1. Jack says

    I have a reservation on a cruise that stops in St Petersburg next spring. But I’m not going to go. I’m sure someone else will take my spot, but at least it won’t be my money that’s helping to fund homophobia.

  2. uffda says

    This is powerfully touching to me. Yes they must educate the public, they must be visible, they must become the squeeky wheel that gets the grease which is attention and finally acceptance. Sixty years ago Stalin would simply have murdered them, that’s the background they have to work with, a much steeper road than we have.

  3. Cherry says

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  4. Leroy Laflamme says

    Everyone should read the April issue of Vanity Fair (The Wrath of Putin) to get an idea of how wretched life can get for anyone who opposes him. The battle for LGBT rights in Russia is going to be a long & hard one, with far too many casualties on our side.

  5. crunch says

    Or don’t. Homophobia exists in Russia on a societal level, and people are kidding themselves when linking everything to Vladimir Putin. I have seen the article, which makes a case for martyrdom for one of the oligarchs who plundered ordinary Russians during the 90s. Liberals are really making a mistake allying themselves with the ultra wealthy, and I have a hard time accepting this case without a mea culpla.

    As for Masha Gessen – she is a bad advocate for LGBT rights in Russia. Firstly, she is an American, and has been inoculated from most of the economic and societal issues faced by Russians. Secondly, she has a close relationship with formerly the most powerful media oligarch in Russia who helped rig the reelection of the deeply unpopular president – Boris Yeltsin. Putin’s rise sent him to exile in Israel, but her former boss is one of the reasons most Russians call democracy “shitocracy”.