1. R says

    I’m not going to lie… I find some of his videos a little creepy, with the whole, “I’m going to add 10 different versions of me singing the song” thing. Then again, it could just be me.

  2. Dale says

    He can sing and carry a tune… the bad is that he sounds like the typical Disney artisits. His sound does not make him stand out above anyone else…well, he does stand out over Justin Beiber.

  3. Alan says

    He’s pretty cute, too. Give him a few years in the gym and this guy is going to be hottness all over. Great smile, good attitude. Someone send this video to Ellen. She’ll make him a star.

  4. Dan D says

    Allen, He’s been on Oprah and Ellen. He’s a super star on youtube with hundreds of millions of views. Really, hundreds of millions. He’s also quite humble Reality. Of course, the homophobes always take pot shots at him even though he says he has a girlfriend. Whether he is or not, I think he’s got great talent and he gives off a great energy.

  5. James says

    He really is talented… I’ve heard him live idk how many times. I think this synth bubblegum stuff doesn’t do him justice.

  6. buster says

    @R – It’s not just you. I saw some of this guy’s videos a couple of years ago. The first couple are kinda fun and impressive as a novelty (obviously he’s not without talent and a plastic sort of charm) but, to me, the more of them you see, the creepier and more … desperate? lonely? sad? … they begin to feel. Tsui is almost 23, but these videos feel like the sort of thing that you might do in the summer when you’re 14 and don’t have a lot of friends.

    And that’s what feels “off” here. Music is, fundamentally, a communicative and social art. Making a practice of just doing it by and with yourself is a little odd and, well, masturbatory — again, much like a 14 year old without a lot of friends.

  7. Sean says


    Loosen up. He is just having some fun. This type of music is called mashup. He did a masterful job of mash different songs together. Pop yes. No need to read more into what it is.