1. bandanajack says

    don’t need to watch (although i did when broadcast), i lived it, protests and all. it was the only sane response to the criminal neglect.

  2. Paul R says

    I fully support ACT UP, but we can’t brush over the fact that it made plenty of enemies too. The action with spilling the holy water at the NYC cathedral tremendously upset a lot of people and caused a loss in support (again, not from me; no religion here).

  3. Tyler says

    I’m so glad that she highlighted this news. Maddow is one of the best people in the media today, and I just wish more people recognized this fact.

  4. says

    There’s a new documentary “United in Anger: A History of ACT-UP” that will be making the feestival round sshortyl — and I hope to cable and home video after that. It is required viewing.

    I have an article about it and several other new AIDS documentaries in the next issue of “Film Comment” magazine.

  5. jim says

    Man, watching this stuff again, all these years later, still brings tears to my eyes. Anger, frustration, sadness. Thank god for ACT-UP, what a band of heros!

  6. says

    Brandon and Rachel you have made me cry !

    ACT UP was the work and commitment of people with integrity……in a time of hopelessness and fear.
    ACT UP gave us dignity and balls….and we will still need the same qualities in the coming showdown with the extremists of the Right.
    Rachel, I hope you will be there to lead the war against the Right…..we need you.

  7. Daniel says

    HIV is not good, by ANY means. I’m into HAART for 10 years and I dream on the day a cure for AIDS will be reached.

  8. Dynex says

    I don’t believe in apologizing for being gay and I don’t believe in rimming religious people to BEG for rights I hould have, and for gay youth to not be bullied. When so many of these hypocrite religious loons are the foulest, sickest trouble making folks out there.

    I CALL THEM OUT! And I support anyone and everyone who does too.

  9. IonMovies says

    Good for ACT UP!

    If religion was attacking ANY other demographic like they do gays, that demographic who be on the streets protesting daily. Enough with letting them get a pass because of an unproved belief system they chose. If they are going to target us, baby we can come at you ten fold. And this whole “play a nice guy act and get on your knees and plea for rights and respect” song and dance is bull. Didn’t work. Doesn’t work.

  10. Jay Lacey says

    I turned 39 years old this year and I have lived with AIDS for more than half my life. At the age of 16 I was told I was HIV positive in 1989 and was a sophomore in high school. I was very alone and was very scared that I would never see my 18th birthday. Actually those were the first words I said when a stranger told me of my status. I kept this disease to myself in fear that my family would disown me, my school would react irrationally and because I was a scared kid who at that time was learning to be a young adult. I remember being at home and watching NBC nightly news in 1990 and this was the first time I saw ACT UP and Larry Kramer.This was also the first time I thought to myself I would see my 18th birthday. I began to have hope for the very first time in my life. With all this being said, 22 years later living with AIDS I want to say thank you Larry Kramer and ACT UP. My 18th birthday has come and gone, my family loves me unconditionally, my past classmates know I am HIV positive and I am here now teaching others the next step in HIV/AIDS and that is to get tested, fight stigma and be proud. We all live with this disease whether we are negative or positive but together thanks to you we continue to fight and tell others there is a new hope and a new journey to a cure! Thank you again and I couldn’t be prouder or thankful enough for all you did to make me who I am today!

  11. ty says

    What a terrific tribute! Thanks Rachel for reminding us about what it takes to get things done in this country! Shortly after the Act Up protests, better drugs came out making Aids more manageable.