1. MarkUs says

    His numbers must stink on ice with the 18-15 year olds for him to cheapen the office like that. You can always tell with him. “Hey you young people! You and your friends watch me tonight on Jimmy Kimmel yo!” Do it from your apartments, I mean, your parent’s house.

  2. JP says

    How does it cheapen the office to reach out to a large audience of American voters? It was fun, yet tasteful. It would be nice if everyone watched C-span, but they don’t. I think Obama rocks and I’m 43.

  3. Chadd says

    If being accessible to a large segment of the US population equals cheapening the office, then please let’s see more cheapening. I’d rather have a President that appears on late night talk shows than one who only makes scripted speeches, never leaves the oval office and does things like start wars.

  4. says

    I agree with the fact that it’s refreshing to see a President appealing to the public in a way that more people can relate to – not some boxy oval office type…however if all Obama can do for the country is be a celebrity then it doesn’t matter where he appears or what he does – he hasn’t been a force of change in this country and honestly I haven’t felt that his presidency has done half of what it could to make things better. He’s a celeb, and God knows that celebs are all that Americans can create anymore.

  5. Chadd says

    @Michael Graye: I agree with your point that it takes more than just being an elected celebrity to make things better. However, remember that our other choice was John McCain. Based on McCain’s comments since the election, we would still have DADT, DOMA would be vigorously defended, we’d be deeper into a war in Iraq, maintaining in Afganistan and on the brink of war with Iran. Our VP would be Sarah Palin and god knows who our Sect of State would be and how our standing in the world would be viewed. McCain would have also put 2 people on the Supreme Court – tipping the balance to an ultra conservative majority and making marriage equality an impossibility for at least 30 years. Maybe Obama hasn’t moved us as far forward as we would like, but McCain would have dragged us backwards.

  6. say what says



    “cheapen the office” yet taking america into a war with a country that never attacked america, causing a recession, war crimes, etc was all hunky dorey for you goproud types

    stop the BS and just admit you hate him because he is black and that is what cheapens the office in your mind

  7. says

    So this is the best we can do, fellow Americans? Re-elect an egotistical media whore President who all but ignores the jobless and pushes sex and gender policy reform only when it’s safe to do so? To echo the words of desegregation activist Fannie Lou Hamer: “I question America. Is this America?”

    To all you shills for the Democratic Party out there: Equality is not a partisan concern! Ted Olson isn’t the only Republican who supports us, and there are more all the time. Hell yeah, I would rather see a Republican elected than suffer four more years under Barack Obama! I’d rather deal with a wolf in wolf’s clothing than a wolf in sheep’s clothing any damn day of the week!

  8. Derek Pearce says

    That rocked. Haters gonna hate- it’s not like you whiners were going to vote for him anyway. It makes me laugh when Republicans try to astroturf the comments here. Can’t wait for Mittens to go down in flames in November.

  9. testingtonho says

    I agree with keeping Stafford interest rates low. But at the same time I am completely sick and tired of all the people asking for a handout with the Student Loan Forgiveness Act. I do not think it is fair that students who voluntarily took on debt now think that the tax payers should have to pay it back for them. I got into Boston University and NYU but chose to instead go to a school in the Midwest because I could afford it on scholarships without loans…if I’d know that I could just shove my loan burden onto everybody else’s shoulders I’d have maybe gone with a less fiscally responsible choice

  10. jack says

    Don’t tell Michele but I am in love with this guy. He is fantastic. A great president, a great family man and an all around great human being. This gay male white Navy veteran will proudly vote for him again.

  11. simplet0n says

    Listen to what Obama is doing: he’s trying to help students on their loans. So what better way to pressure congress than to campaign to the students through a show that they watch; and even if they don’t, he knows that this will go viral, and more students could watch this on youtube. It’s genius, IMHO. No one has done it before.

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