1. endo says

    I did a google image search for “pejazzling” and there’s not a single image of a penis with jeweled rhinestones stuck on it.

    And google knows all.

  2. Abie says

    This is a made up thing, right? Nobody actually sticks rhinestones to their penises, do they? Just from a practical standpoint, there are some obvious drawbacks what with chafing, etc. aside from the general yecchh factor.
    Also, just… tacky.

  3. DC says

    I highly doubt it’s made up. In the 1700s in Paris it was very trendy for nobles to have their pubic hair cut, curled, perfumed and set with little red bows. Then you have Japanese men inserting small steel ball-bearings subcutaneously (as in, cutting the skin, placing the ball, and letting it heal) for I don’t know how long. Dragon penis tattoos? What so shocking about a little glue and bedazzles on your junk? It makes me laugh and cringe too, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all.