1. happyday says

    There is a difference between advocating for your executive order and calling people cowards and not worthy of voting for – which Almeida did in a very unprofessional manner. That is not the way to get things done in Washington, and he should know that.

  2. jack says

    I will vote for Obama either way. The alternative is totally unacceptable. The cold hard fact is that we on the left have no alternative. If the dems loose the White House we are in for some long lean years. Deal with it.

  3. Bill Perdue says

    Obama didn’t refuse to sign the EO because he’s a coward.

    He did it because he’s a right centrist bigot like the Clintons and Bushes – all of them pandered to bigots.

    Voting for bigots from either party is unaccepteable. On November 6th write in Brad Manning, vote left as a protest or just sit it out. Before and after the no change in any case election build unions, the union left and the Occupiers.