1. yeahisaidit says

    …she’s got you fooled then…Wendy’s a hot mess from way back who’ll talk trash about you as soon as you turn your back….

  2. Jack says

    Rachel should respond to Richard Grenell’s tweet with her high school picture and the line “Been there, done that…”

  3. sylina says

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  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    A surreal point for me was Wendy interviewing Rachel Maddow and saying she loves listening to Michael Savage on the radio! Wow.

  5. Alan says

    Rachel Maddow looks like the lesbian Whole Foods Manager in Boston that bitches me out because I can’t find a cucumber that is going to fill up my appetite enough to satisfy me.

    I mean, no offense, but he’s not my type.

  6. says

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  7. hotbeef801 says

    I have love Wendy for many years and dont get it twisted she is definately a friend of ours! Rachel is great also love seeing all the exposure she is getting.

  8. jimbob says

    I love both of these women because they couldn’t give a F%@K what other people think of them…I was blown away on how stunning Rachel was in High School.

  9. jack says

    Rachel is one of the brightest most articulate progressives in the media today. She is also easy on the eyes. If I was straight, she would be my kind of gal.

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