1. John in London says

    I love that I live in a country like the UK that can show this on prime time tv and no-one thinks it strange or dangerous and that people like Soren and Bradley are celebrated. Compare the that to the response Republicans give a serving soldier in Afghanistan or a gay couple kissing at a Rick Santorum event.

  2. Chuck Mielke says

    I don’t really get dance, so I’ll take it for granted that “their love for each other came across,” etc. They had clearly worked very hard together and deserved the success. I would need to view it again to be sure about Simon’s claim that they nearly fell over; I didn’t notice, on a single viewing, any inkling that they were off balance at any time. The look like a pair of sweet guys.

  3. Philip says

    I love same-sex ballroom dancing. Bravo to these brave men who stood quiet in the beginning and just focused on their performance while people in the audience started chuckling and then got all YES votes!!!! Go guys!!!

  4. Ricco says

    What took you so long to post this Towleroad? I have been waiting for over a week to see it here. But as they say, Better late than never . . . or is it sorry. Anyway – thank you. They are such a joy to watch.

    And I absolutely adore David Walliams, of Little Britain. He is so respectful, so funny, and does a lot to balance out the stodgy, Simon Cowell who is trying so hard not to appear homophobic, and so worried about the rumors circulating that he is gay.

    You would think a multi-millionaire, and an entertainment mogul, who seems to take great delight in passing out harsh pronouncements would have a thicker skin.

    But David Walliams is wonderful. So refreshing to see a man, or woman, so comfortable in his own skin. It makes the rest of relax in our own skins.

    Great performance. I hope these guys have an array of ballroom dances in their repertoire: the cha-cha, tango, the jive, the quick step, and the foxtrot.

  5. IonMusic says

    Romantic, real and far more authentic than hetros in ballroom dancing competitions here in the U.S…where we’re force fed watching them make belief romance.

  6. USC Trojan Fan says

    Meanwhile, on the biggest singing show in the U.S, American Idol, producers sway their contestants who are LGBT to NOT speak about or even hint at being gay (i.e STAY CLOSETED) because it’s a “family show” meanwhile, we get heterosexual couples shoved down our throat on American Idol, especially to garner sympathy votes for the struggling straight family man/women.
    Homophobia needs to be challenged in this nation.

  7. Real Talk says

    The truth is, the GLBT community in Great Britian/UK has worked far harder than GLBT in America. There are two types of Americans gays, those who are out and don’t care to be involved in equality because they are too busy going clubbing, and then there are those are are gay but do everything within their capacity to try NOT to be gay and say things like “I’m not into the gay scene/gay community” and same said people are the exact types of gays to not even show up to vote during an election that has important gay rights ballots. So, gays in Africa, Europe, Asia, and Middle East work farrrrrrrr harder with far more courage to attain rights than the complacent gays in the U.S

  8. Lucrece says

    Bradley’s costume is just completely unflattering as opposed to Soren’s.

    I think people were chuckling because it was cheesy as hell. I mean, the song is as schmaltzy as it comes. 16 year olds are mocked for their Twilight antics — it’s even worse when it’s two grown men being so Disney mushy.

  9. Ricco says

    The song is schmaltzy. I agree; but their performance actually works to enhance the song and bring meaning on a personal level. It is clear they care a great deal, at the same time they draw the audience in, like an invitation, and share that love with them. Whether singing or dancing, that is the point of a duet, to make us believe they are a duo, but without locking us out or alienating us.

    IONMUSIC is correct when he says that Soren and Bradley’s performance was “real and far more authentic than hetros in ballroom dancing competitions here in the U.S.

    Really, this is about as close to Fred and Ginger as I have ever seen, who made us believe not just in the dance but the romance that precipitates the dance.

  10. Marcito says

    BGT’s added soundtrack (at the end)
    of “Love is in the Air” was a nice touch.
    I danced to that gay anthem many times
    around NYC clubs. (the Saint, anyone?)

  11. Bob says

    @Lucrece — MAYBE you have a point, but it is on top of your head, you buzz killer. We can’t be disapproving of the homos we do not like, then ask the world not to be judgemental.
    MEANWHILE, they converted millions of people into seeing love in a Gay couple, have you?

  12. peterparker says

    The shirt with the fringe was awful. Other than that, the whole thing was beautiful. Yes, even the schmaltzy song. I hope they go far!!!

  13. jack says

    These guys are great dancers and I am glad they have had such a good life together. However, they don’t represent me. I am a gay man who has more in common with the guys at the corner bar than accomplished dancers. And if they don’t like it: f**k em!

  14. jack says

    I am happy for them. It is not something that I have ever known.For me sex has always been about lust and pleasure not about marriage and kids. To me, guys that want to settle down with a partner and kids are about as foreign from me as you can get.

  15. wds says

    I agree that the costumes left a LOT to be desired, but if you notice in the interview portion before they hit the stage, they were dressed in what would have been a far better outfit. Methinks that once again the producers of the show thought the outfit they wore to dance would be better. It’s hard when facing a try-out like that to say no to producers who, in actuality, control much of what’s going to be presented – and possibly some of what’s going to “go through” to the next round …

  16. Rrhain says

    It was nice and clearly they can dance, but the performance just wasn’t that powerful to me. It was very simplistic. If it were in a better context, perhaps, but as a one-off without any lead-in or -out, I was left feeling flat. I didn’t feel any connection to the performance.

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