cherish so much……and will also result in the demise of the “gay” culture of effeminacy, as the majority of males engaging in same-sex activity will have normal masculine demeanors and values and will begin to swamp by shear numbers the number who idolize and live vicariously through women.

    Yes, the more freedom, the better. Yes, indeed.

  14. Bill O'Really? says

    On the other hand, I understand O’Reilly’s fear about Glee. Because whenever I watch him on Fux news, despite being acutely attracted to men, I immediately want to experiment with sexually harassing my female assistant, having inappropriate peronal relationships with female subordinates, then paying the objects of my improper advances off with large settlements in exchange for their silence. Happens every time I see him.

  15. PAUL B. says

    Thank you Jeannine!!! Can anyone explain to me why I don’t want to be blonde, stupid and a loud-mouthed bitc…h???
    I mean, I watch Fox, see these “so called women” looking like that, and I have no interest in experimenting with their appearance, behavior or non-existent sex lives. Yet, there they are…today’s role models???? Que…vomit!

  16. says

    the good news – as long as ‘femme-haters’ like Rick never have the balls to actually Live Out Loud (and make no mistake, they DON’T. no confident secure gay men take issue, at all, with how masc or fem or perceived of either other gay males are. it’s strictly the domain of the Insecure Closeted Homosexual Male), the culture of femme-fear will eventually die with them in their closets.


    nope. femmes aint going nowhere. neither are, uh, “mascs” (?)

    what is gonna die off are the legions of self-loathing homosexual men who spew their anger at “stereotypical gays” from the closets they live in. they’re gonna die in those closets, and take their self-loathing with them. the rest of the population? they’re gonna embrace diversity, and it’s a brave new real cool world.

  17. Nate says

    What’s wrong with experimenting? I experimented being straight when i was younger. I still turned out gay.

  18. Redebbm says

    Again Fox News making a problem out of nothing to rile up and spread fear to their susceptible audience. It’s an entertainment channel listed as news any surprise. My grandfather enjoys watching this channel purely because they cater to him. Now I’ll probably get asked if i watch Glee because as usual O’Reilly has no idea what he is talking about, but somehow get’s to create his own credibility.

  19. Nick says

    Time for Bill ‘O to go back to where he honed his journalistic credentials- “A Current Affair”-

  20. DanSwon says

    Uhh these people are total creeps. I wish people would take no notice of their nonsense.

  21. Tom Stoppard says

    Fox News is nothing but a propaganda channel posing as “news” but really aimed at brainwashing Americans into taking on extremist views. Goebbels would have loved it. It is full of preachers of hate and O’Reilly is their high priest.

  22. Paul R says

    The sad thing is what a hypocrite and liar he is. He gave an interview to Out magazine about 10 years ago where he said he had no problems with gay people and has gay relatives. Disgusting turn of face.

    Also, how many people experiment with being transgender? Aside from maybe Halloween or occasional drag? Yes, some people experiment with gay, but that’s usually just a drunken test. If you “experiment” more than a couple times, the writing’s on the wall, baby.

  23. says

    And that explains why, surrounded by four very straight brothers I turned to experimenting with “the gay”.

    Bill O’Reilly is an oaf.

  24. Rick says

    @JACKFKTWIST Bad argument. To refuse to acknowledge that the majority of the male population in particular (and to a lesser extent the female population) has some bisexual tendencies that are stifled by a homophobic culture is to close your eyes to reality.

    And this is where those of you who advocate the “Born This Way” notion are off the farm–our real future lies in freeing all men from the restrictions on their sexual behavior that a homophobic culture creates…..NOT in promoting a “straight”/”day”, “born this way”, “there is no choice” ideology.

    That old ideology is defensive and results in us having to play on the field of the Religious Right, implying that their notion that homosexuality is “immoral” is correct, whereas the new ideology that I support throw that notion right out the window…..

  25. mike/ says

    like his watching Roy Rogers & The Lone Ranger made him a cowboy?

    fool, give people some credit; thank the fates the vast majority of people are not all like you…

  26. Mary says

    Yes, some of us here will agree with O’Reilly. There is a spectrum – people who are so straight they would never consider experimenting, those straight who would experiment and not like same-sex relations, straight people who MIGHT like it as much or somewhat less than straight sex, and people who live a “straight” life who really are gay and would either discover this or (finally) admit to to themselves. Interesting how everyone here pretends that the experimenters all fall into the last category. It is those who fall into the third category (potential bisexuals) who O’Reilly and most of his fellow conservatives are worried about. Those who fall into the “gay but don’t know it/haven’t admitted it” category SHOULD be “experimenting.”

    But truthfully we have no idea how many people fall into each of these categories. Hence, our conservatism – which you keep insisting is “hate.”

    OK, you can start throwing the internet tomatoes now……

  27. Rick says

    @Mary Why are you “worried” about “potential bisexuals?” Because you think that anyone who has any heterosexual desires whatsoever should never have sex with someone of the same gender? Why is that better than having everyone find their optimal balance and pursue it?

  28. Frank C. says

    Mary, you’re useless on here. You’re so desperate for friends and attention, you camp out on a site where a majority of posters feel so sorry for you. Your years on this planet are numbered….go spend them with someone who loves you. Do you have any of those in your life? You old hag.

  29. IonMovies says

    Yay! Mary…the fake, phoney martyr who tries to play it off like she’s so not a troll, has just revealed what a huge troll she is with this one post. Every fake little “I feel so bad for this kid who commited suicide” message where she tries to get us to think she’s not a bigot went right down the tube with that last post. Mary, your colors were revealed, but we all already called you out on your bull before. You’re one sorry, old bat if all you have to do in your life is camp out 24/7 on a gay blog.

  30. USC Trojan Fan says

    Mary, you’re not a “hater”…you’re a troll. Hater would imply most of us care about what you say or think. Troll means most of us have called you out on not contributing anything here except flaunting your ignorance.

  31. johnny says

    Kids experiment with everything. But they end up being what they are at their core, eventually, even some after they are married with kids of their own.

    I a-l-m-o-s-t agree with Rick. It’s all just sex, there’s degrees of everything that’s in-between gay and straight.

    What’s harmful is how society views certain types of sex in one way and other types of sex in another way. Or certain types of gender identity one way and other types another way. It’s all wrapped up in fear.

    In reality the only type of sex that is wrong is when it’s forced on another person or publicly displayed in front of people who don’t want to watch it. Otherwise, it’s two consenting people doing what they want.

    End of story.

  32. iawl says

    @RICK If the “new ideology that (you) support” once again includes heaping shame, blame, anger and disgust at gays who are not “masc” enough for you– then, as usual, any hint of truth in your current argument is full-on discredited. It is a tired and so-over-it policy of hate and homophobia that you continue NON-STOP to promote on this site. I get it. It is your schtick. It makes you feel important or relevant, or whatever… but the predictability of you shouting your hate from your faceless closet is just so old. Little Kiwi and countless others have called you out on it articulately and mercilessly for what feels like years– you seem to enjoy it. Some sort of comment-posting-S&M you get off on, I guess. But the truth is that the hate-filled venom you are always spewing at those you so homophobically judge as “not-masc-enough” for you speaks volumes about your own frightened and self-hating world. It is cool to have a different opinion than the majority of the community- but to believe your view is better because you are more “masc” (?!) is creepy, wrong and likely puts you on the road to Dahmer-ville as far as mental health is concerned.

  33. Bob says

    Fox News, Fox Broadcasting and 20th Century Fox Television (Production company for Glee) are all part of the same corporate giant News Corp. It’s interesting that they allow one division to criticize another so blatantly. You can be assured that this didn’t go unnoticed by the Broadcasting and Television Production executives. If I were a shareholder, I won’t be too happy that internal resources were being used to bash the company products.

  34. keating says

    As for the new Glee character, has anyone noticed that after all the people asking the show’s producers to add a black boy as a significant character, when they finally do the boy is transgender? Just asking.

  35. LincolnLounger says

    I don’t know what he’s worried about. The show has become so unwatchable that it will have little affect on gay, straight, trans, bi, experimenting, etc., except to turn the channel no matter how much one may enjoy the music.

  36. LincolnLounger says

    I don’t know what he’s worried about. The show has become so unwatchable that it will have little affect on gay, straight, trans, bi, experimenting, etc., except to turn the channel no matter how much one may enjoy the music.

  37. Mary says

    “Because you think that anyone who has any heterosexual desires whatsoever should never have sex with someone of the same gender? Why is that better than having everyone find their optimal balance and pursue it?”

    Because, Rick, we have no idea how much upheaval this could cause in the lives of millions of people. Societies en masse have never tried such a policy. (short version of the argument).

    Frank C, do you read minds? How would you know what most people on Towleroad feel toward me….or anyone else? If I wanted friends and attention I’d be saying things that people WANT to hear. But I’m a pain in the ass because I think for myself and don’t respect the sacred cows of either the left or the right. If I ever posted on Free Republic with any regularity I’d have the same problem. And I have plenty of people who love me. But even if I didn’t, wouldn’t someone looking for love be on

    And “B.T., we know which Canadian poster you are. As I’ve said before, your style is too distinctive to be hidden.

  38. Kevin says

    Fox News commentator creating free publicity for a Fox show.

    Ever get the feeling you’re being played?

  39. says

    IAWL, it’s exactly as you put it.

    there’s a reason that the “i hate femmes” crowd can never, EVER, put a face and name to their comments.

    it’s the same reason anti-gay conservative politicians get busted in public bathrooms with their lips around a stranger’s cock.

  40. LionsG says

    Rick…the old bitter, psycho, deranged, nut job (with an extremely sociopath like complex toward feminine gays)….having a conversation with Mary. An equally outlandish wack job, old, bitter, misinformed and senile. You just can’t make this stuff up. But these people do exist. In fact, they post in every thread on this site with one insane comment after another

  41. Coolersack says

    How many alias’s does Rick have on here?
    I know one is Ratbastard and the other is Jason. But I’m starting to sincerely lose count.

  42. Steve-ATL says

    @Coolersack….Basically, anytime you see someone go off on a homophobic, irrational, tirade against fem gays (to which there are many in our community, and they rock!)….know it’s coming from Rick. The bi polar 54 year old certifiable nut. Always remember that.

  43. USC Trojan Fan says

    Yes, I’ve long suspected UFDDA as being Rick. Considering how often he agrees with Rick, and his own disturbing fixation with feminine gays, and belittling them, all while revealing he doesn’t have much exposure to gay men or the gay community, I think UFDDA is one of Rick’s personalities in his head. To which I truly believe exist, and depending on the particular meds taken or not taken that day, can appear on here.

  44. Mike in the Tundra says

    I saw a lot of straight lovin’ on TV. I never really tried it. I just didn’t want to, and I wasn’t afraid my friends would accuse me of being straight.

  45. Opinionated says

    Oh god forbid you have to EXPLAIN something to your kid. Sheesh. No wonder that party is full of close minded ignorant people. If it isn’t something they are comfortable with they don’t want to understand it and certainly don’t want to explain it. Go stay in your bubble and save the rest of us your ignorance by not voting.

  46. The Realist says

    I gotta ask…Who dressed Gretchen Carlson when she won Miss America? Bet he was gay.

  47. Brim says

    This is just so weird to me. He says he has no problem with gay people but then if a kid experiments with homosexuality that is a bad thing? So is it the experimentation or the gay experimentation that is bad here? Either way, he comes off looking like an ignorant, prudish man.

  48. Zlick says

    It’s getting real hard to comment on this site when nearly every interesting topic gets overrun with the Rick v. Kiwi, and Rick and his Sock Puppets v. Everyone wars. Sheesh, then when Mary shows up, it’s damn near impossible to have a decent conversation about the presented topics among the fine people of above-average integrity and intellect who generally peruse this blog.

    Ok, but did I detect the kernel of a decent idea in one of Rick’s rants? I, too, believe it will be a better world when there’s less gay/straight dichotomy. I happen to think far more people are somewhere along the curve – and lord knows less rigid separation in societal norms and yes, Mr. O’Reilly, lots more very healthy experimentation might just bring that about.

    (Rick’s delusional reasons for why males shy away from homo-experimentation is his usual insane hogwash, but I like to separate the wheat from the chaff sometimes.)

  49. Rick says

    @Zlick Then why do males shy away from homo-experimentation (to use your words), in your opinion?

  50. Zlick says

    If I had to hazard a guess, I would say it’s the rampant homophobia in society and the stigma that goes with that. NOT the femmes among the gays, and nor do I think the homophobia in society stems from the femmes among the gays.

  51. Kenneth says

    I don’t know why everyone feeds the troll, rick. He is going to die a sad lonely death, most likely from AIDS he acquired in a restroom somewhere because he’s just too masculine to associate with us femme ass gays. Ignore him and his many other names, and he will eventually go back to his glory-hole salivating and leave the board open to intelligent discussion. I’m not sure there’s any hope for us where mary is concerned, unless she is just another one of rick’s aliases.

  52. Contrarian says

    I hate to be a broken record but isn’t this Glee series which I never watch on a Murdoch owned network? If so, aren’t all you breathless infatuated queens here allies and supporters of Fraud Noise the Murdoch/Ailes hate the gays machine? It’s all News Corp. you silly ninnies. Oh, foolish me, da gheys don’t read the business pages so they don’t know “nutin” about corporate America. But hey, the latest diva, boy band or shallow TV show with hunky lads, they know every detail down to the soles of their shoes. Then you realize why for every advance the community is pushed back two steps by the likes of the Murdoch machine supported by gay eyeballs and TV ratings.

  53. Michaelandfred says

    I (and millions like me) tried heterosexuality in high school or even longer with no lasting adverse affects Bill. It’s not amputation. It’s more like trying Thai for the first time. Some like, some don’t, some go back once every couple of years….”Experimenting with homosexuality,” Oh No!! How do these people breath and walk at the same time?

  54. Michaelandfred says

    Keating, the kid playing this part was one of the winers of the Glee project, and he did most of his performances IN drag. It was quite a shock to the producers of the show the first time he did. In fact, in my opinion, he’s a much more believable artist and performer in drag than he is otherwise. He comes alive while in drag. It seems a natural fit to make a transgender character and not another gay story line. I imagine it won’t all be rosy for him “after” he gets of stage.

    Mary- That makes no sense. First off, this is not how society has “always been”, I wish you people wold stop perpetuating this idea. We are right now living in one of the most sexually oppressive eras ever. Saying something has always been doesn’t make it so. Unless by always you mean the past few decades as the christian right has tightened it’s grip on american culture. The reality is very few cultures historically have had issues with people being who and how they are. In fact, our laws, democracy, literature, most impressive art….many of the foundations of our civilization are based on exactly these “enlightened” times in history.

    But forget that. Why on Earth would you want people pretending to be other than they are? To fit “your’ personal idea of what life should be? You read on this site how the children suffer, how adults suffer, how the wives, husbands and children of closeted gays and lesbians suffer, how trans individuals suffer, good lord, how many thousands or millions of bisexuals also suffer..all trying to shape themselves against their nature to live up to your expectations of how people “should” be. All that suffering just to satisfy you? For what? To create and perpetuate this false idea of the world you are all so fixated on? 7+ billion people on the planet and growing. I think the world has done pretty well up until now without all of you dictating how we should all act.

    How can we see you as anything other than a hater when you continue to create so much uncaring pain and hardship for total strangers for no apparent reason other than your own personal moral compass. What should we call it Mary? You tell us because it’s not love.

  55. Paul Keckonen says

    Some day – it cannot come too soon! – the terms “gay” straight” and “bisexual” will be dusty relics of the past. When either the Kinsey Scale or the Klein Scale of human sexuality is implemented a lot of these nonsense arguments will disappear. On the Kinsey Scale a K-0 will NEVER EVER experiment with any kind of same sex behavior whether in fantasy or in reality just as a K-6 will never ever experiment with the opposite sex.
    As far as “experimenting with being transgender” goes, that has got to be one of the stupidest things to ever be uttered on TV. If you agree with Bill on this then I really have to question your intellectual capability.
    @Kenneth, by talking about “trolls” you are also “feeding” them…and while you are contemplating troll aliases, did it ever cross your mind that maybe Rick and Little Kiwi are the same person? Sort of like Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde?

  56. ratbastard says

    Glee doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest, but it does have interesting characters on it. Unfortunately, it’s also COMPLETELY unrealistic, a fantasy some people wish HS could be or could have been. And BTW, it’s on FOX.

    They had a calm and reasonably sane conversation, and multiple sides were allowed to express themselves. As for O’Reilly being anti-gay, etc., I must have missed something. He was at best mildly rebuking certain activities he thinks will could come back to haunt kids/young adults [or adults for that matter] like ‘sex tapes’, and by extension posting sh*t online you shouldn’t. He said glamorizing certain activity in the eyes of immature kids is a bad idea. Of course kids are targeted by marketers and advertisers big time, and everything from sex to violence is used to ‘sell’ products, services, and ideas to them. And no, this isn’t necessarily a good thing. It would be interesting to see O’Reilly or anyone else in TV or radio extrapolate on this subject, but don’t hold your breath. Their advertisers wouldn’t appreciate it.

    It is typical of ‘radicals’ on one side of the equation to get p*ssed off more with ‘moderates’ than their radical opposites. ‘Radicals’ or any kind also tend to fear ‘moderates’ more because they often are better at articulating sane and coherent ideas, and are more popular than they are. In this way they, ‘moderates’, take away from the ‘message’ or ‘talking-Points’ those more ‘radical’ or extremist are pushing. Those with more extremist views and ideas also want to ghettoize the particular group they’re trying to influence as much as possible, to get them to think they have no viable options to turn to but them.

    Anyway, he’s just some talking head on TV; don’t like his show, CHANGE THE CHANNEL…DON’T USE HIS ADVERTISERS PRODUCTS OR SERVICES. I don’t watch him and rarely watch Fox or TV in general. But I’ve never found O’Reilly to be extremist, basically he projects a moderate POV. There are some on Fox News, like Hannity, who are really are obnoxious and loathsome.

  57. ratbastard says

    And what does it say about posters on here who say they hope someone dies a ‘sad, lonely death’ from AIDS? These forums are full of some of the nastiest sh*t imaginable. And it’s usually from people who have been or perceive they’ve been ‘bullied’, and want others to empathize and sympathize with them.

  58. says

    And last night he was making fun of a guy trying out for a cheerleading squad.

    Do we really need so much gender- and sexuality- policing? Isn’t it bad enough already? (Rick, et al, need not answer)

  59. ratbastard says


    He has no power to ‘police’ anybody. He just expresses viewpoints on a cable show that exists to make $ from advertising and attract viewers for this purpose. That’s it.


    And if ‘Rick’ didn’t exist on these forums, he’d have to be invented. Maybe he was invented?

  60. Aaron says

    The societal pressure that we face as young people is not to “experiment” with being gay, or to “experiment” with cross dressing or other transgendered issues. The societal pressures we face are to be straight.

    I WISH that I had had more positive gay role models growing up. I wish that gay issues had been more in the open than they were. Then I would have felt more comfortable with who I knew I was instead of trying to be someone that I wasn’t and wasting nearly a decade of my young and formative twenties in a long term relationship with, and ultimately married to, and then divorced from, a woman.

    One thing that Glee has done extraordinarily well is drawing inspiration from the real life stories of the actors and bringing them to the screen. One example is when Kurt wanted to sing “Defying Gravity,” a song that Chris Colfer had wanted to sing at his school’s talent show and was not allowed to. Another story from real life is with Alex Newell’s character, Wade Adams. In the Glee Project, Alex shared the story of how he felt like a woman inside, and even did a performance in drag on that show. I applaud Glee’s decision to add that to the show.

  61. Bernie says

    so, here we go again with another
    “brilliant” statement from Bill O’Reilly. If we follow Bill’s logic of seeing LGBT folks on TV, they will somehow turn GBLT. Why am I still gay after watching years of straight people on TV? According to Bill’s thinking, I should be straight.

  62. jack says

    Throughout my childhood I was surrounded by nothing but heterosexual role models and saw nothing but heterosexual relationships on TV and in the movies, and yet I was NEVER tempted to experiment with heterosexuality. Just sayin.

  63. says

    Oh no, kids can’t think for themselves! Especially teenagers. They’ll just getconfused! I like if they don’t watch fox News and other good republicans they won’t know that most of their adult life is supposed to be about bitching about everyone they don’t like… Or just everyone! Oh, what are we teaching our children?!

    P. S. Isn’t it about time for bill’s gay scandal? Let’s get the ball rolling on this one

  64. jack says

    Rick and Littlekiwi are both ideological fanatics who don’t tolerate any opposition. It is their way or the highway. We, myself included, give them too much attention. Which is just what each of them thrive on.

  65. billmiller says

    And watching fakes ‘news’ will turn you into a ranting homophobe,racist liar! Or at least experiment at it.

  66. BrokebackBob says

    (very loud anguish scream)
    Fox is now eating itself!
    GLEE is the biggest moneymaker
    for FOX Broadcasting, period and
    honey, that is what they care about.
    It is also the best show on the
    O’Reilly should be taken aside and
    disciplined by the Fox higher ups
    (hell they tell him everything to
    say anyway) and say keep you mouth
    to yourself about our most successful
    program -ever-.
    He is truly an a-hole/d-bag RepubliThug(tm)

  67. Bernie says

    so, according to O’Reilly’s way of thinking, I should be straight after watching heterosexuals on TV for all of my life. I am still gay!