1. bandanajack says

    its going to take me LONG time to figure out what to make of this.. it smacks of sincerity and is far less condescending than most missives from the LDS ranks. i knew that a small portion of the less political LDS members felt that the church had gone too far, and that there were better uses for the money and time being spent to block gay civil progress. has that bloc reached a turning point? have the many too many mormon young men who have left the church and family or even worse taken their own lives in despair finally been heard. it would seem in some quarters it has.

    i will await the continuing actions of the church proper and particularly of its elders whose edicts are inviolable before i come down on any side of this, but i thought i should offer it up to you with the above caveat.

  2. Ricco says

    I am sure there is real sincerity behind these PSA’s . . . but what would go much further with me is if these gay loving Mormons would distance themselves from their cult.

    It’s bad enough dealing with the haters who call themselves Christian’s but to deal with haters from a totally make believe religion that is a clone of the 2,000 year old religion is hard to take.

    If Catholics and Mormons want to make a difference then they would stop fueling their respective hate machines, whose leaders are pedophiles on the one hand, and thugs on the other.

  3. Craig says

    Weird, I knew one of those guys.

    The first guy can’t bring himself to say his son is gay (same sex attraction?).

    The first woman talks about her gay son being perfect in the past tense – “he was such a perfect child” – apparently not perfect anymore.

    At least they’re trying.

  4. Brian M says

    As someone who requested and received his name be stricken from the church records, I find it hard to imagine a Mormon world where the LGBT member is not viewed as abominations, deviants, sinners, etc. That being said, I can truly see the sincerity with which these individuals voiced their beliefs, concerns, and hopes. I also applaud the courage it takes to go against the church hierarchy as well as the LDS community as a whole to participate in this video. Considering the vast numbers of LDS/LGBT teens who are ostracized by their families and are now living on the streets, I can only hope that it makes a lasting impact on all those concerned.

    p.s. I also find JASUN’s comment ignorant and uncalled for.

  5. UFFDA says

    I fell in love with a charming countrified Mormon missionary when I was 19 and joined the LDS church largely because of him (what a story!), then went to BYU where I established a life-long friendship with author Carol Lynn Pearson who’s magnificent book No More Goodbyes: Circling the Wagons Around Our Gay Loved Ones (source of the name for this conference) chronicles the sad story of official Mormon oppression of its gay members. She has made a huge difference and this video will no doubt extend such efforts to reach ever more people. Mormons, and the church heirarchy know they have a problem and many are attempting to address it compassionately.

    It doesn’t matter that many think their religious point of view is total nutbaggery. Those, in my opinion, who think anyone was ever born of a virgin, walked on water, atones for anyone else, or, for that matter, believes that this universe is an accident is equivalently deluded. The video speaks for itself enabling those who can see that lovely loving people exist everywhere and that their expanding hearts are slowly pushing out and past the bigots and ideologues.

    I have long since left the Mormons but never the many good people their religion includes.

  6. Michael says

    You people criticizing those
    in this video are so out of bounds it is preposterous. These are people speaking out publicly and supportively in face of their homophobic religion. I for one applaud them and think they are going to push the Mormons into future on this issue. Try not to be such unpleasant cynical people. You’ll be happier.

  7. Jay says

    I don’t doubt the sincerity of the individuals featured in this video. But they are dupes of the LDS Church. The high production values of the video (except for the horrible music) show that it has been professionally done, probably in Provo at the BYU campus or in Salt Lake City. It is part of the Mormon pr campaign to make Romney seem palatable. Of course, at the same time they produce this video, they are spending millions to deprive gay people of equal rights. It will get better for these kids and their parents when they leave the Mormon cult. What I regret is the highjacking of the It Gets Better project by bigots.

  8. george says

    When straight people say “It gets better,” what I hear is them telling me, “Get over it.”

    And when the first guy says his son has “Same Sex Attraction,” YOU KNOW that it’s Mormon code for a disease that they need to pray about. “If you or a loved one has SSA, there *is* hope. Ask your bishop if therapy is right for you.”

  9. James says

    The church seems to be opening up more to gay person’s being in loving relationships with the same gender. This has nothing to do with Romney. The video was made by a gay Mormon producer who is probably a democrat. Gay Mormon’s are just speaking out more and people are listening. The ultra conservative have too much of a voice in the Mormon church. We want to hear more from Mormon’s who are for gay marriage.

  10. Alan says

    Meanwhile, radical Muslims are hanging gay men or setting them on fire and burning them alive.

    Thank you, Christians. Thank you for this video.

    And thank you liberals, for your fake outrage, believing Christians will wreck and destroy your life in America while Palestinian gays are struggling to stay alive.

  11. daftpunkydavid says

    please don’t bring anti-muslim animus here (no one is defending religious extremists, so i’m not quite sure why you (alan) bring this up).

    please also recognize that this video is good. this is very good. i am happy these people are speaking lovingly about their family members and friends. they’re speaking from the heart: no scripts, no nothing, this is straight from the heart, and therefore, yes, imperfect to some extent. i’ll take sincerity and imperfection over perfected faux-ness anytime.

  12. daftpunkydavid says

    wow this video is very good. i just… i’m not mormon, but this video really spoke to me. thank you to whoever made it. i do hope it helps today’s mormons, young and old, in and out of the closet.

  13. Hdtex says

    Fifth generation survivor of this cult. My family was on the third handcart party to cross the plains. My great great great grandfather was 2nd counselor to Brigham Young on the council of 12. Believe me when I tell you this video is official LDS propganda. My nephew works in the church film (propoganda)office. He’s confirmed that this, and the other so called BYU “It Get’s Better” are officially church sanctioned pieces. Trust me when I tell that it DOES get better….Just as soon as yoou escape the clutches of these cultists. Truely evil people.These are all part of an effort to normalize the otherwise freaky Willard Romnet campaign…..

  14. Marc C says

    It’s so moving to see the traditionally disenfranchised coming together to do anything in their power to get one of their own elected president.

    It’s truly heartwarming.

  15. Bob says

    READ THE COMMENTS BY HDTEX, JAY, GEORGE, MICHAEL, JASUN — whether you like it or not, they tell the truth.
    Current mormon doctrine is
    “Let’s be polite to those afflicted, but, of course, they are NEVER going to be accepted in the church, nor in most families, if they do not change”

    I am surprised that Dan Savage is not disavowing this professionally produced

  16. Marc C says

    For those of you lemmings, so willing to get whiplash accepting a video, A SINGLE VIDEO, as progressive movement within the LDS community, I politely suggest you to find some value in yourself before it’s too late.

    Can the Mormons adapt and change progressively? Sure! But a single video isn’t proof of change taking place. Let’s not place blinders on to what is really taking place. You do so at your own peril.

  17. Bob says

    @Marc C
    …Can the Mormons adapt and change progressively? Sure!
    NO, IT REQUIRES A REVELATION FROM GOD TO ALLOW GAYS TO MARRY, and they certainly will never allow unmarried sex.

    ..But a single video isn’t proof of change taking place. Let’s not place blinders on to what is really taking place. You do so at your own peril.
    ACTUALLY, THERE IS A CHANGE among some of the members, so the mormon makes a vid like this in order to help the members feel better — I think that is the purpose


  18. jexer says

    The number of gays desperately hiding in the mormon community probably greatly exceeds the number of gay-friendly mormons.

    Good on these people for speaking out and trying to make a difference… but I still have a very rational hatred for the members of an organization that put up millions of dollars to erase some of my civil rights.

  19. BobN says

    I have little doubt that the Mormons will one day embrace gay people as full members. After all, what is the basis of Mormon theology: the family. And what are we but part of families?

    But don’t mistake my prediction for support for the religion. At its base, it’s an us-vs-them religion. The fact that “us” now includes blacks (sort of) and other racial groups and that women and gays will eventually be “revealed” to be fully equal humans beings, there will still be “them”. Always.

  20. UFFDA says

    HDTEX – shocking to read your comments. I will check this out insofa as I can. The production values are extraordinarily high (complex) and now give me pause, otherwise I am totally gullible and believe in the sincerity of this video. Now it is chilling to think that there is cynical intent behind it.

  21. Mic says

    Wow….look at allll the paid troll shills for the mormon church, out here, pretending that mormonism is warm, and fuzzy, and … Christian.


    What a bunch of hapless idiots.

    Now hear this: we ain’t buyin’ it. Got it?

  22. Miller says

    It seems that most people are missing the benefit of this video. It was not made for adult gay people, to make amends for their church, but for LGBT youth.

    It may not help much for a 16 year old to hear from Lady GaGa, a baseball team, or President Obama that it gets better. However, to hear from the people that they identify as similar to the people in the community in which they are currently trapped, that it can get better even for gay Mormons, might actually help them survive.

    Further, a church is made of its members, just like a country is made of its people. Being Christian, or even Mormon does not mean that you subscribe to the policies of its leadership. Did any of you not identify as American when George W. Bush was president? Would it be fair to ascribe the policies of a government to the people that are under that government?

    A church, just like a country, is changed slowly over time with people like the people in this video standing up for what is right. They should be acknowledged for their sincerity, even if you do not believe what they said was perfect.

    I find it inspiring when any individual acknowledges their own evolution. The more individuals that evolve, the more institutions evolve.

    Anyone with parents or family who took time to come around, recognizes them in the people in this video. How about giving the same credit to these people that you would like others to give your own family.

  23. UFFDA says

    Thank you MR MILLER. That was a mature response “…a church, just like a country, is changed slowly over time with people…standing up for what is right.” That’s the way it works.

  24. Bob says

    @MILLER — it was made to keep peace within the ranks of the morholes, and as PR for gullible outsiders who do not understand how monumental a change to the ENTIRE religion would come from allowing Gays to be Gay
    @UFFDA – the Presbyterian Church is changed with people standing up. Morholism has a “prophet” who is the only one to whom God can give changes of doctrine.
    ….. The basis of morholism is the BLOOD family, now and in the afterlife. Gays lose their place when they fail to marry heterosexually and have kids

  25. UFFDA says

    BOB – I know all about Mormon doctrin, I was one and graduated from BYU. Even this quite ridiculous church is fashion concious – they had a new “revelation” that let blacks into their temples way back about 20 years ago now. So they do believe in change. When they are close to being the only ones left without gay marriage they’ll cave…and I wonder how they’ll do it? A new revelation permitting marriage equality will not necessarily mean that a same sex couple can hope to go on creating new worlds together in the afterlife…will it? Maybe they’ll come up the notion that two men can operate like those two male flamingos who steal eggs to raise a family. God must be puzzled seeing this change coming down the road. But I’m certain He’ll figure it out, after all He made us. Now He has to face the music.

  26. Bri says

    Wow, gay people are very intolerant if these boards are any indication. I live in Utah. I was once Mormon. The people in this video are doing something very brave and all you can do is belittle them.

  27. Nelson says

    Where is MARIE OSMOND in this video ?
    She has a Out Lesbian daughter and a son who committed suicide with wide speculation that he was Gay, but she totally denies his gayness.

  28. Silas says

    thats a great video BUT it still doesn’t change my mind about religion. I don’t care how much religion embraces the glbtq community it will not change my mind about religion and believing in a “god(s)”. I do approve the courage to stand up to the LDS church and think its great.

  29. johnny says

    While the people in this video may actually be sincere, don’t for one minute think that the LDS church isn’t also duping THEM along with the rest of their intended audience.

    TRUTH: This is nothing more than propaganda aimed at getting Mitt into the White House:

    • with whatever votes they can glean

    • using any smarmy way to get them

    • from whatever portion of society they can
    aim their glowing PR ray at.


  30. Marius says

    After living for five years in Utah I would say it gets better after you leave that place. When the chief Mormon priests spew hatred at the pulpit I doubt this video will makes a lot of difference!!

  31. says

    SO many bitter and ignorant remarks.. this video was not produced by the LDS Church. READ the damn story and do just a little bit of research before you jump to conclusions!

    Miller is exactly right. This video isn’t really directed towards the gay community at large.. but rather gay Mormons who struggle and even straight Mormons who want to understand the issue. As a former Mormon, I certainly could have used this video growing up.

  32. scott says

    Exactly @ EVAN and @MILLER!

    I cried when I saw this- that wasn’t acting- those were genuine emotions and expressions from those people. It WASN”T made BY the LDS church- it was made by people bucking the church’s traditions. It wasn’t made to promote Mormonism either.

    Believe me- I still rant about the horrible wrongs of the Catholic Church, The Southern Baptist Convention churches, Pentecostal churches- but I think we ALL need to recognize and be grateful for those who have changed their attitudes and views about gay people – and accepted them. Those of us with religious families wish we had half as much acceptance as these people have shown.

    We need to seriously consider the cynical attitudes out there in our community. People of faith should be respected too- ESPECIALLY those who change and work and fight for acceptance.

    The commentators who used disgusting language towards these truly wonderful people should be ASHAMED. Don’t like the LDS church and its teachings? Fine- I dont either- but I don’t dismiss and degraded those who keep their faith while opening their arms to us. And YES- that’s what they were saying!!!!

  33. Polyboy says

    When the Mormon Church stops supporting NOM and apologizes for Prop 8, I’ll believe this video.

    Between the shills here, and the Mormon Church’s history of media manipulation, I firmly feel that this is a shell game to take the vinegar out of Romney’s games and move him to the mainstream from the bottom.

    Funding can be hidden, NOM and Superpacs prove this. I hope the shills here were paid well.

  34. Red assault says

    Guy at the beginning says his son “has same sex attraction,” so he thinks it’s a mental disorder and making sure we all know it’s all about sex. He also says “you don’t know me but I know you” since all gay people are the same.

    Guy in the middle says “I used to say if ‘a gay’ came on to me, I’d punch him out,” making sure we know gay men are sexual predators who are weak and can’t fight a fat, old guy. Then he says “now I’d hug him.” so we know gay men are still sexual predators but we all just need a hug. But he still refers to us as “a gay.” because he still doesn’t think we are humans… Just monsters.

    The whole video has this weird, underlying “I feel sorry for you poor victims of same sex attraction and I know how hard it is to be gay because I know how it is to be alone….” because they look at us like victims. That we’re all sad and suicidal.

    This is just more Mormon propaganda, sanctioned by the cult. If you think otherwise, you’re an idiot.

  35. andy says

    This is like someone cutting you up and then saying “aw let me tend to your wounds”. These assholes CAUSED their kids to attempt suicide and now they’re trying to say it gets better?!? Yeah, it gets better when you leave this cult.

  36. says

    When the crying woman talks about her son as, “he was the perfect son,” you know she doesn’t feel that way anymore. I can’t help but feel they are insincere and that we are being manipulated. The Mormons have to do a whole lot more than an “it gets better video” to make up for the pain they have caused the gay community. I’d like to say it is a start but I don’t feel it is really their intent to start.

  37. Bob says

    @SCOTT, MILLER, and especially EVAN
    — you are SO willing to sell out your Gay asses to fit in with a church that overwhelmingly supported prop 8 and NOM, and is busy in several States to block marriange in 2012.
    YOU GUYS ARE SELF-HATERS if you fall for the obvious scam of the morhole propaganda.
    YOU CANNOT WASH AWAY THE “SIN” OF BEING GAY, THEY WILL NEVER LET YOU — unless you marry a woman in the temple.

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